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    Lap Dance On The Froy Pole

    Tyler Posey found out just how hung Froy Gutierrez is, during an interview. He knew Froy had a bit of a kinky streak and that he liked the added excitement of getting caught. 

    As Tyler sat down in Froy’s lap and felt the huge boner pressing at his hole, he felt his cheeks blush and his heart pumping 130 bpm. Froy whispered to him and asked if he could feel how happy his cock was to see him. He whispered back that he wanted to see it

    As he opened the attachment Froy sent him after the interview he apprehensively bit his finger and knew he was getting fucked tonight.

    He texted back and wrote: “Just tell me when and where and I’ll be at your service.”


    Spideypool comic that I’m working on, yeah I know deadpool is not here in this page but yeah he will be… cumming…get it?…ah…I’m sorry, I’m not good with jokes.
    I don’t know how fast I’ll be working on this but I’ll try my best, the sketches are already uploaded on patreon if you’re curious, you have to be a 1$ patron to see them.

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    Magnta 2016
    ♦All the characters in my NSFW illustrations are +18 years old♦


    I can’t wait for DP to come in tbh

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    ♥ Magnta 2016
    ♦All the characters in my NSFW illustrations are +18 years old♦