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    I want Henry Cavill to finger me with his thick ass fingers with his hand on my throat till I cry. Then make me cum over and over because he “needs me more open to take his thick dick” but he honestly just loves seeing how fucked up he makes you with just his hands and he’s smirking at you the whole time like “aw baby girl can’t take anymore?” In his deep ass accented voice Phew my bad...I threw my kinks out at cha ahem lmao

  • you nasty bitch yesssssssssssss
  • he’d be fingering the hell out of you, choking you while making you look up at him
  • at one point, it feels like you can’t take it because the pads of his fingers keep on grazing over your g-spot and you’re on the verge of passing out because you’ve lost track of how many times you’ve cum
  • but henry doesn’t stop, keeps on making you fall apart for him
  • ‘gotta stretch you out for my cock, love. wanna make sure you’re nice and open for me’
  • and oh my goodness you already know that he’d be looking at you with a smirk and some mischief in those blue eyes of his
  • henry is such a tease and your legs are shaking and you’re seeing stars when he makes you cum once again
  • he mocks you for how much you’re whimpering
  • ‘aw, can’t handle my fingers, princess? guess that daddy shouldn’t give you his cock then, hmm?’
  • that causes your eyes to widen and you start begging for him to fuck you and that you can take it and that you want him to fill you up 
  • he’d just chuckle and shake his head at how desperate you are for him
  • when he finally fills you up, you’re spasming on his dick and just writhing below him
  • at one point, he’s pounding into you so hard that you squirt around him and reach your hand out to get you to slow down
  • but henry would just grab your wrists and pin them above your head
  • ‘don’t push me away, baby. you said you wanted this right? then be a good little slut and take my cock’
  • whew chile
  • slutty sunday


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    When the Kids are grossed out by their parents (Fluff)

    Souvenirs (Smut)

    His Clothes (Smut)

    Surprises (Fluff)

    Self Control (Smut)

    Behind the Cover (Fluff)

    The After Party (Smut)

    Taste (Smut)

    Mixing Business with Pleasure (Smut)

    Dangerous Woman (Smut)

    Marry Me…Please? (Fluff)

    CockWarming (Smut)

    Cum In Me Instead (Smut)

    Finally (Fluff)

    Distance Does Make The Heart Grow Fonder (Fluff)

    10 minuets is all I need (Smut)

    Needy (Smut)


    8, 10 and 13


    8. “Wanna take this to the bed? Or the table, bench, shower, you choose.”

    10. “Don’t lie to my face again.”

    13. “What do you want - my tongue? Fingers? Or both?

    You had no idea what had gotten into you. All you knew was that the only thing you could think about was Harry pounding into you. Just the thought of his cock thrusting in and out of you, deliciously stretching your walls, and feeling his cock in the pit of your stomach sent you into overdrive. It didn’t help that Harry gave it to you really good before he left.

    You felt bad for disturbing him in his meeting, but at this point you needed to get rid of the throbbing between your legs. Before you knew it, you were sending harry a text reading

    ‘I need you so bad🥺’

    Following it up with a picture of your damp panties.

    When harry checked his phone, his eyes widened and his pants had gotten significantly tighter. He sat his phone back down and tried to focus in on the meeting. Just when he received another text from you, this time it was a video. He clicked into it, making sure his volume was off, he saw you playing with your pussy through your panties. He was so entranced in you that he let out a moan, which had to be quickly masked with a cough. “Would it be possible for us to continue this tomorrow, y/n isn’t feeling well” he quickly interjects. Before he is given a definite answer, he’s already up with his jacket already on. He quickly gets in the car and speeds home. The entire ride, all he could think about was your warm, and soaking wet cunt wrapped around his cock. He subconsciously applies some pressure to his hardened cock, causing his head to fall against the headrest.

    Once he got home he immediately exited the car and made his way inside. When you heard the door open, you swiftly make your way towards him. Once you’re in arms reach, he grabs you and pins you between the door and his body. He hoists you up and your legs go straight to his waist and his lips go straight to your mouth. You immediately feel his bulge pressed directly to your clothed pussy. Your head falls against the door as your feel him press against you harder. “Were you being a good girl while I was gone?” He says against your lips. You nod fervently before going to attach your lips to his again. He pulls away from your mouth and be places a hand on the side of your neck, his thumb softly pressing into your throat. “Don’t lie to my face again. We’re you being a good girl while I was gone?” He says lowly, pressing himself against you even more. You whimper and you shake your head along with a shaky breath. “And how should I punish you for being a bad girl” he says sucking on your neck. “Fuck me” he moan pushing your cunt against him. “What do you want - my tongue? Fingers? Or both?” He says against your neck, toying with the hem of your panties. “Your cock. Wanna take this to the bed? Or the table, bench, shower, you choose” you whimper wanting Harry to fuck you already. He unwraps your legs from around him placing you on the floor and he begins to push you towards the dining room.

