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    IF YOU NEED TO CALL 911 BUT ARE SCARED TO BECAUSE OF SOMEONE IN THE ROOM, dial and ask for a pepperoni pizza. They will ask if you know you’re calling 911. Say yes, and continue pretending you’re making an order. They’ll ask if there’s someone in the room.

    You can ask how long it will take for the pizza to get to you, and they will tell you how far away a dispatcher is.

    Here is an example video


    Reblog to literally save a life


    I’ve done this.  I’m alive because of this. 

    My flat-mate’s date for the night was almost as drunk as her.  She had passed out in her room and locked the door.  He refused to leave because he wanted to have sex.  He also demanded food because he was dealing with “whiskey dick”.  He didn’t like the lack of food in the fridge.  I called 911, did the stuff stated above, and he was getting PISSED about how long the “order” was taking.  He took my phone, demanded they “hurry the fuck up”.  Police arrived two minutes later, arrested him, and helped me file a police report.  Pressing charges wasn’t necessary because he had warrants on him from THREE different states for the very thing he planned to do to me.  Several months after this happened one of the officers informed me he was charged with two felonies because he crossed stay lines, and will be serving no less than 35 years in prison.  The officer ripped into my flat-mate about her bringing home complete strangers, while drunk, knowing full well this shit could happen. 

    This was 14 years ago.  

    Do the pizza order, do it as calmly as you can.  The dispatcher I spoke to said things like this:

    “If he’s drunk say you want mushrooms.”  I said I want extra mushrooms.

    “If he’s threatening you with sexual assault say you want onions.”  I said I want onions.

    She went like this with different toppings and sauces for a description of him, like pineapple if he’s blonde, black olives if he’s tall, extra large if he’s tall, etc.

    They’ve heard this sort of coded call before.  They’re trained for it.  They will understand what you’re saying.  Order the pizza.


    Really though. I’m in training for dispatch and this was one of the first things they taught us. Pretend you’re talking to a friend or relative, pretend you’re ordering pizza, we’ll figure it out. We’ll word questions so you can answer in an easy, casual way. Please, just make the call and we will do everything we can to help you.


