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    the fact that people actually pay for all these different shitty streaming services and i keep hearing shit like “oh they’re gonna have [movie from like 2005] on Disney+ so guess I’ll suck some capitalist dick!” ……..piracy is RIGHT THERE either use a pirate site or stop complaining about how expensive it is to give money to 15 different leeches so you can watch all your favourite movies (if you’re lucky and they have them which they often don’t) when you could just hit up fucking Google and watch it for free


    i literally never paid to watch a movie or show in my life and here’s how

  • gowatchseries (i prefer this one)
  • hdmo
  • kimcartoon
  • primewire - not a hosting site but instead a site that collects every available link so if you can’t find something on other sites, this will almost certainly have a link
  • you can find basically everything on the first two, on the off chance you can’t, try primewire. kimcartoon only has cartoons (duh) but it has literally every cartoon as far as i can tell. the last thing you need is thirty different greedy awful streaming sites who think password sharing is theft when these sites are right here for free


    openload.watch also has EVERYTHING and with subtitles in many languages!

    and for spanish-speakers, poseidonhd.co is also good, although you’re probably going to need a good pop-up blocker (ublock origin)


    flixtor.to for films released within the last 6 months and tv episodes within the last 3 months, no ads and 1080p. u can watch netflix shows the same day they come out


    123movies is also a good host site but search up the title bc they’re constantly moving and have like 20 serves/copycats rn.


    Also the Pirate Bay is back


    Showbox and moviebox are pretty decent too


    I swear by vumoo if you want another good streaming site


    This is a lost art amongst gen x-ers


    here’s some more multi-media stuff. happy pirating + make sure to use a vpn/malwarebytes/adblock.

    in general? here’s the eye. public database for anything your heart desires. mainly roms though.

    if you want to stream anime, twist.moe is a spectacular site. for manga, you can use mangadex.

    library genesis and sci-hub are good for reading, and sci-hub is dedicated to, you guessed it, scientific articles.

    123tv has live televison.

    for game cracks, roms, etc. here’s r/crackwatch, vimm’s lair which is mostly retro stuff, steam underground, and fitgirl repacks.

    ytmp3 is a website that converts youtube videos to mp3 or mp4, excellent for free music.


    Guys, I cannot stress how GREAT watchcartoononline.io is! It has nearly EVERYTHING including anime! It may not all be best quality, but it’s there! Little to no adds, and you can download all of it in little minutes!


    watchcartoononline.io has a new url. It’s wcostream.com now!


    Reblogging because I can


    I hate family vloggers so much imagine having this little respect for your adolescent kid’s privacy and personal life


    Do You Know What Children Are


    They don’t have jobs, nor do they pay for rent, utilities, or food. That’s the textbook definition of a freeloader.


    no it’s the textbook definition of “children”


    "why isn't this 3 year old paying rent? fucking freeloader i dont know why i keep you around"


    This has the same energy as “ambulances aren’t your taxi to the hospital”


    Imagine making the choice to bring a child into this world and then declaring that child to be a leech on your resources. Like, did you not expect that you’d have to pay for your kid’s food and other aspects of their upkeep? Did you somehow miss all the memos about what parenthood entails? Or were you actively ignoring them in favor of a plan to birth not a family member, but an employee? THERE ARE LAWS AGAINST CHILD LABOR, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO ACQUIRE A JOB?? I’m pretty sure the dictionary didn’t specify it as “a legal adult who-” does those things because they thought anyone reading the definition would be smart enough to intuit that it doesn’t apply to those who are under the age of majority, and thus aren’t expected to be providing those things in the first place. Or it’s possible these potatoes really *don’t* know What Children Are.


    I think a lot of these people - a depressing number of parents in general, really - liked their kids when they were cute little babies and toddlers who didn’t have their own opinions or demand privacy or whose boundaries and personal autonomy could be more easily over-ridden because you can pick them up and tote them around.

    When you have a baby, you’re very much the center of that baby’s world. They’re completely dependent on you.

    But once the kids get older and start being more opinionated and having more complicated feelings, and don’t just idolize their parents, and maybe start to realize their parents are flawed human beings just like every other human who’s ever existed, and you can’t just stuff them in a foofy dress or whatever to make them Be Cute on command, there’s a certain kind of parent who feels very offended and threatened by that.

    It’s like when your kitten or puppy grows up to be an adult cat or dog, and they’re not “cute” anymore.

