Hokie Cub

This page will be graphic, I guarantee it. Guys, dicks, asses, everything in between, anything that tickles my fancy. I have another tumblr, don't use it as much...started finding more adult pages, thought I'd catalog my interests. I'm 27, short, stocky, moderately furry. I am living in Chicago at the moment, but always a Hokie at heart! I'm into a lot more than what will show up here, art, design, music, sports, tv and movies, I'm a hopeless romantic. Will that come through here? Let's be honest: probably not. I can be into conventionally beautiful people or unconventionally attractive people, vanilla stuff or more kinky. Depends on my mood and who else is involved. If you want to pass judgement, try to say hi first, I might surprise you. Otherwise, enjoy!

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2020-05-06 02:07:20

    <>It’s become his favorite time of the week, his form of worship. He drops the wife & kids off at church & goes for his “Sunday drive.” He likes to park at the edge of the woods. The warm, moist companionship that he invariably finds there allows him keep his sanity even after he has to return to his wife & kids & his normal life until next Sunday when once again he can transcend all that.