Thank you for your patience on an ongoing lack of kink content. For now, a 10 minute recording of me edging, then making myself cum, and then laughing for a little bit.


    As with anything @ayerslix​ creates, this is utterly delightful.

    Remarkably, she cums in this audio, so for all you denial sluts out there, here’s a fun little task. Edge along to her, maybe imagine you’re secretly listening in as she does it for her lover. But the moment she gets to ‘ten’ and says it near the end, get  your hands off your pussy, turn off any vibes, lift yourself off whatever you’re humping...no stimulation below the waist. Just pull on your achy nipples as you listen to her cum, hard and loud.

    And although she’s utterly lovely, and she laughs with the pure joy of it all at the end, I’m sure, for those of you who’d enjoy it, she wouldn’t mind you imagining she’s laughing a little at your frustration and arousal as she rides the glow of a gorgeous climax.

    I’m sure she’d appreciate you posting here just how much you loved the experience.



    PS If you want more of her content, try this one:


    A gorgeous review - thank you so much. And yes, by all means, if any needy girls would enjoy my laughter tormenting them they are most welcome. I've been fantasising about denying a woman a lot recently.