    And that’s when a lot of shit about “earning your keep” starts, and a lot of the guilt-tripping, too, I think, when kids don’t just fall down at these parents’ feet in gratitude and obeisance.


    So basically what you’re saying is they got Pet Syndrome with children -- puppies are cute, but grown dogs are work so return them to the shelter I guess


    Pretty much? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    My biological mother did pretty much that about the time she lost her marbles when I was about 9. And she’s certainly not the only one I’ve known whose kids hit more or less that development stage and went “Oh, wait, I don’t want to be a parent anymore, this is hard and I don’t like it”


    I mean, this is legit. Everyone knows at least SOMEONE (a coworker, a friend, even a family member) who says things like “I wish they could just stay babies forever!” Someone who, when one kid starts getting old enough to have independent thoughts, starts longing for a baby again. 

    It’s not inherently awful to prefer the parenting experience at a certain age, but if you deconstruct the reason behind that preference, a lot of the times it’s exactly the reasons listed above: the child is not an individual yet, but a living prop that can be commanded, modeled, molded. Ideas about consent, privacy, boundaries, even individual identity haven’t really surfaced yet. The child is nothing but potential and has not yet lived long enough to disappoint. 

    When I was growing up, something my mom told me always stuck with me. When I was somewhere around 14 or 15, on my birthday I asked if she regretted that I was getting older (because I’d heard my friends’ parents say things like that on their birthdays). She immediately said, “No. I mean, of course we’ve always loved you and your brother, and sure you were cute when you were babies, but truthfully every year older you get is so exciting because you’re becoming your own interesting person with your own ideas and thoughts and opinions, and honestly that’s way more fun.” My parents LIKED the fact that we were becoming our own individuals with our own identities. They did NOT prefer us as adorable drooling props they could dress up and show off; they preferred us as people. 

    I’m insanely lucky in that regard, I think. And it’s probably telling that even though I’m 36, I still feel like I can go to my parents for help, advice, or comfort, because they didn’t do this kind of invasive shit, which would have left me feeling like they violated my trust and autonomy, and would’ve made me want to get the hell away from them the second I turned 18.

     And ironically, it’s the parents who DO do that kind of shit that turn around and whine that their kids never call anymore--and the kind who decide maybe their kids were just ungrateful freeloaders all along.


    Army researchers develop new ways to nudge the brain

    For Army scientists, the goal of neuroscience research is pursuing the inner workings of the human brain to advance scientific understanding and improve Soldier performance.

    Researchers recently applied new techniques to modify brain activity. Not only are these techniques used to characterize and study complex networks such as in telecommunications or social networks – they describe how different nodes, or elements of the network: brain regions in neuroscience, or individuals in social networks, interact with each other.

    The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory, in collaboration with academic partners, collaborated on a neurostimulation study, where they safely and non-invasively modified brain activity and then characterized the dynamics of the brain’s response to this modification. This research provides some of the foundational knowledge for future technologies that may one day expedite cognitive processes. The journal Network Neuroscience published the recent discoveries.

    Researchers from the lab, Drs. Javier Garcia, Steven Thurman and Jean Vettel, along with researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California, Irvine, investigated foundational questions to how local processing in the brain harmonizes with global dynamics using dynamic community detection on rapidly changing brain signals.

    “A flexible brain region is one that easily engages with other brain regions and/or networks,” Garcia said. “In marrying these methods and techniques, we find that there are precise and measurable local (stimulated region) and global (whole brain) effects that travel common oscillatory patterns in the brain often implicated in tasks related to vision, attention and motor control. This puts us a little closer to harnessing the power of neurostimulation for behavioral modification.” 

    The researchers combined new and different techniques and methods to add to the novelty of their discovery. 

    “The first is neurostimulation, which uses simultaneous transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroencephalography,” Garcia said. “[This] is a type of neurostimulation that causes a changing magnetic field near your scalp, which in turn induces current into whatever conductive body is next to it – in this case, it’s your brain.” 

    The electrical current that is non-invasively injected into your brain then disrupts the neural firing at the stimulated region, but it is unclear what kind of downstream non-local effects this stimulation will produce, he said.

    “This method and related methods are often controversial because it’s often very difficult to determine what behavioral effect is actually due to the stimulation, and given the variety of stimulation protocols, it is often difficult to determine the specificity of the effect,” Garcia said. “In our research, we kept it simple and pulsed four regions related to attention and visual processing every four or so seconds.”

