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    Summary: Y/N looks back on her past creations and what happened to them.

    (I went gif crazy)

    There they sat. Chuck and Y/N. Chuck had his arm around Y/N, leaning on the other, as they look up at the sky.

    It's one of her favorite things Chuck had made. The little part of the entire universe. The sight of the millions of stars, as they shine individually- in their own way. She pictures them as angels. Though she never really loved angels, they have their own talents. Their own way to shine.

    They also remind her of the millions of creations she made for this planet. Most of them were long gone, but some still roam the Earth.

    "They being me back to the past... the stars," Y/N says as she looks up at the sky, "my creations."

    Chuck hums behind her, "I remember when you created some. So overjoyed and happy." She smiles and hums at the memories.

    "I remember the mermaids, they were so beautiful. So much like the humans... but they couldn't live side by side without killing each other."

    "It's a shame, they were very wonderful. Beautiful creatures," Chuck adds after.

    "Yes. There was the dragons; though, they were never kind creatures," Y/N says, furrowing her eyebrows.

    "Tried to eat me once," Chuck chuckled slightly, "not that it would have worked," he says, making you laugh.

    "The dragons had their purpose... even though they never chose to follow it."

    "I do sometimes find myself missing them..." she says with a hint of sadness in her tone.

    "You could always make more," Chuck says, looking down at her. He knows it's not a good idea, but he didn't want her sad.

    "No no, it's alright. Besides, we both know what would happen if I did," she chuckles. Total chaos and madness everywhere. Like it had been before.

    "Remember the unicorns?" He said, with a smile on his face. She also smiled, that was the time they lived on Earth for a couple hundred years.

    "Oh yes. They were always locked away... they went extinct," she says sadly. Humans locked away the unicorns and treated them horribly, not that they knew what was the purpose and meaning for them. But then again, it is in human nature to fear the unknown and the magic.

    "There are still some of your other creations on Earth," Chuck says, going to stand up, bringing Y/N with him, "we could go visit them."

    "Well," she says, looking down, thinking, "that's too much to ask for. We have spent too much time as it is in the open."

    "Yes, but there are many years for us to stay behind our closed doors," he says, holding onto her hands, "Let's run. Just you and me."

    Hello, Boys

    Summary: Y/N shows up at the convention and surprises Chuck, while getting hit on by Dean.

    (Also different POV)

    You knew he was here. You knew you had to keep your distance , but you just wanted to see him again. It has been so long and surprises were great in times like these.

    You walked into the hotel where the convention was. You saw many people dressed up as 'fictional characters'. Many of them started going into a room, so you followed. They all looked very exicted, weirdly happy to be a part of such a terrible story.

    You didn't enter, but stood by the door for a while. Contemplating on whether you needed to actually see him and how he would react.

    You could hear his voice inside. He was a very good actor. Does he need this? Now? You heard him answer a few more questions and decided that you should enter. You open the door quietly and slowly go to stand next to the Winchesters, who were standing all the way in the back.

    You can't remember the last time he looked as nervous as he did. He was usually so confident. These people didn't see him like the other angels and you did. He was a different person. You saw him stuttering and fumbling; so unusual. You chuckled a little, making Sam and Dean turn to look at you.

    "Who are you?" Dean asked as you stood beside him. You weren't going to just tell them who you were.

    "Shhhh," you said. You weren't here for them, or chit chat. Chuck was your main focus.

    "Hey, thats-"

    "I said, sshh," You looked to him with an intense stare. He looked confused then looked back to the stage where Chuck was answering a question.

    "...we're going to start publishing again."

    He looked over the crowd, then back to look at the Winchesters. He looked at them and saw their surprised faces, but then saw you standing next to them.

    "Holy shit," he said as he drops his water bottle on the stage. The crowd didn't seem to mind since they kept clapping, but Sam and Dean furrowed their eyebrows and looked at you, wondering who you were.


    You were standing outside the door, waiting for Chuck to come out. When he did, you grabbed his arm and pulled him to the corner. He didn't resist, but only replied with an 'ooowww'.

    "So, 'Chuck'," you said first. Chuck was a weird name (especially for god). And he was probably not happy that you were here.

    "Wait, before you say anything, why are you here?" He said, looking around to see if anyone was watching. You looked around and saw Dean staring at you. You furrowed your eyebrows and focused back on Chuck.

    "Well, I jus-" you began saying before you were cut off.

    "Hey, Chuck, we need to talk," you turn and see Sam and Dean walking up to you two. You take a deep breath, about to give them a piece of your mind.

    "Oh, no no no no no" Chuck says, right as you were going to go off. You turn your head to him, scolding him for stopping you. "Um, well, boys this is Y/N, um, Y/N... well, you know the boys," Chuck says awkwardly as he tries to introduce you to the boys.

    "Well hello there Y/N," Dean says, looking you up and down. You give him a death glare, lookingg directly into his eyes, your calm way of saying back off. He must have misunderstood because he continued with, "Mmm, I like them feisty."

    You take in a deep breath and look to Chuck to deal with him in a nonviolent way. Chuck looked to you and just shrugged nervously. You look at him, giving him that well known glare.

    "Okay, no hitting on Y/N," Chuck says, putting his hands up. You turn from Chuck to the boys, looking at Sam instead of Dean. He had a confused look on his face, watching the interaction happen.

    "Hey, no fair," Dean says, reaching forward and moving a piece of your hair. You had had enough, so you reach up and grab his hand, almost crushing it in your palm as he yells out.

    "Y/N! Stop!" Chuck says, grabbing your other arm. You look at him and let go of Deans hand, not taking your eyes away from Chuck. You could hear Dean cursing and you close your eyes.

