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    THEY GOT ME! by ©️Blaqhomme

    “Every damn thing I was taught(in my home)was that any forms of sex and/or sexual expression were taboo. I started to wonder if a stork actually delivered my ass to my parents. Wha, wha?

    You can image how difficult it was for me when my two best friends(at a sleepover)dropped all of their damn clothing and invited me to have sex with them. My damn brain was about to explode. First, I didn’t know they rolled that way. Secondly, I’d never seen any in the nude and thirdly, I was secretly attracted to them both.

    The idea of us being intimate with each other set me off. Damn. Damn. Damn. There they stood in their naked splendor, both offering themselves to me. The teachings of the parents verses my sexual tensions in that moment was about to drive my ass insane.

    They began a campaign to entice me further. Sense I was glued to their every move, I couldn’t help but to observe. The kissing, massaging, stroking, touching and erotic sounds they were making was just the gesturing needed to pull my ass on into the squad.

    Ooo Hell: it was so fucking delicious. Nothing in me wanted to stop. I was finally sharing slow kisses with my two best friends. I could sense they’d done this sharing thing before. Well let me tell yah, it was not hard too tap into the rhythm and the synergy. The flow was as easy as walking, once I gave in. My dudes knew what too touch, kiss, poke, stroke, feel and rub: creating, ongoing excitement and burning sexual energies. It was like being on and I n another stratospheric plane.” by ©️Blaqhomme

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