„Yeah, been this way so long

    It feels like somethin's off when I'm not depressed

    I got some issues that I won't address

    I got some baggage I ain't opened yet

    I got some demons I should put to rest

    I got some traumas that I can't forget

    I got some phone calls I been avoidin'

    Some family members I don't really connect with

    Some things I said I wish I woulda not let slip

    Some hurtful words that never shoulda left my lips

    Some bridges burned I'm not ready to rebuild yet

    Some insecurities I haven't dealt with, yes

    I'll be the first to admit that I'm a lonely soul

    And the last to admit I need a hand to hold

    Losin' hope, headed down a dangerous road

    Strange, I know, but I feel most at home when I'm

    Livin' in my agony

    Watchin' my self-esteem

    Go up in flames, acting like I don't

    Care what anyone else thinks

    When I know truthfully

    That that's the furthest thing from how I

    Feel, but I'm too proud to open up and ask ya

    To pick me up and pull me out this hole I'm trapped in

    The truth is I need help, but I just can't imagine

    Who I'd be if I was happy“