Yes, Master

21 year old little Asian fucktoy for white man's pleasure. Let me be your yellow slut slave and personal cum bucket. SoCal

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    Corrupting influence.

    I love my enlightened White Men. I love that they understand the way of the world and aren’t afraid to confront it. The things they do to me and in the world at large are just magnificent, you know? But I talk about them all the time, so now I will talabout a different kind of man.

    Last week I hooked up with a…not racist guy. That in itself isn’t that rare, but generally in those situations, I just focus on what we both want: to fuck. He gives me fat white cock, I get him tight Asian pussy and we’re both happy. Sure, its not ideal - I’d prefer to truly worship a man who knows how to extract ever ounce of servitude out of me, but not every man is equipped for that. And that’s okay, not being racist doesn’t make you any less White.

    He took me back to his hotel room and on the way in, we saw a guy in a confederate flag shirt. He made some comment, I don’t even really remember what it was, but he essentially disapproved. No worries, I’m used to it. I, of course, love the Confederate Flag. But usually I’d let his comment slide, I wanted dick, not conversation.

    But this time, I didn’t. I just told him a little bit about how I felt about the ways of the world. Nothing too crazy, just some entry-level stuff, you can probably figure out the general gist of it.

    “Okay, if Whites are so much better than you’re going to do anything I tell you, right?”

    He thought he was making a joke. He thought he was exposing an absurdity in my logic. I simply responded with “That’s right.”

    So he started playing and prodding.

    “Okay, take your dress off.”


    “Bend over.”


    “Bark like a dog.”


    He was kind of perplexed. It was sort of cute and adorable. It’s strange to ay that a man who has you naked in his hotel room and is making you bark like a dog seems innocent but that’s simply how it was. He knew he was going to get laid when we went to his hotel room, but he didn’t know why. He thought it was because he was handsome and suave (and he was) but the actual reason that he couldn’t grasp was that it was because he was White. He was my White God for the night and I was going to do anything he asked, it was just a matter of him knowing to ask.

    By the time he told me to start sucking him off, I know he still thought it was all kind of weird. But after 15 minutes he asked me if I needed a break. I didn’t answer, I just kept sucking and suddenly, I could see something in his eyes. He got it. Maybe. Maybe he was just enjoying a good blowjob, but something about the way his mannerisms changed and the look on his face felt like he was starting to understand how powerful he was - and why. Oh, calling me a “chink” a few times was a pretty good sign that I’d brought out his superior side.

    The reason I suck you dry, that I fuck you so obediently, and that that it feels so right to pound me is because we both know that you’re superior to me. I’m not magic or particularly special. I’m just another Gook and were all like this. We all thirst to be under - physically and otherwise - powerful white men.

    So, you know, we fuck and it’s good and we exchange numbers. He texts me the next day. “You know, I was doing some research and this stuff about race and IQ is really interesting.”

    One fuck and he’s already corrupted. One or two more and I’ll have him truly understanding his White Power.

    Hi lovelies

    So so sorry I've been MIA for soooo long..

    Came back to more wonderful followers and this Asian slut is super happy! ❤️ I appreciate everyone's messages and I'm glad you like my blog 💦

    I'll be going on here as often as I can again doing posts and what not.

    Thank you for waiting if you have!


    Does wanting to be a mere object during sex make me a lazy fucking bitch or just an average sub? I want the man to take me, fuck me, use me, hurt me. What I don’t want is having to return the favor. For example, I don’t want to give a blowjob - I want to be fucked in the mouth. That’s my turn on. But for a man the two things feel different both physically and mentally and most men I’ve met have preferred getting a blowjob to fucking my face. But I don’t want to participate, I just want to lie there and be used and fantasize I’m some trafficked prostitute getting raped 24/7, or a poor little civilian kidnapped to entertain the troops during a military campaign. Having to participate, to touch and fondle and coo kinda makes that fantasy impossible for me to uphold. Bloody hell with these fantasies.


