His fat wife

Mainly cuckquean type fantasies ... but occasionally humiliation at the hands of a slim, superior woman even without my husband being in the picture.

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    On a work trip with her boss. Her boyfriend couldn’t afford to come along



    100% the description of a woman who can have anything she wants. My husband's assistant always send me little videos while they are away. The arrogance in her eyes and the way she lifts her top to flaunt that tiny waist would have been humiliation enough. Her accompanying message was almost too much to handle

    "You've got a jiggling belly ... but I have jiggling ass. No prizes for guessing which your man prefers. Enjoy your martial bed tonight ALONE while another woman makes him melt."


    I had been going to book club for a few months and had struck up a friendship with Sasha. She was extremely beautiful and when we would go for a coffee after class it was difficult to ignore the attention she got from men. One time she was talking about the things her boyfriend would do for her in bed and I had to admit my husband never used his tongue on me. I asked her for advice and she suggested I dress sexy. I got to looking for plus sized lingerie that might do the trick. The next week she never showed up for book club. I checked my phone in the break and was confused to find a message from her of her perfect ass. She had also written ...

    "I managed to do in a few hours what you couldn't get from him in years. No way could your plus sized body fit into something like these. I am going back for more attention from your man's mouth. Do you know I dont even have to do anything in return! My slim body is treat enough for him. Enjoy the poetry book at book club tonight. I wrote one especially for you so you never forget. You want to hear it?" I text back yes and almost instantly she replied:

    Men seldom lick asses

    of the fat wives in their houses,

    And they never make passes

    at pigs with lard asses.


    YOU’RE his wife? YOU? Wow, i’m his new assistant so good luck keeping that status sweety


    "Fatties like you are always so proud of their "big boobs" and kid themselves that they are enough of a pull to keep their man. Oh butterball, do you know what your hubby calls yours? Flab bags. Those saggy things haven't had his attention for some time. He says it's too much effort lifting them up to even find your downward pointing nipples. Mine on the other hand, are perfectly round, perk, full and point right towards his mouth without him needing to do any heavy lifting. And instead of that jelly belly of yours, he gets to hold my narrow, toned waist. And don't even get me started on your lard-ass. Now get out of his office and maybe hit a gym ... and I'll consider if I will send him home tonight or not".


    We’re you trying to surprise your husband with a birthday cake? Sorry if I made a mess of your hard work, but don’t worry I’ll let your husband clean me up ;)

    In fact why don’t you stay here and eat cake batter while you listen to us rock the fucking house upstairs. I want to see all of these ingredients in that fat little tummy. Let’s make sure your husband never even wants to touch you again. After all pleasure is only for me now bitch.


    "I could clean you up instead" I whispered

    "What was that fat-ass? Speak up"

    I dropped to my knees, looked up at her and said, louder this time "I could clean you up so you are all ready for him"

    She smirked, walked right up to me and turned so her ass was level to my face. "Greedy little piggy, aren't you" she laughed. "Eat up".

    I cupped her perfect butt in my hands and used my tongue to start to lick her clean. A few seconds in she stepped away.

    "That's all you get tubby. Your husband will enjoy the rest. As for you..." she spilled the cake batter on the floor. Then she dropped a packet of chocolate sweets and some cookies ... "why don't you eat up and do what you do best, flabby. And I'll go up and give your husband the cake he truly deserves."


    My husbands has a co worker who is much slimmer and interesting than me. Yesterday when she was over for dinner and it was just us in the room she told me I needed to lose the blubber and make an effort. My husband was almost drooling over her. Is she really trying to help me??

    Yes, she is trying to relieve you of the burden of a sex life that you are clearly failing at. You should thank her for her kindness


    Sometimes I try and console myself that my high flying career is a better achievement than the tiny waist his girlfriend flaunts ... but the day he introduced me to his co-worker Sherry even that was taken away from me.

    She is in shape, beautiful and earns double what I do.

    I didnt think too much of their breakfast and lunch dates to start off with. But when he began ignoring me completely and even started having dinner with her, I suggested she come to ours so I could speak to her directly.

    She came dressed in a bodycon dress that showed off every toned inch of her. My husband didnt even try as hide his attraction to her.

    After dinner my husband offered to drive her home so she didn't need to take an uber back. While he warmed up the car we were alone. That's when she leaned over and patted my bulging belly, and said as she laughed...

    "Someone likes their sweet treats huh chubby? I had a crush on your stud husband from day one and when I met you for the first time I realised how easily he would become mine. After all, I am more attractive, more intelligent and more successful than you. The only more you have over me is the number on the scales when you stand on it. What are you 98? 100kgs? I am less than half of that fatty, and more of a woman than you will ever be. That's why while you clean up after the dinner you made me, I'll be giving your husband dessert. Don't wait up tubby".