    They paired this stimulation with EEG, which measures the electrical current emanating from the brain – through the scalp – and inspected the effects of stimulation.

    “Effects of this specific type of stimulation do not last more than one second,” Garcia said. “To look at the effects on the brain from this stimulation, we used some network science approaches, specifically dynamic community detection.”

    This research supports the lab’s current research in Human-Autonomy Teaming and the goal of providing foundational knowledge products to enable future adaptive teaming neurotechnologies.

    “As part of human basic research for the laboratory, we often look at associations between physiology and behavior, perhaps finding that a brain network may be associated with a particular behavior or optimal performance within a narrow task,” Garcia said. “This type of research will support future adaptive neurotechnologies that may be used in human-autonomy teams where behavioral missteps may be predicted and avoided or it could enable a non-human agent synthetic metacognitive abilities to know how a member of the team will perform in particular situations and assess team and individual performance.”

    This research goes one step beyond this and provides some foundational knowledge that may enable a robot to neurally nudge the brain to perhaps prime an individual for an upcoming task when a particular outcome is needed. 

    “While technologically we are pretty far from this scenario, the foundational research that measures the impact of subtle nudges of electrical injection in the brain is necessary to attain these sort of human-autonomy teaming neurotechnologies,” Garcia said.


    Idk, just sounds interesting


    all my donation posts die out so fucking fast and it feels so fucking hopeless ngl


    trying again. I’m a piss poor autistic trans girl trying hard to save up for surgeries to help with dysphoria, i’m saving up all i can on my own but between having had to pay off debt, dealing with rent, utilities, medical bills (medicine and doctors/psychologist visits) as well as obviously groceries and general cost of living, i rarely ever have much left at the end of the month and it’s gonna take ages and ages to get anywhere at this rate and that’s just for one of the surgeries i need. for some people dysphoria doesn’t hit that hard, for me it’s something that eats me alive on the daily and leads to frequent breakdowns and feeds into already chronic depression, and i desperately need help now bc i legitimately can’t bear living like this much longer. years and years go by with nothing ever changing and the feeling of constantly watching time waste away while i’m stuck in a body i despise is soul-crushing. i just wanna be able to feel like myself and to have a body i don’t completely hate all the time. my childhood and teen years and much of my young adulthood have all been stolen away by parental abuse, social isolation and self loathing and i just want to set this one thing right and to get to be myself now while i’m still young.

    if you wanna help me out, donate here. every little bit helps immensely and i’m grateful for every cent thrown my way. even if you can’t or don’t want to donate, signal boosting this post by reblogging it helps me out more than you know, it’s vital to helping it reach a bigger audience and get to people who can help. the couple clicks it takes to share this on your blog make a very real difference in my life and it’s basically no effort for you. please help me out


    ReBLOg! Ngl, I don't have any fookin money, but I try to help











    I covered the guy’s face because I know a lot of people don’t know much about wildlife and don’t realize they’re causing harm. Please don’t interact with wildlife! For their safety and your own!


    I have a mighty need to get as close to animals as possible, but I have a mightier need to make sure said animals are happy and healthy and don’t suffer because of me


    It costs you literally nothing to leave service dogs the fuck alone.


    yall. this isn’t a joke. if i can tell a 5 yr old “my dog is working, please let her be” and they understand then you can too. those dogs ARE working. they have a job to do. and when we say ‘leave them alone’ that includes making faces at them and baby talking them. literally act like they are just someone’s bag or something. if you distract them they could fail to alert their owner to a seizure or blood sugar issue or allergen. you are literally jeopardizing someone’s life bc you can’t have basic decency, respect, and self control.




    am I allowed to tell the person I’m proud of the dog? Or should I just not bring up the dog?


    Ignore the dog. Do not mention the dog.


    Would you walk up to a stranger and be like “Oh damn your wheelchair is doing such a hecking good job being a wheelchair you go lil buddy!” no? then don’t do it to service animals that are clearly wearing their vest/collar/harness whatever it is that marks them as service animals


    [ID: Comment from @certifiedcoolkidno1 “animals…..aren’t…….objects…….”]


    Y’all literally do not care how many disabled people you kill and how many disabled lives you ruin - you want to coo at and pet the cute dog.

    Go fuck yourself asshole.


