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Hi. If you couldn't tell, I love when Kagome wears Inuyasha's Robe of the Fire Rat. - Fanfic writer - Local fangirl - Profile pic is a commission from the wonderful @mizby !!!

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2020-07-13 15:56:07

    sometimes i just get obsessed with how lonely humans are, as a species. we see faces everywhere. we have stories about beings living in the things of our world that go back as long as we’ve been telling stories. we’ve been sending our songs and dances up to the sky for millennia, and when we figured out there was something beyond our sky, we started sending songs out there too. we tell each other about fairies and bigfoots and worlds lying under the skin of our own. we name robots and look for personality in code. we tamed dogs to have friends to hang out with and we dream about aliens. we see life everywhere. what is it, exactly, that we’re trying to replace? what left us alone in the first place?