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    Avoid Humans: Site Tells You Which Places Nearby Have the Fewest People

    This is for sixpenceee. Since everyone is sharing super cool posts for her super cool blog!

    This website uses FourSquare and Instagram data to tell you which places nearby have the fewest amount of people. I know this will come in handy for a lot of people. This is the website. 


    This is amazing, thanks!


    finally a site where i can stay away from society


    This seems good for people with social anxiety!


    Reblog to save a life

    Another set of personal Mini-canna cigars nears its end of the third and final cured leaf layer. A total of nine grams of Bubba Cookies & True OG rest within these straight hitter’s foundations. Each first layer was lathered in @westcoastcure Cake Badder, this outstanding concentrate always allows for easy dry-sift/hash packings. Well over two grams of Afghan Hash & Kosher Kush kief was coated and pressed within each the layers. Upon its second layer I began using a mixed run of Diamond OG x Thin Mint Cookies x Commerce OG. I found in some mixed runs its more difficult to pick apart the terpine profiles, not in this case; kudos to the homie @_headys3sh_. I was very fortunate to have briefly linked with the Brody @dankonomics recently. All I can say is good glob session.😅 The vibrant golden shards above consist of Grand Dream. I chose to add about half gram to each in replacement of some cookie shatter. I’ll be wrapping these and binding them several times over, ensuring its entire surface has even constriction. ~ Good days are in arms reach, you are the only one who can snag it though!🎋⛽️❄️💦👽🚀 by @thedraftdodger