    Reblog to save a life


  • Actor!Taehyung x Stylist!You
  • BTS X Dream Weddings
  • BTS x Rock Aesthetics
  • Favorite Past Time with You
  • They Accompany You to a Family Wedding?
  • You Pretend To Forget About Their Birthday?
  • Namjoon, Yoongi, & Jungkook: Newlywed Carrying Competition
  • Their Favorite Places to be Kissed?
  • Maknae Line Teaching You Self-Defense?
  • Their Favorite Spot to Kiss You On?
  • Yoongi, Taehyung, & Jin: You, Their Cute Neighbor is Always There to Save Them
  • Where They’d Take You on A Honeymoon
  • Jimin & Jungkook; You Work at the Cafe They Frequent and You’re Super Cute?
  • Maknae Line; You Ask Them to Sing You to Sleep
  • You Caught Their Eye at a Fan Sign
  • Jin + Maknae Line: You’re Scared of Bloodwork?
  • You Have a Breakdown Over Your Eyebrows
  • You’re Dancing with a Hip Hop Monster?
  • [NSFW] Funny, Cute, Playful Sex with BTS?
  • You Try to Prank Them By Pretending to Drink Glue?
  • Songs That Remind Me of Bangtan
  • Lovenotes They Would Leave
  • You Painted Their Nails?
  • What Clothes Would They ‘Borrow’ and Let You ‘Borrow’?
  • You’re Sick so You Refuse Their Kisses?
  • Tipsy 7 Minutes in Heaven
  • You’re on Running Man Together?
  • You’re Having a Bad Day?
  • BTS on Valentines Day
  • BTS as Secret Admirers
  • BTS x Hunger Games
  • You Distanced Yourself to Help Them Focus on Work?
  • You Played the ‘Too Hot’ Game?
  • What Makes Them Flustered?
  • Hoseok + Maknae Line Teaching You to Dance?
  • You Were Sad Over a Friend Who Didn’t Want to be Your Friend Anymore?
  • BANGTAN: Most to Least Likely to Take a Photo of You for Instagram
  • Restaurant!BTS Initiating Skinship at Work?
  • Taehyung: When You Tickle Him Randomly?
  • BTS’s Favorite Parts of Your Body?
  • Who in BTS Would Like You Sitting in Their Lap?
  • BTS x Villain Archetypes
  • You Fell Asleep on Them?
  • They Were Playing Out in the Snow!
  • You Got the Two of You Matching Scarves?
  • Who’d Camp Out Under the Mistletoe?
  • You Brought Home an Abandoned Kitten?
  • You Decorated the Christmas Tree Together?
  • If You Saw Their Baby Photo and Asked What Happened?
  • You Asked Him to Go Shopping with You?
  • BTS x Kittens
  • BTS x MBTI
  • BTS x Anime Characters
  • BTS x Bunnies
  • BTS x Disney Princes
  • BTS x Studio Ghibli
  • You Kissed Them on the Cheek While You Were Alone
  • BTS x Halloween Things
  • Couple Costumes on Halloween?
  • Daily Life with BANGTAN
  • You Tried to Teach Them Your Native Language
  • You Ask Them to Play a Horror Game With You?
  • You’re Too Short to Kiss Them?
  • You Tie Their Shoe to a Chair While They Sleep
  • Your Friends Don’t Like Them?
  • Skipping School with BTS
  • You Speak Lots of Languages
  • When You Get a Little Clingy
  • You Cuddled into Their Neck?
  • Taehyung & Jimin When Some Guy Makes You Uncomfortable At Work?
  • Older Brother!Jimin When the Members Like His Younger Sibling?  // Older Brother! Jungkook Ver
  • You Mumbled About How Much You Loved Them in Your Sleep?
  • BTS x Your Younger Sibling
  • You Ask Them to Hold Something, And You Give Them Your Hand
  • BTS When You Give Them a Thoughtful Anniversary Gift
  • Jimin When You Wake Up During a Thunderstorm
  • Little Things BTS Likes About You?
  • You Ask for a Massage?
  • What Lip Gloss Would BTS Like On? What Would They Do if You Wore It?
  • Bangtan: Dogs or Cats?
  • You Two Broke Up, But They Saw You Again?
  • Bad Boy!Bangtan
  • You Didn’t Know How to Use Chopsticks?
  • You Tapped Them on the Nose, Called Them Cute & Walked Away?
  • What Kind of Smiles + Laughs Would They Prefer?
  • Another Member Shouted Out That You Were Their Crush?
  • How Long Would it Take Them to Realize They’re in Love?
  • You Threw Them a Surprise Party?
  • What Gift Would They Give You on Your Birthday?
  • You Beat Them in Arm Wrestling?
  • You Kept Insisting to Wear Their Shirt/Sweater to Nap In?
  • You Asked to Paint on Their Backs?
  • SUGA as a Husband on WGM?
  • JIMIN as a Husband on WGM ?
  • Their Significant Other Comes to a Fan Sign as a Fan as a Surprise
  • You Asked Them to Unzip Your Dress?
  • You Gave Them Good Morning Kisses
  • They Saw You Eating Popcorn Off the Floor
  • They Accidentally Texted You That They Liked You?
  • Another Member Walked in on You Two Making Out?
  • They Found out You do Covers on Youtube?
  • They Heard You Crying About Your Boyfriend Breaking Up with You?
  • Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope: When You’re Worn Out from Work?
  • You Have to Sit in Their Lap Because There’s No Room in the Car?
  • You’re Super Forgetful?
  • Bangtan as Dads!
  • They Came Home to See You Dancing and Jumping to One of Their Songs?
  • Cheering You Up When You’re Sad?
  • Maknae Line When You Sing in Korean But It’s Not Your First Language?