    "I wouldn't be here, if it wasn't important," you say with your eyes remaining closed. You had no other chance to tell him this news and it had to be quick. You hear him let out a breath and hear footsteps going away.

    "What's up?" He says, grabbing both of your arms. You could feel yourself shaking, no doubt he could too.

    "I, uh... I don't know how to say this," You look up to the ceiling trying to get rid of the tear gathering in your eyes, chuckling a bit. You could see Chucks concerned face, so you came out with it, "um, I'm making another one."

    "Another... what?" He says looking confused and concerned at the same time. You pull your hands back in to touch your stomach, looking at the nonexisting bump. You knew he would know what it meant. Another archangel. You wipe your tears. No tears. No this time, "oh, my... this is great. Why are you worried?"

    "I..." you took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes, "I'm leaving, Chuck." You pull your arms from his hands and stand back, "I'm not letting this one grow up to be like the others. They don't know how to function, especially with..." you trail off knowing mentioning his absence would get him angry, "but I just thought you should know. You won't find me. In heaven... anywhere."

    "Wait, Y/N... no" he says reaching for your hands, but you pull away again, not wanting to let his touch pull you back in, "we had a plan, Y/N-"

    "That was your plan," you said, looking at him with hurt eyes, "you may have created them, but I put so much of my body into this while you have fun playing prophet. How can I continue this when the only people I want to be with are either gone, locked away, or..." you paused, looking away for a second, "dead."

    "But Y/N... we can do this toge-"

    "I want to Chuck. I really do. But I know what this plan has in store for you and me, and I don't want to go down that road. I never did," you step away from him, toward the main entrance before pausing, and saying your last words, "I love you Chuck. I always will, but if you ever decide that this planet is worth saving... I'll find you."

    You walk out with your arms around your stomach, clutching your sides. You feel the tears going down your face, faster and faster until they come out with choked back whines. You felt your vessels legs giving out, and you fall to your knees.

    You put your hands on the floor in front of you to hold yourself up. You let out sobs, slowly leaning down, placing your head on the ground.

    You heard footsteps coming towards you, two pairs to be exact. Sam and Dean. You get up, wiping your tears, slowly turning around. Seeing two people, not Sam and Dean. Demons

    "Hello boys, how can I help you today?" You say, still wiping some tears. You look at them, curious look on your face. They smile, looking at you. You raise an eyebrow, "If you're here for God... sorry to break it to you, but he isn't here. And if you're here for me, then you have come for nothing."

    They stay smiling, one pulling out an angel blade. You look at them, "If you haven't noticed I'm not in the best mood and it's called an angel blade for a reason."

    You wave your hand, watching them slowly turn into misty clouds. You watch the small clouds disappear into the air and you look up to the sky, before feeling eyes on you.

    You see Sam and Dean at a window, looking out at you. They rush toward the door, trying to catch you before you disappear too. You see someone else in the window. Chuck. You lift your hand and wave at him. Before he can even raise his hand...

    You're gone.

    Shut Up Naomi

    Summary: Y/N is Chucks mate and has a few words with Naomi after Cas gets out of her control.

    Naomi sat at her desk. No news about Castiel yet. Cas was a well trained dog a few days ago, but he just couldn’t hurt Dean. That’s what being an angel is about. Caring and protecting humans. Castiel is a good angel, but Naomi wasn’t.

    Y/N wasn’t in hiding like Chuck was. Y/N liked being on earth, but she could still sense the happenings in heaven. Y/N is one of the oldest beings of course and everyone knew that she created the earth with God. Y/N is very powerful, like God… and everyone knew that.

    “Naomi,” her shoulders shook, Naomi knew that voice. Everyone, knows that voice. It was the mother of all angels. She turned with a frightened look on her face and she looked at her mother as she spoke again, “Do you want to tell me why you planned on killing Dean Winchester?”

    Naomi had no words, it was Y/N. She was afraid that with one wrong word, she would be killed. Y/N didn’t need an angel blade to kill Naomi.

    “I-I-I-” Y/N stood, intently watching as she stuttered. Naomi was still frightened. People could say that Y/N is far more intimidating than God, and they would be correct.

    “Naomi, I asked you a question” Y/N slowly approached the desk before sitting in one of her chairs. Naomi knew she had to answer. She would be here forever.

    “I,” she cleared her throat, “I was doing my job.” This made Y/N narrow her eyes. Angels.

    “Tell me Naomi, since when was killing humans, your job,” she looked expectantly, “last I knew, your expertise is with angels. Dean is not an angel that needs to be fixed.”

    “Yes, but-”

    “Shut up Naomi. Dean is not to be harmed. I don’t want to hear about another incident like this again,” Y/N kept her firm gaze, she was not one to be messed with, “you know what the Winchesters means to us. I will not hesitate to come back here” and just like that, she was gone.

    Naomi let out a breath and thought over the conversation. They were right, Y/N is a force to be reckoned with.


    Y/N saw that Castiel was on a bus, running, going to hide. She decided it would be good for Cas to see her. He had a long journey ahead of him. You popped in next to him, frightening him. Doubt anyone would expect such a powerful being like Y/N to ever come to them.


    “It’s okay Castiel. I am not here to send you back to heaven or smite you,” she looked at him and gave him a small smile, “I wanted to say I was proud of you. I know your father isn’t here and you’re taking a huge risk by protecting this tablet. God knows how hard he worked on it,” she looks down and thought for a while, “this is a big task. I know you can do it.” She was about to leave when she remembered, “oh, and if Naomi acts up again, just send me a prayer. Just, keep me informed.” Castiel nodded, obeying his mother, “we love you Castiel. I know you won’t let us down.” And she was gone.