submissive Sissy, in love with black Stockings
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    Auntie Amanda...

    ... early noticed my submissive character. So She introduced me to all the feminin Stuff like bright Makeup, soft Materials like Silk, Satin and fully fashioned nylon stockings, in my young years.

    As i grew older, She got me used to play around the house in girlish clothes, pink wigs and high heeled shoes.

    i was allowed in Her Boudoir, to watch Her doing Her Makeup and getting dressed.

    Soon She noticed the smal but visible Bulge in my pink panties, evertime i saw Her putting on Lipstick or rolling up and attaching Her beautiful nylon Stockings.

    By that time She knew exactly that She got me rolled around Her finger and i was ready to become Her full time sissyboi.

    It was time to put my Education to the next level...

    i was told to wear a chastity device on a permanent basis. Although She informed me that an inflatable buttplug was the perfect tool to improve my feminine walking skills.

    i did all that without any questioning or Hesitation. Auntie ordered and i obeyed.

    One day while She was dressing for an Evening-Party, i got so aroused by the look of Her beautiful Butt, that i stained my panties... OMG!!!

    From that day on our whole relationship changed. i became Her submissive and obedient lil sissytoy. i was allowed the pleasure of sniffing Her warm nyloncovered feet once a week for about 10 minutes.

    Auntie Amanda told me that one climax per month, under Her strict supervision, was more than enough.

    But only if i was a good lil girl, otherwise i would stay locked till next month...

    But She wouldn't allow me to take care of myself under Her Guidance, NO!!!

    i had to kneel in front of Her, Hands locked behind my back, then She started to squeezed my pink, girly nippels until i shoot my load allover Her gorgeous Stockings and Stilettos...

    She called it a "sissygasm" and it took me not a long time to do it, to Her Satisfaction.

    Of course i had to clean up all the mess i made with my tongue.

    Now i live a life of degrading submission and obedience under the cruel regime of my beloved Auntie Amanda.

    All of Her Lady-Friends know my story from the beginning and if there's a new Bondage-Tool to test on me, She'll invite 'em all to see me suffering for Her Amusement...

    Thank you sooooo much, Auntie Amanda, for the privilege of serving you and your Lady-Friends... πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    Mistress Monique

    hat mich zu sich befohlen...

    ... ich muss den kleinen, super engen KeuschheitskÀfig tragen, außerdem einen riesigen, aufblasbaren Analplug und zu guzer letzt wünsche Madame meine Nippel beringt...

    Ich bin vΓΆllig aufgeregt weil mich Madame Monique heute Abend "benutzen" wird.

    Bitte Mistress Monique, seinen Sie zΓ€rtlich zu Ihrem Spielzeug, bitte bitte πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    πŸ’‹ Ihre erhabenen πŸ‘ 

    My beloved strict Auntie caught me playing with Her expensive Lingerie.

    She decided to teach me a lesson, because i ruined Her exquisite Underwear.

    She told me: "Since you love my feminin Undies so much, you're going to wear 'em on a daily basis".

    i was forced to dress in a very frilly, pink, girlish frock, with a lot of ruffles and a big bow. A corset with 12 Staps, fully fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels completed my new look.

    While dressing me She noticed my growing erection and with a loving smile She wet on:

    "I'll take you my Beauty Salon and tell all those Girls to give you a permanent heavy Makeup. Also you'll be plugged, chastised and pierced, so it'll be much easier for me to control your whole life as my personal sissytoy".

    That was 2 years ago and it was the last time I touched my lil clitty. Now i live a life of total submission and obedience under the cruel regime of my beloved Auntie Mistress and Her Lady-Friends...

    Auntie is very satisfied with the progress i made and i'm so glad to have the privilege of serving Her...

    πŸ’‹ Aunties divine πŸ‘