  • What Kinds of Gifts Would BTS Want From You?
  • Long Distance w/ BTS
  • Doing the Pepero Game with BTS
  • BTS DADS! See Their Kid Take Their First Steps?
  • Jin & Hoseok: When Your Mom Can’t Stop Complimenting Them?
  • You Started Getting Closer to Another Member?
  • You Have a Talent for Writing?
  • You Surprise Them Backstage?
  • Your Pain Tolerance is?
  • You Tickle Them?
  • Asking Them for Kisses and Then Dodging Them?
  • You Forget Their Birthday/Important Date?
  • They Make you Flustered?!
  • Cuddling w/ Maknae Line!
  • You Went to the Movies Together
  • Jungkook & V Find Out You’re Ticklish?
  • You Left Bruises on Them?
  • You Try and Teach Them to Swim
  • You Want to go on a Roller Coaster
  • They Got Sunburned?
  • Hoseok Finds Out You’re Ticklish!
  • You Say You Love Them and Stuff When You Think They’re Sleeping
  • You Kiss Them to Make them Shut Up During Hide & Seek
  • You Hug Them All of a Sudden on the Ferris Wheel Because You’re Scared of the Height?
  • Overbearing Co-Worker Keeps Annoying You?
  • Maknae Line Acting Around their Crush?
  • Spin the Bottle with BTS
  • They Were Teaching You How to Swim?
  • First Kiss with BTS?
  • What Kind of Boyfriend is BTS?
  • 95 Line’s Reaction to You Having to Move Away?
  • You Fangirl over ‘Dope
  • [NSFW] Morning After with BTS
  • Kissing the Members of BTS
  • You Want to Do Everything at the Carnival
  • You Scream Because You Dropped your Food?
  • You Had a Nightmare?
  • They Were Jealous?
  • Saw You Nail the Routine to ‘Dope?
  • They Waved at You, but You Didn’t See Them?
  • You Wanted to Build a Pillow Fort with Them?
  • You Asked to be Called by a Pet Name?
  • You Had to Leave for a Couple of Months?
  • Should YOU Fight Bangtan?
  • How Would Bangtan Confess?
  • You Were Jealous?
  • You Had to Live With Them for Sometime?
  • They Found Out You Were Scared of the Dark?
  • They Played With Your Hair?
  • You Began Losing Weight/Not Paying Attention to Your Diet?
  • Where Would BTS Take You on a Date?
  • They’re Teaching You How to Ride A Bike!
  • [NSFW] You Were Loud/Vocal During Sex?
  • A New Girl Group Choose Them as Their Biases!
  • The Kids You Were Babysitting Told Them You Were Breaking Up with Them, to be There Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
  • You Panicked and Punched them in the Face When They Tried to Return Your Dropped Wallet?
  • You Want to Be the Big Spoon?
  • You’re a Workacholic Who Can’t Say No
  • You Get Insecure About Yourself?
  • Your Pet Followed You Around, Everywhere and All the Time?
  • [NSFW] What Kind of Nudes Would They Want You to Send?
  • Who Would Confess, Who Would Be Too Shy to?
  • You Fall Asleep in Their Favorite Shirt?
  • Your Teacher Fails Your Assignment?
  • You’re Dating and You Show Off Your Weird Talents on Weekly Idol?
  • You’re an Idol and You Said He Was Your Ideal Type?
  • You Back Hugged Them and Said Something Cheesy/Romantic?
  • Your Friend Was Mad at You?
  • You Freaked Out Over a Cockroach?
  • You Do A Lot of Aegyo?
  • [NSFW] You Were Showering Together!
  • You Fell Asleep on Their Bed in Just a Towel?
  • Their Kids Didn’t Want to Eat Their Vegetables?
  • They Fell Asleep With Their Head in Your Lap?
  • [NSFW] You Asked to be Choked During Sex?
  • You’re Scared of Lightning And You Hide in a Closet?
  • You Wanted to Have Couple Items?
  • You Fell In Front of Them?
  • You Kissed Them When You Thought They Were Asleep?
  • You Were Claustrophobic?
  • [SLIGHTLY NSFW] Your Hand Fell on Their Crotch?
  • They Thought You Were Cute, but Language Barrier?!
  • You Slept with Stuffed Animals?
  • Another Member Let You Sleep on Their Shoulder While Knowing How the Bangtan Member feels about you?
  • You Had an Anxiety Attack?
  • You Started Crying After Not Seeing Them for a Long Time?
  • Blow A Kiss to Them in Public?
  • You’re Shipped with Another Idol That’s Not Them?
  • You Wore a Revealing Outfit Just for Them?
  • You’re the Sensitive Type?
  • They Found Out Your Ear Was a Sensitive Spot?
  • You Made a Cover of ‘Christmas Day?
  • You’re an Idol and You’re Having a Sexy Comeback?
  • They Were About to Confess, But Saw You Kissing Another Member?
  • Your Sibling Kept Getting in the Way of Your Relationship?
  • You Kicked Them in The Face When They Were Trying to Wake You Up?
  • You Gave Them the Silent Treatment?
  • You Noticed the Little Things?
  • Help a Member Ask Someone Out?
  • They Found Your Diary?
  • They Liked Someone, But So Did Another Member?
  • You Saved Someones Life?
  • You Had a Weak Body?
  • [NSFW] Turn On Questions w/Bangtan!
  • Staying Up Didn’t Affect You?
  • [NSFW] What Kinks Does Bangtan Have?
  • You Talked to Yourself?
  • You Cooked and it was BAD?
  • A Member got into a Fight With Another Idol?
  • Someone Was Flirting With You?
  • workofteaguk

