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    “Passions high. Adrenaline flowing. Imaginations waiting to be acted out. You lookout. You clock. The suspense is heighten. He called. You answered. You prepared. You cool down. You’re up again. You remember that last encounter you two had: set you ablaze. You wonder, “I’m FEENIN’ to damn hard!” But you got into that last rhythm with him, goddamn and he stayed yo g-spot: the feelings of it keep running throughout your entire body and mind. You rode that stick for hours. Dude knew what the fuck he was doing: now he got yo ass feen.’ You know he got you: for that moment. “I gotta get it together. Imma get this and imma make this stick!” You hear a car pull up. You standing: peering through the window....there he is.” ©️Blaqhomme

    In photo, Robb Kryptonite😈 @RobbUncut

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