    .... and she got up and left. My husband didn't come home that night. She must have told him he no longer had to pretend ... knowing she had firmly put me in my place.


    Ooh..slut 😍🤢


    "Hey there tubby. Let's play a guessing game. What do you think your husband likes best about me? This tiny waist? The hour glass shape? These toned, long legs? Or my perfect butt? Come show me the answer using your tongue. Its obvious by the size of that belly of yours that you like to use your mouth a lot"

    I liked every last inch of her.


    Awe come on wifey, did you really think your husband would want your fat lard ass again after he saw me. I’m superior to you In everyway. Make yourself useful and suck my heel bitch.


    My best friend needed a place to stay so I offered her our spare room. Within days she was coming down to breakfast in lingerie I could only dream of wearing. One evening while we were all watching TV, she ordered me to go up to my bed room. She said she was going to the spare room and in 5 minutes my husband would be upstairs and it was his choice which room he went into. I wanted to protest but when she softly patted my belly and said "go play with yourself while I do you a favour and make sure your man doesn't stray ... because your best friend is helping you keep him happy". I couldn't argue with that. Of course he went into her room. She summoned me once he was in the shower and commanded I clean up the shoes she wore while she made my husband come like I never could.


    “Just look at how perfect my body is. Mmmm, come here, give my ass some kisses, loser, haha! I mean, can you blame your husband for choosing me over you? It’s no wonder because you’re so fat and ugly :) Even if you lost weight you would never be on my level. I will always be at the top in life regarding EVERYTHING, and you will always be at the bottom :) But at least you’re good at kissing my ass, hahah! Pull my panties down and get your tounge in there now, your husband comes home from work any minute, I want to be ready :)”


    Nothing is better than being the Superior “other Woman” and making wifey pooh beg to put her pathetic tongue up My ‘rock hard’ ass as tears run down her old, ugly face


    Alone time with the cuckcake always reminds me where the power is. We both may let my husband believe that she is there for his pleasure ... but when it's just us she makes very clear that the truth is that I was made to serve her, in every way she want. Women that look like her deserve nothing less.


    You're disgusting.

    You can try and act normal all you want. You have everyone fooled, don't you. They think you're this perfect girl who can do no wrong and is so innocent and pure.

    But we both know the truth. You're gross. You're a pig. You can fight it for awhile, but you always come back. It's impossible at this point not to. Your body craves it. Your mind craves it now.

    You need to be told you're fat. You need to be yelled at that you're simply to ugly to fuck. You're a gross pig. A fat whore. A stupid cunt. Piggy. You need to watch other girls getting fucked and imagine them both laughing at you.

    As much as you say you hate it, you love it almost as much. I'm sure after you cum you tell yourself never again. But that's really just a fucking lie.

    You're just a pig after all.


    The truth.

    The hot neighbour

    I was helping the neighbour's son with some school work. She kindly offered to drop off some dinner for my husband.

    I finished not long after so headed home. When I walked in, the long coat she had left her house in lay on the floor, which seemed odd. I walked closer to the living room, from where I could hear voices.

    I peered in through the door that was ajar. There she stood naked, save for her knee high boots.

    She always wore tight fitted clothes so I already knew she had a figure to die for, but without the barrier of cloth her smooth, firm, perk body provided an even more stark contrast to what my husband had at home with me.

    "Like I said" she said in a low, sexy voice "while your fat wife does something I am no good at, physics, I think its only fair I help her out with something she is no good at."

    "And what's that?" His face smiling as his eyes looked her up and down, unable to look away

    "Satisfy you". She said in his ear.

    She climbed on top. I wanted to look away but stood mesmerised by her beauty. Her slim waist, her bouncing boobs, her big butt.

    "She'll be home soon" he started to protest with his mouth. But his body had already surrendered. His hands explored her body slowly.

    "Oh I've taken care of that. I've left her with a packet of doughnuts. You know that will keep the piggy busy for a while" she laughed while she said this and then ... before I realised what was happening she started to walk towards the door, her eyes fixed on me as she said...

    "Let me get the door, I dont want her hearing how much I make you moan". She walked to just behind the door and looking me up and down while smirking she whispered so only I could hear... "Go eat the doughnuts fatty, I want them all finished by the time I am back. And make sure my kitchen is clean too"

    I nodded, turned around and left.

    I did as was commanded. The dozen doughnuts were finished in no time and I had her kitchen sparkling just as she walked in through the door.

    "Good girl" she smiled. She walked up to me and whispered in my ear... "I love a woman who knows her place"

    She sat on a dining chair and told me to remove her boots. I obeyed.

    "Good piggy ... you keep doing as your told and next time maybe I will let you watch while me and your husband play. You'd love that wouldn't you fatty"

    I could do nothing but nod.

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