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    When going to college, becoming an Onahole isn’t something that crosses your mind. But as it turns out, it becomes pretty important when you go to a college where new technology is being tested daily. And lucky you, today was sex toy day. When you walked in, you noticed all the boys were gone. When you asked where they were, the teacher just told you they would be in later. You took a seat at your desk, and pulled out your supplies. Suddenly, a ray went over the class. You felt your skin turning to plastic, your limbs receding, and your insides hollowing out. It was so fast you couldnt do anything but gasp in surprise. You couldn’t even move your eyes, but soon enough, your teacher came up to you. “Well class, you might have guessed today’s subject. We are testing a new ray gun that turns people into sex toys. It is planned to be used on criminals, but today you and I get to enjoy it. Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn. As she went back to her desk and you heard the same noise that you heard before you transformed. A minute or two went by before the door opened. The boys began walking in. They all walked to a designated desk, and it seems you got your boyfriend. It was then you heard the instructor. “Today class, you’re going to be having some fun with your female classmates. First, lube them up”. You were shocked to hear this, and even more shocked when your boyfriend produced a bottle of lube, and used his finger to spread it inside you. It sent waves of pleasure through you, as you felt a growing desire to have him inside you. “Now, this will make them think Onahole thoughts, and be ready for use. You are now ready to use them”. Your boyfriend gave you a look that said he’d been waiting for this, as he unzipped his pants and jammed his cock deep inside you. You could hear the gasps and moans from the class, as you felt immeasurable pleasure. After several minutes, you felt him cum inside you. “Alright class, your assignment for tonight is to use them as much and as frequently as possible. Make sure to bring them back at the end of the week or else the antidote we have won’t work!” But the look your boyfriend gave you told you that he wasn’t in a rush to get you back.