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Use my mouth, my ass. Don't ask for. Take me. Not into vanilla.

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2021-10-27 20:00:48

    Party Favor

    “Aaaww… quit your struggling, buddy boy… won’t do ya any good anyway…”


    ‘Yeah, you’re gonna be sound asleep real soon anyway… just as soon as that little pill kicks in… the one we slipped into your drink…’


    “Hmmmm, there ya go, buddy… no more squirming around now… just give in and slip off into dreamland, boy…”


    “While my buddy Matt here helps ya slide outta those clothes… ya won’t be needing ‘em anymore…”


    ‘Ooohhh…. he’s got himself a real pretty one, doesn’t he, Stu? Sure wouldn’t mind having a bit of fun with that big ‘ol dick…’


    “Matt, ya always say that about every guy we bring here… but ya know the rule, dude… we’re not allowed to mess around with these guys… so ya better grab the ropes and start getting this one ready…”


    ‘I know, I know, Stu… but don’t ya ever think… I mean wouldn’t it be nice if once… just once if maybe He invited US to one of His parties…?’


    “Hell, yeah, I’ve thought about it… every time we get hired to do this for Him… I think about it every damn time I see one of these dude’s hot little virgin asses all spread out and on display like this…”


    “But I also know we both wanna get paid… which is why you need to just shut up and finish getting buddy boy here tied down good and tight…”


    ‘He’s all ready, Stu…. he’s not going anywhere now. I just wish we knew what Him and His pervert friends do with these poor straight guys after the party’s over… do ya think… maybe… we could…?’


    “No, Matt!! We’re not gonna ask Him… we’re not even gonna bring it up… we’re just gonna sit here and wait for Him to show up… we’re gonna get our money… and then we’re gonna leave with no questions asked…”


    “I’m just as intrigued as you about all the twisted shit that goes down at these kink parties… but I sure as hell know I don’t wanna be chosen to be the next party favor… I don’t wanna be like buddy boy here and find out the same way he’s gonna find out when he wakes up…”


    My roommate finally did it. He caved and came in my room. I was half asleep when he pulled out his dick and shoved it in my mouth. He was used to getting laid all the time but now that most bars in our area are closing again he’s been hurting for it.

    “No teeth,” he demanded as he held my head and fucked into my mouth.

    I pulled off of him. “Use my ass, it’s better than a mouth,” I told him.

    “Jesus, fine,” he caved again. “Turn over and don’t say a fucking thing,” He barked.

    “Quit making it a big deal, it’s just an ass to sink your dick into,” I told him but did what he said still.

    “Shut your fucking mouth,” he said, spitting on his dick and pushing it inside of me with one thrust.

    I let him do his thing and fuck did it feel good. Being quiet was a small price to pay for getting railed by such a hot guy.


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    Please read, whether Dom or sub always something to learn


    Always read this and always remember to stay safe & consensual!


    Always has to work for BOTH


    Remember fellow subs - your safety is your responsibility. Know what’s safe and what’s not.


    Very GOOD should be read both by Masters & slaves !!!!!!!!!