    updated 02/25/2018

    A collection of my work for those on the app to view and hopefully enjoy! 

    fluf | angst | smut ☆| violence ×
    the unlisted

    ↠ OT7

     things you said 
    • 100 ways to say
    I Love You ♡☂ | collab with @minsvga 
     miracles in october  | collab with @neoworks



    • need
    a hand? ♡ | college au
    • like fl
    owers we bloom  | bad boy au
    • see you soon [ft. Jungkook] ♡☂ | soulmate au
    the gap  | neighbor au
    • better place ♡ | harry potter au
    • brighter than fire ♡☆ | camp counselor au  

    + SERIES;

    all too well [10/10] ♡☂☆ | idol & makeup artist au



     begin again ♡☆ | harry potter au
    • if i coul
    d tell her ♡☂ | college/fake dating au 
    • i
    got you (i promise) ♡ | neighbor/christmas au



    • until yo
    u find me ♡ | harry potter au
    • chrysalism ♡
     the endless winter ♡ | idol/fan + soulmate au
    • shades of wrong ♡☆ | harry potter au
     stay  | camp counselor au 
    • find our w
    ay ♡ | skater boy au 
    • the little helpers ♡ | single parent/christmas au 



    • a hap
    py memory ♡ | harry potter au
     pillow fort ♡☆
    along the boardwalk ♡ | skater boy au
    ↳ drabbles
    • muse 
    | artist au
     breath of spring ♡ | florist au
    • coming back around ♡ | post breakup au 
    • holiday spirit ♡ | neighbor/christmas au 
    • consequences ♡☆☂ | friends with benefits/harry potter au

    + SERIES;

     hold me tight [2/?] ♡☂ | hwarang/royalty/soulmate au



    behind these walls ♡ | neighbor au
    • in m
    edia res ♡ | photographer au
    • su
    nflower letter ♡ | harry potter au
    over and over again 
    • twinkling starlight ♡ | christmas au
    • believe in me ☂ | guardian angel au
     you and i ♡☂ ☆ | reincarnation au
    • wait for it ♡☆ | royalty au
    • overtime ♡☆ | ceo/boss au
    take my hand ♡ | amnesia au
    • hopeless hearts ♡ | idol/fan au
    ↳ drabbles
    • exchanges 
    ☆ | spiderman au
    • the trail to forever ♡ | spiderman au
    • somewhere only we know ♡ | friends to lovers/christmas au

    + SERIES;

    it’s all fun & games [5/5] ♡☂ | fake dating au
    • purpose [1/?] ☂ × | assassin au
    say you won’t let go [2/2] ♡ | roommate/soulmate au
    • moirai [½] ♡☂ | destined lovers au


    I was wondering if you knew about anymore fics that use social media, or texting conversations?? Web cam or anything like that. Those are my guilty pleasures. You are doing an amazing job!!