    Here, if you want a comparison that isn’t an object: I worked as a caregiver for people with developmental (usually accompanied by physical) disabilities. My job was to accompany them into the community for various activities including shopping, dining, and leisure activities. And everywhere we went people would come up to ME and tell me what a good person I was, what a great service I was providing, god bless me, etc.  Not only was it embarrassing for both me and my consumers, it was distracting! I was supposed to be paying attention to my consumers and their needs, which could often change rapidly depending on their conditions, and instead I was having to deal with some prick who felt the need to voice what a martyr I was for doing my job. And they’d usually get angry if I ignored them or informed them they were distracting me from my job, which sounds familiar.

    So yeah. Leave. The Dog. Alone. All you’re doing is making yourself feel good while distracting the dog from its job and endangering the person it’s supposed to be helping.


    Question: I know service dogs are for a variety of maladies (I hope that’s not offensive, if so plz correct me) so is it wrong to even go up to the person and calmly tell them their dog is cute and ask them to give them a pet for me later when they’re off the clock? Without actually giving the dog attention?


    What exactly is it about “Ignore the dog. Do not mention the dog.” that y’all aren’t grasping.

    Oh right. It’s not what you want to do so you’re just going to keep trying to weasel your way around it. Because fuck disabled people, it’s a cute dog.


    What’s really getting me is that all of these “but what if I” examples blatantly involve inserting yourself into a disabled person’s life just to get to their dog. Like


    [ID: A white stick figure on a black background. Orange text says “that’s a human person”]


    people love talking to my dog or asking questions while we’re in line and therefore can’t just leave.  if we’re in line chances are I feel terrible, he’s doing his job and I’m trying not to fall on the floor I do not have the time or energy to answer questions.  he knows he’s a good boy and that he’s very smart.  I know he’s doing a good job.  I should not have to worry about people petting him when I’m having tachycardia and actively need him to do his job.  just leave us and our dofs alone


    disabled people: leave me and my assistive devices including service animals and caregivers and aides alone

    ableds: but what if-

    disabled people: leave me and my assistive devices alone

    ableds: but what if-

    disabled people: what part of “leave me and my assistive devices alone” are you not understanding here



    The Directions Tree was something that was also called a Spirit Tree, a tree of huge spiritual and cultural importance to Australian Indigenous people. When a child is born, the afterbirth/placenta is taken by the child's parents and mixed with earth and a single seed, which is then planted. The tree and the child grow up alongside each other, and the two of them are spiritually connected. Its a place where the individual can go and reconnect with themselves and the land; a place they can go to seek direction and guidance throughout their life.

    After the child has grown up and grown old and eventually passed away, their tree becomes a place that their family and friends can go to connect with that person's spirit - where later generations can go to remember and connect with their ancestor. Its a place of enormous spiritual significance to the Djapwarrung people.

    The Directions Tree pictured above was one of the last - if not the last - remaining Directions Trees in Victoria. All others have been destroyed. She was somewhere between 300 to 350 years old.

    She was destroyed on 26 October 2020 -- against staunch opposition from the Djapwarrung community, who were not consulted at any stage in the planning process and who's concerns and objections were ignored for over three years.

    There were protectors onsite on the day of the destruction, and they were violently removed. Their campsite -- which was an officially registered Embassy, and which has been their home for nearly three years -- was blockaded off and destroyed, and they were not allowed to go in and get their belongings, or their wallets and ID, and any of their other important items.

    Children were violently separated from parents -- parents who tried to get through the police line to get to their crying children were told "you can get them later." One protector's arm was dislocated by police. One young man was grabbed by the hair and dragged away, even though he was not resisting arrest in any way.

    It's now been nearly a week since the Directions Tree's destruction. Police and hired Security Guards are still blocading access to the campsites and the Embassy, despite the fact that we've managed to get an injunction preventing any more destruction from happening between now and November 19. The trunk and branches of the Directions Tree have been taken away by VicRoads and we dont know where she is.

    Here's an article about the destruction of the Tree and the arrest of the protectors. Note: Eastern Maar Coorporation are the Registered Aboriginal Coorpoation who greenlit this destruction and who were bought off long ago, and nothing they say should be given any weight.

    There are still multiple trees that need protection. Grandfather Trees, Birthing/Grandmother Trees, scar trees, and a host of other culturally important trees and landscape that we are trying to save.

    Please donate to help support protectors.

    Funds will be used for food/water/shelterfor protectors, and to pay for fines issued to people who were arrested/charged for trying to protect the area, and pay for other requirements that mean that these peopls can keep protecting the sacred land and trees.

    Please raise awareness of this issue -- spread this post, talk about it on other platforms, etc.

