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    Cover for Royal Meeting 2.

    It will be posted progressively on Patreon and later on Tumblr when it’s completed :)

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    I wouldn’t mind this happening!! 😜


    Poor Spidey had it cummin :T BIG TIME! ;D

    Yes yes. The puns! Anyways, next picture for my Art Project!

    But really, what else could Venom do >->/ He’s so big and beefy that any docking ports of Spidey’s body are most certainly too small @M@ Hasn’t stopped certain beings from trying anyway, but there are other ways to blow a load, right!~

    Got the chance to play around with the style you can see in Disney Infinity, hence Venom looks a bit more angular and stylized P: I suspected that it would work well with a big dick and indeed it does! Bueno~ >w>

    There seems to be at least one Venom to be on my list of things to draw every year. Guess he can count himself to be lucky! Plenty of opportunity to use his cawk~

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    Venom + Spidey are © Marvel

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    Lap Dance On The Froy Pole

    Tyler Posey found out just how hung Froy Gutierrez is, during an interview. He knew Froy had a bit of a kinky streak and that he liked the added excitement of getting caught. 

    As Tyler sat down in Froy’s lap and felt the huge boner pressing at his hole, he felt his cheeks blush and his heart pumping 130 bpm. Froy whispered to him and asked if he could feel how happy his cock was to see him. He whispered back that he wanted to see it

    As he opened the attachment Froy sent him after the interview he apprehensively bit his finger and knew he was getting fucked tonight.

    He texted back and wrote: “Just tell me when and where and I’ll be at your service.”