    There's different ways you can go about "serving" a man. So I agree with this slut. I too prefer the idea of being an actual fuck doll with no say in what I'd like to do to please man. He has the right to tell me how to suck him, position myself, etc. to the way he likes.


    Field Report

    Met up with this cunt I knew for a bit. Kinda thick, fat tits, will suck the soul outta my dick.

    Anyway, we up at around 9 pm for a private show I was invited to. Once there, I grabbed her and pulled her to somewhere private. Slapped her across the face a few times for being a cunt and held my knife to her neck. Yelled at her about being a slut for being braless, even though I told her to be. Made her strip while I ran the blade on along her leg and up her chest. Cunt had some thong or something on, which obviously was not okay, so I cut those off. She protested, something about them costing a lot, but quickly shut up once she realized the knife would pointed at her next if she didn’t. After that I made her suck my dick, shit was okay. She complained about it hurting her jaw or something, I don’t know, I didn’t care either. Once in a while I would pull out and slap her for the hell of it, and of course this was followed with tears. I told her I loved her crying, it was the only time she was attractive. Eventually I finished, cleaned my dick with her panties, threw them in the trash, told her to clean up and meet me outside when she’s done.

    After a while, she came out. We drove to a secluded place. This time, I didn’t wait for her to take her clothes off and cut her shirt off myself. I could see how badly she wanted to protest, but she knew what would happen. Made her suck my dick again, slapped her tits, and fucked her in the car. She’s a loud bitch, so I cracked the door open so someone could hear, just to show her how few fucks people have about her. Her pussy was tight, could have been better, and I made sure to remind her of it. In fact, I spared no opportunity to remind her of her inferior qualities. I finished up on her chest, she didn’t really deserve the cum in her, and made walk around naked for a bit while I relaxed in the car. It was around 1:30am and cold as all hell, but if she wanted to stay inside, she’ll have to do better next time. Drove her home, wants more.



    Wish I was in SF


    Way back in my senior year of high school I used to fantasize about my Anatomy teacher who was 10 years older than me. I could never concentrate on class bc of how wet I was. I still have a major thing for older men but if I ever saw that teacher again I could not hold my fantasies in.

    Ahhhh… the sins of a school girl. How many of the sinners in the congregation remember that one teacher who starred in their fantasies. I bet some of those dirty sinners still get wet or hard at the thought of that teacher even today.

    I’ll confess. Mine was a science teacher. He was also the wrestling coach. Granted he wasn’t really tall, but god, he had this husky built body, muscles that you knew could easily lift you up from your hard wooden school desk chair and just plant you right… on… his… hard… thighs. 

    Easily lift you up and down and do things to you. 

    Ohhh… such dirty things he could do to you. 

    Mmm. Anyway, if you walk upon that teacher, sinner, jump him. Jump him for all of us who never got to finish our school teacher assignment. 

    And please, come back and confess your oh so dirty sin to us perverts in the pews.


    What I'm Saying

    When I say “I want to be tied up” what I’m really saying is “I want to trust you enough to let go.” When I say “I want to be slapped” what I’m really saying is “That sting makes me feel real.” When I say “I want be spanked” what I’m really saying is “I want to feel accountable to you.” When I say “I want be gagged” what I’m really saying is “Help me silence the thoughts in my brain.” When I say “I want to be used” what I’m really saying is “I need to feel small and insignificant.” When I say “I want to be defiled” what I’m really saying is “I feel dirty. Make it go away.” When I say “I want be forced ” what I’m really saying is “Help me not feel guilty about my desires.” “When I say “I want to be marked” what I’m really saying is “I need to feel you here even when you’re not.” When I say “I’m yours” what I’m really saying is “I love the way you love me.” When I say “I love you” I mean just that.

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    The Dom/sub relationship is a thing of beauty. I know I enjoy my little sub.


    I love You Daddy


    Devotional Training: Decoded.


    This is beautiful