    “How about I bend you over this table and pound into you until your begging me to stop and I’m leaving bruises on your hips. How does that sound?” He says bending you over. “Please” you whimper, getting excited at the thought of Harry fucking you again. He undoes his pants and pulls out his cock. He pushes you further onto the table and he rips your panties off in a swift motion. He spanks your ass a couple of times before lining his cock up with your hole. He uses your hips as leverage and he rams into you. You let out a strangled moan and you grab at the table for support. He doesn’t give you any time to adjust to his size, he immediately begins to pound into you. Harry presses his ringed fingers into your hips and he presses your hips further into the the table. The feeling of his cock ramming into you sends you into a blissful state. The only sound that was let out of your mouth was a stained moan. “Fuck, y’feel so good around m’cock baby so wet f’me” he groans as his thrusts become sharper. Next thing you knew, your eyes were rolling into the back of your head in pleasure as you released onto his cock. Your juices drip onto the table and you clench around Harry’s cock from the overstimulation. His hands leave your hips and he pushes your ass apart and he becomes hypnotized at the sight. He feels you clenching around him, on the verge of cumming again. “Cum f‘me baby” he pants pulling you to his chest and quickly rubbing your clit. Your body begins to quiver as another orgasm washes over you. He pushes you down once more as his own orgasm nears. “Fuck” he groans and he thrusts into you once more before cumming inside of you. You feel his warm cum flood into you and you sigh at the feeling. He stills inside of you and he massages your hips. He presses a kiss to your neck. “Did so good f’me baby” he whispers as he slowly pulls out of you. As soon as he’s completely out of you, his cum immediately begins to stream out of you and onto the table. He turns you onto your back and he pushes two fingers into you, pushing his cum back inside. “Don’ want any to go to waste.” He mutters. He pulls his fingers out and you stick your tongue out for his fingers. He pushes his fingers into your mouth and you clean his cum off of them. You moan at the taste and he pulls them out. He then grabs your panties and slips them back onto you and he fixes his pants. He places a kiss on your lips and he pulls you up to kiss you better. “I should bother you at work more often.” You whisper with a big grin spread across your face. “I wouldn’t mind that one bit.” He replies and places his lips onto yours.


    Don’t fear your kinks Masterlist


    Summary: After satisfying her vamp kink Dean and Y/N want to try any fantasy they were holding back for too long. We follow their journey through their kinks.

    Pairing: Dean x Reader

    Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, kinks, handcuffs, spanking, hairpulling, breeding kink, roleplay (including consensual dub-con/non-con), fake knotting, fake claiming, biting, riding crops, restrains, dom!Dean, threesome, dirty talk, all the dirty shit

    @m-winchester-67 inspired me to make a series out of my one-shot so here we go with the roleplay kinks. Thanks for ruining me, hun.

    Please be aware this is not a regularly update series. I will add a chapter if I got some spare time to write plotless smut. ;)

    Part 1 - Love bites hard (Vamp kink)

    Part 2 - Don’t be scared (virgin Dean/age gap kink)

    Part 3 - Take me away  (Kidnapper kink)

    Part 4 - Cheer me up (Coach/Cheerleader kink)

    Part 5 - Clean this up! (Maid/Earl kink)

    Part 6 - Darkness awaits you (DemonDean/virginAngel kink)

    Part 7 - Please hide me (CriminalDean/shy/virgin/student reader)

    Part 8 - Naughty girl (Babysitter/Dad)

    Part 9 - Arrest me Officer (Cop kink)

    Part 10 - Teach me, Professor (Professor/student kink)

    Part 11 - Break your vows (DemonDean/Nun kink)

    Part 12 - Bite me (Vampire Dean/bite kink)

    Part 13 - Private lessons (Tutor Dean/home-schooling reader)

    Part 14 -  Prison Break (Prisoner dean/nurse reader)

    Part 15 - I’m Batman (Batman/Catwoman)

    Part 16 -  Another one, please (Bartender kink)

    Part 17 - Knot me baby (Alpha kink)