    Heres a link to an email form that will email various MPs and ask them to protect what's left. Please remember to change the subject line -- often, politician offices will set up rules to direct mass emails straight to the trash, but changing the subject line and/or body of the email will circumvent this. Feel free to delete the pre-filled message body and replace it with your own message instead, if you like.

    Here are two petitions to protect the trees.

    Genocide is still happening to Australia's indigenous people, and its happening today. The destruction of the Directions Tree was a deliberate, targetted attack. They hoped to break us and defeat us with this destruction. They hoped that by destroying her, we would give up and let them destroy the rest of the area.

    But she was a Spirit Tree, and her spirit has gone into all of us who've spent the last several years trying to protect her. We are not done fighting. We've got more to protect, and we will not yield.

    The 700-900 year old Grandfather trees still need us, the Birthing Trees who have sheltered 50 generations of Djapwarrung babies still need us. They murdered the Directions Tree, but that's just fired us up even more.

    Stand with the Djabwarrung, and help us save these remaining sacred trees.


    i know all eyes are on the presidential candidates for this election, and rightfully so, but some very wonderful and important things are happening statewide that should be celebrated and highlighted, so here’s a few:

  • Florida passed Amendment 2, which will raise minimum wage to $15/hour by 2026
  • South Dakota, Montana, Arizona and New Jersey all passed an amendment that legalized marijuana 
  • Utah will now be removing gendered language in the Utah Constitution and will replace it with gender-neutral language
  • California passed Prop 17, which restores voting rights to previously imprisoned citizens
  • Delaware elected Sarah McBride, the first ever openly trans state senator
  • Ritchie Torres and Mondaire Jones are the first ever openly gay black members of congress
  • Cori Bush is the first ever woman of color to win a seat in Congress in Missouri
  • Mauree Turner became the first non-binary state lawmaker in America and the first Muslim member of the Oklahoma state house
  • Oregon has become the first state to decriminalize all drugs (small amounts of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs will have lesser punishments, similar to traffic tickets, and no jail time.)
  • Kim Jackson is the first out LGBTQ+ state senator in Georgia

  • Shevrin D. Jones is Florida’s first opnely LGBTQ+ state senator
  • Jabari Brisport became New York’s first gay Black member of the house
  • Arizona flipped blue for the first time in 24 years
  • Michele Rayner-Goolsby became the first Black LGBTQ woman in the Florida Legislature
  • Voters in Colorado overwhelmingly rejected Prop 115, a state ballot measure that would have banned abortions after a fetus reaches 22 weeks gestational age. In rejecting the initiative, Colorado remains one of the most progressive states in the country on reproductive rights
  • Arizona will now send two Democrats to the Senate for the first time since 1951, thanks to the win of ex-astronaut Captain Mark Kelly.
  • Democrats have flipped the senate seat in Colorado, with the win of former Gov. John Hickenlooper
  • Mississippi is removing the confederate flag from their symbology
  • Marie Newman, who has been titled ‘a leader of the pro-choice movement’, will now represent Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District in Congress
  • Nevada became the first state to protect same-sex marriage in it’s constitution
  • Immigrant rights activist and former public defender José Garza won the race for District Attorney of Travis County, Texas
  • Michigan passed Proposal 20-2, which requires police to have a search warrant to access a person’s electronic data and electronic communications.

  • Washington approved Referendum 90, which requires all school districts to provide age appropriate, comprehensive sex ed at all grade levels
  • Colorado passed the first paid family/ medical leave program
  • Mississippi passed an ammendment that legalized medical marijuana
  • Denver overwhelmingly voted to pass Ballot Measure 2J. which lifts the city’s more than 30-year-old ban on pit bulls
  • New Mexico became the first state to elect all women of color to our House delegation
  • Vermont elected the state’s first openly transgender legislator, Taylor Small
  • Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, all won re-election in the House
  • Nebraska passed a constitutional amendment to the state constitution that closes the loophole of the U.S. Constitution’s 13th Amendment that allowed slavery as a punishment for crimes
  • Rhode Island passed a measure to rename the state, officially naming it Rhode Island and not The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, due to connections to slavery
  • Oregon passed measure 109, the first state to legalize psilocybin (mushrooms) for mental heath treatments
  • Hawai’i elected native Hawaiian Kaiali’i “Kai” Kahele, a Democrat, to the House of Representatives. He is one of 6 Native members of the House who will be sworn in in January
  • Utah passed legislation that removes language from the state constitution that allows the use of slavery and involuntary servitude as criminal punishments (no more prison labor!)
  • thenon-fictiondays

    OP thank you, I’m literally tearing up reading this


    My girlfriend and I talk a lot about our different generations of queerness, because she was doing queer activism in the 1990s and I wasn’t.