    i don’t even know you by k506rl - yoonmin, textinglavender skin and cotton shirts by voseok - minjoon, phone calls (does this count lol)you’re my genie, lamborghini (you’re my teeny weeny meenie) by mindheist - jikook; textinglet’s talk (about you and me) by uptempo - vmin; jimin sends sexy pics to his exdigital by empressium - jikook; skyppeee sexi love to get on (i love to) by nikkumeul - taekook; sexting[LIVE] sexy camboy loves to tease! (1080p HD) by voseok; minjoon camerascare to stay for the ride? by voseok - minjoon, kinda jungkook/namjoon/jimin; porn watchingyour body, my body (we’ll love it) by nikkumeul - taekook and jinmin; video cameras

    the future is now :)- admin nissi


    okay so your blogis my religion now, just saying. anyways im probably asking for alot if people, wE ALL nEeD THiS DoNt LiE taekook with daddy™ kink, yes. i am a hoe for daddy kink pls someone end me. also crossdress!tae would be nice ;v; i would prefer top!junglebook but top!teahyung is fine too. seeyaa //C

    thank u for choosing us as ur religion and bts as ur gods lolol dude also same! i will find some top!junglebook for u but i might have to rec some top!taehyung too!

    i forget to breathe (when i’m with you) by locks [Daddy!Tae, E, 56k]

    be a good baby (do what i want) by switchtaeguk[Daddy!Tae, E, 8k]

    The Tae Method by Seven_0_Six [E, 4k]

    i got your ass (in the scope) by nutaella [E, 8.7k]

    Blind me or bind me by AnonymousXJWIFE [E, 51k]

    Kill Cams and Knee Highs by NastaeTae[E, 8k]

    Blood Money by BloodLikeRoyalty [E, 5.8k]

    Embarrassing by SpringdayRain [M, 3k]

    Sugar and Spice by kkozumes [Daddy!Tae, E, 23k]

    untilted by tkac [E, 2k]

    Kiss me on the lips by jeoned [E, 2.8k]

    Halloween Fright by MysticMusicBox[E, 7k]

    -Admin Nana


    hi was wondering if you knew any taekook fics with daddy kink? thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    I DEFINITELY DO. NO SHAME. I FEEL NO SHAME. ok maybe a lil shame. 

    be a good baby (do what i want) by switchtaeguk[8k]

    The Tae Method by Seven_0_Six [4k]

    Give Me Back My Laughter by njhft_mgc [6.8k]

    i got your ass (in the scope) by nutaella[8.7k]

    Blind me or bind me by AnonymousXJWIFE [51k]

    heat by 140503 [4.9k]

    Kill Cams and Knee Highs by NastaeTae [8.8k]

    oh pretty baby (don’t bring me down i pray) by rimjobenthusiast [1.7k]

    Blood Money by BloodLikeRoyalty [5.8k]

    I Dont Care if it Hurts by colonized (colonized_main) [4.8k]

    Headed to Hell for the Company by rix [47k]

    I Lube You by jeonnifer[5.6k]

    Over Time by MysticMusicBox[20k]

    Sugar and Spice by kkozumes[23k]

    I have more… If you want them you’re gonna have to send another ask–

    ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͡°) ͡°) .. im too lazy to italize the author meeeeh okay nevermind i have to for the sake of aesthetics and order

    -Admin Nana


    do you know any good texting au's? it's my absolute fav n i don't think u guys have a tag for it 😖 i lov u guys so so much 💖💘

    I have just added the tag ‘chat au’ to the fictags page so that’s what you can search to look for these type of fics! omg, i love u too

    a lesson in selcas by rooxynroll[rated M, 44k]

    oh, how the mighty fall by euphoriae[VMin, rated E, 2k]

    (TO) Boyz$ with Fun: the Porno by chahans [SugaMon, rated T, 11k]

    accidents were made to happen (but dear god that is still embarrassing) by peachesyoongi[YoonMin, rated T, 2.8k]

    kkt (5 new messages) by bellamees [YoonKook, rated T, 4k]

    A tale of selcas by Sharleena [rated T, 36k]

    click here to open by skswriting[TaeGi, rated M, 12k]

    From Tumblr to Lovers by snksloth[TaeKook, rated E, 25k]

    drabble: three (text me) by in_bloom [YoonMin, rated T, 850 words]

    -Admin Nana

    Hey Baby, Is Your Latin Name ‘Pterophyllum?’ Because You Look Like an Angel(fish) to Me.

    bylittleheichou (( 1/1 | T | 27,067 ))

    Taehyung’s professor tells him that he can’t do a fourth art project on fish, for some strange reason.

    AKA: Taehyung draws a boy that he happens to sit in front of in the library and falls in love with each individual line.

    admin tk - this was really entertaining to read ngl