    Part 18 - Miss Y/N to my office, please (secretary/boss kink)

    Part 19  - Hunting you down (The Hunter/red riding hood kink) 

    Part 20  - Roomservice, please (room boy kink)

    Part 21 - Where is the fire? (Firefighter kink)

    Part 22 - Yes, Master (master/servant kink)

    Part 23 - Every step you take (Stalker Dean kink)

    Part 24 - My white knight (Knight Dean/princess kink)

    Part 25 - Punish me father (Priest/nun kink)

    Part 26 - Hush, hush (librarian kink)

    Part 27 - Pimp my car (Mechanic kink)

    Part 28 - My naughty nurse (Nurse/Patient kink)

    Part 29 - Feed my hunger (Cook Dean kink) - (Food play - request)

    Part 30 - Obey, little girl (Dom/sub kink)

    Part 31 - You don’t need clothes (Stripper kink)

    Part 32 - Dr. Sexy at your service (doctor kink)

    Part 33 - I’m all yours soldier (Uniform/Marine kink)

    Part 34 - Hiding the passion (cheating kink with age gap)

    Part 35 - Hate can lead to passion (bitchy colleague kink/elevator sex)

    Part 36 - My sexy bunny (playboy bunny kink)

    Part 37 - You are under arrest (FBI/suit kink - the dream request ;))

    Part 38 - Captured on film (porn star kink)

    Part 39 - Possessive is my middle name (possessive Dean)

    Part 40 - Let me fix this (craftsman/bored housewife)

    Part 41 - Delivery for you (pizza man/customer)

    Part 42 - We’ll steal the world together (Gangster kink)    

    Part 43 - Love our reflection (mirror kink)

    Part 44 - Blow your mind (burlesque or erotic dancer kink)

    Part 45 - Oriental Seduction (belly dancer kink)

    Part 46 - Just relax (Masseuse kink)

    Part 47 - Chasing waterfalls (public sex/sex in water kink)

    Part 48 - Just feel (Blindfolded/blinded kink)  

    Part 49 - Taxi driver (taxidriver/passenger)

    Part 50 - Tramp on your street (Trucker!Dean/hitch-hiker reader)

    Epilogue - Reinforcement (DemonDean x Reader x Soulless Sam kink)


    Radical abolitionist John Brown.

    “His zeal in the cause of freedom was infinitely superior to mine. Mine was as the taper light, his was as the burning sun. Mine was bounded by time. His stretched away to the silent shores of eternity. I could speak for the slave. John Brown could fight for the slave. I could live for the slave. John Brown could die for the slave.” -Frederick Douglass


    People be forgetting this man went to people’s homes and killed them


    Slave owners aren’t people


    They forfeitted that distinction when they decided to enslave and dehumanize other people to the extent of creating slave husbandry and handbooks on how to best “handle” them


    I think that John Brown breaking into people’s homes and killing them was very brave and sexy of him, personally


    where else should he have gone to kill them??

    Oh My God I figured it out

    Ubbe has a fetish for his brothers sloppy second.

    1. Margethe

    She slept with all the ragnarsson(I don’t know about bjorn?) and be HAD TO marry her HE HAD TOO.

    And now

    2. Torvi

    She was married to Bjorn, had Bjorns kids and Bjorn left her and Ubbes all like “oooo la la” ‘ pushes margethe aside like “move over bitch this bitch is sloppier than you”

    Honest to god if the whole Ivar x Fredysis bull shit is true. He’ll probably want her nasty ass too.

    The Vikings Cast as Band Members from the 60′s- 90′s

    Ivar The Boneless

    Band:  Nirvana 

    - Ivar would contribute perfectly to the “Broken and misunderstood” Tune that was often portrayed by Nirvana During the late 80′s and early 90′s. 

    - Would play the  drums dramatically as his hair swayed back and forth

    -Uses blood to decorate his face during performances 

    -Shares the same pain of being surrounded by thousands but feels all alone like Kurt Cobain

    -Smokes two packs of ciggs a day

    -Loves the fans but hates being touched by them as they walk into the venue 

    -Believes the drugs he uses will take him to higher planes of self awareness

    -Thinks that being worshipped by thousands of screaming fans is better than being king 

    -Favorite songs to play   “ Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Dumb”

    Favorite Lyrics: “ Im not like them, but I can pretend” 

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    Ivar Ragnarsson

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    1000 Celebration Prompts:

    - Sigurd -On- Two 
    - Ubbe - One - Two 
    - Ivar - One 
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