I was in the military for nine years. I always knew wherever i was that i was a Ambassador of the United States in or out of uniform. Gabby Douglas is representing the United States at the Olympics. Her refusal to put her hand over her heart at the playing of our national anthem sent a signal around the world and it was disgraceful. People react to people’s behavior, and by her refusal not to place her hand over her heart during the playing of the anthem earned her that nickname. She has no one to blame but herself for her disgraceful and unpatriotic behavior. This isn’t bullying. She made the choice not to show any signs of patriotism towards her country, so why is it bullying when people react to her disgraceful behavior at such a high profile public event at the Olympics? She would make a lot of money at the Olympics, but wont show any patriotism towards the country she represents at the Olympics? Again, that is disgraceful. As a member of the Olympic team, she is a symbol like it or not and every action and non-actions sent a signal around the world of her unpatriotic behavior. If she cant handle the criticism of her bad behavior, perhaps she shouldn’t be a public figure, which she is at the Olympics. I hope she doesn’t get any endorsements at all. If she doesn’t want to show allegiance towards the United States, perhaps she should represent some other country. This isn’t bullying. This is reality.She should apologize for her unpatriotic behavior to the people of the United States and the world.


    Get a life


    Her "non-action shows the Many problems Black and Brown people struggle with on a DAILY basis in the country she represents. It is so very easy to point fingers and judge someone when one has absolutely no idea what others deal with ever single day in your oh so wonderful country. Please stop and give a thought to your bullying comments as you most obviously have NOT a clue.