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    Buffalo PD pushed a protester to the ground. His head hit the concrete so hard that he instantly stopped moving and blood started pouring out of his ear. Instead of stopping to find the man help, they left him on the ground, kept walking, and then proceeded to arrest another protester.

    The official report states that the man tripped. Meanwhile there is video evidence so clear you can read the name of the cop that pushed him.

    Fuck. Cops.

    <>Update: the men responsible for permanently injuring Gugino are still employed and rejoining the police force. Also, for those saying that it’s just these two that are the problem, the ENTIRE SQUAD QUIT IN PROTEST OF THEIR SUSPENSION<>. It’s not a few bad apples, it’s the whole fucking bunch.

    Listen,,,,Miss Congeniality isn’t about Grace getting a makeover and ~learning to love herself~ it’s about Grace learning to overcome internalized misogyny and realizing that the “airhead beauty queens” are real, important, and brilliant people and that their interest in fashion and makeup doesn’t make them idiots. Grace loved herself the entire movie, with or without the make over; the makeover helped her learn to respect other women.

    OKAY YEAH I REMEMBER THIS ONE Basically it came from a survey done by Bank of America.  Of only their customers.  Of only those customers that had a long term savings account with them.  And only surveyed 1500 of them.  And that, friends, is how statistics is used to lie!!

    Always ask who ran the survey, the study, the poll, ask how many people were involved, and ask about the breakdown of the demographics.

    As someone who had to study statistics, this is important to know. So important that it’s one of the first things they taught me. “You can prove anything with statistics.”

    <>“You can prove anything with statistics.

    Privileged folk ridiculing safe spaces is so funny as if men don’t refuse to enter “girly” stores and have “man caves”, as if white people don’t avoid black neighbourhoods, as if straight people don’t ostracise gay people from their social circles, like who’s really the one with the safe spaces lol


    that’s the thing about power dynamics. Your boss has no problem entering your work space randomly, while you can’t enter his office as freely. Same mechanic is happening here, only that when you refuse to let your boss (privileged people) enter your space (safe space), they feel offended because they think they’re entitled to entering your space all the time.

    yall gotta stop joking about non vaccinated kids like theyre not victims of a specific form of child abuse.

    this. and adding on: 

    if a parent is so desperate to have a “perfect”, not-disabled child that they’re willing to pull their kid out of school, ignore their doctors’ warnings (or just stop seeing a doctor at all and switch to some unscrupulous tool with a fake degree), and face all the social opprobrium you get from being an anti-vaxxer…

    How do you think they treat their actual, imperfect, potentially-disabled children? 

    Hey! I was unvaccinated, my dad is an anti-vaxxer, and this is something I’ve been trying to say for a while. The kind of people who are willing to chance their children dying because they need to have the “perfect” child will repeat that sentiment of perfectionism in other aspects as well, meaning child survivors of anti-vax parents are more likely to suffer trauma from physical/emotional/mental abuse on top of any possible diseases. ESPECIALLY, as in my case, where the children do fall on the spectrum or have a learning disability. These people are abusive through and through.

    Anti-vaxxers are child abusers, full stop.

    With summer coming up, this is your friendly reminder not to push people into pools/bodies of water unless you have their direct permission.

    Though phones have become largely waterproof, some of us have implanted medical devices that could literally KILL US if they get wet 🎉

    i dont intend to derail from anything so tell me if this is inappropriate but also

    -some people cant swim and its dangerous for them to be in water

    -some people have a phobia of water and may be heavily triggered

    Nah fam, there are so many reasons not to push people in the water, y’all are welcome to add on all you like!

    In an ideal world “Hey, don’t push people in the water” would be enough. But since it’s not, LESGO

    The reason we never got a Zuko & Toph journey episode is bcs judging by the sharp increases in crimes broken & the severity of said crimes each journey they would’ve literally murdered some guy. Possible more than one.

    <>Zuko & Aang: mild tomb raiding, met some dragons.

    <>Zuko & Sokka: Prison Break, Kidnapping, the usual Zuko vs Azula schtick.

    <>Zuko & Katara: like 7 counts of water assault, 1 GBH (+ blood bending), stalking & attempted murder of the elderly.

    <>(Potential) Zuko & Toph: violent takeover of the largest drug cartel & gambling ring in the nearest city, 42 cases of GBH via rock and/or fire, at least 7 homicides.