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2021-08-11 22:24:59

    SO It has been a while since I have posted something. I wanted to do some hot X-Men action. It was a lot of fun making this look like an actual comic book cover. Man Cyclopes and Wolverine are the ultimate hot couple… Poor Jean Grey never new what was coming when she came in and found Logan and Scott fucking and sucking with no inhibitions. Emma Frost sure is nasty. lol I hope you guys like this. Let me know what you think. Comment and share and like.  

    November Patreon Poll Winner: Cyclops and Wolverine Pinup

    This pic of my two favorite X-Men was the winner of Novembers poll voted on by my awesome Patreon Members. If you would like to put in your vote for October, head over to my Patreon page and sign up for the $10 a month tier.

    Go to Patreon.com/Jockman87 and get your votes in. I appreciate every pledge and cant wait to see who will win for this month.