    And she’s supportive of my writing about queerness but also kind of bitter about how quickly her entire generation’s history has disappeared into a bland “AIDS was bad, gay marriage solved homophobia” narrative, and now we’re having to play catch-up to educate young LGBTQ+ people about queer history and queer theory. It gets pretty raw sometimes.

    I mean, a large part of the reason TERFs have been good at educating the young and queer people haven’t is, in the 80s and 90s the leading lights of TERFdom got tenured university positions, and the leading lights of queerdom died of AIDS.

    “Excuse us,” she said bitterly the other day, not at me but to me, “for not laying the groundwork for children we never thought we’d have in a future none of us thought we’d be alive for.”


    “the reason TERFs have been good at educating the young and queer people haven’t is, in the 80s and 90s the leading lights of TERFdom got tenured university positions, and the leading lights of queerdom died of AIDS.”


    thank you for giving me a good reason to finish my dissertation and try to make it in the academy


    Wait, idk LGBTQ+ history, but they died of AIDS cause, what, hospitals refused to treat them or…?


    Oh heck yeah.

    When an epidemic happens, public health agencies spend millions of dollars trying to understand what happens: Why are people sick or dying? What caused it? Who else is at risk? Government health departments like the Centres for Disease control and private companies both invest hundreds of millions of dollars into preserving public health. This happened in 1977, when military veterans who all attended the same gathering began to get sick with a strange type of pneumonia, with 182 cases and 29 dead, and the CDC traced the illness to a bacterium distributed by the air conditioning system of a hotel they all stayed at, andin 1982, when seven people died of tainted Tylenol, and pharmaceutical companies changed the entire way their products were made and packaged to prevent more deaths.

    Meanwhile, the AIDS epidemic took six years to be recognized by the CDC (1975-1981) because at first the only people dying were intravenous drug users, which is to say, heroin addicts; when it was recognized, President Reagan’s government pressured the CDC to spend as little time and money on AIDS as possible, because they literally didn’t think gay lives were important. So yes, hospitals refused to treat them and medical staff treated them as disgusting people who deserved to die, but also, there was very little funding for scientists to understand what this disease was, what caused it, where it came from, how it spread, or how to stop it. The LGBTQ+ community had to organize and fight to get hospitals to treat them, to fund scientific research, to be legally allowed to buy the drugs that kept them alive, and to have access to treatment. An effective treatment for AIDS wasn’t found until 1995.

    And it’s ongoing; a lot of the difficulty of fighting AIDS in Africa is that it’s seen as “the gay disease” (and thanks to European colonialism, even African societies that used to be okay with us were taught to think LGBTQ+ people are bad).  Even now that we have medications that can treat or prevent AIDS, they’re incredibly expensive and hard to get; in 2015, New York businessman Martin Shkreli acquired the exclusive right to make a drug that treats an AIDS-related disease, and raised its price from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill. 

    Here’s one history on what it was like to have and fight AIDS, one history on how politicians responded to the epidemic, and if you can get a copy of the documentary How to Survive a Plague, it’s a good introduction, because it’s about how AIDS patients had to fight for their lives. A lot of these histories are imperfect and incomplete, because privilege played a big part in whose lives and deaths were seen as important–Poor people, people of colour, trans people, and drug addicts were less likely to be able to afford or access medical care, and more likely to die without being remembered; histories often tend to focus on straight people who got AIDS through no fault of their own, and then white cis gay men who seem more “respectable” and “relatable”.  

    I mean, people who will talk about how homophobia led to neglect of AIDS still find ways not to mention that AIDS isn’t just sexually transmitted; it’s hugely a disease of drug addicts, because sharing needles is a huge way the disease spreads. But because society always thinks, oh, drug addicts are bad and disgusting people and of course criminals, that often gets neatly dropped from the histories, and it’s still hard to get people to agree to things that keep drug addicts alive, like needle exchanges and supervised injection sites. But if you want my rant about how the war on drugs is bullshit used to control poor people and people of colour, and drugs shouldn’t be criminalized, you’ll have to ask for that separately.


    They died of AIDS because

  • Hospitals refused to treat them, and when they did get admitted, treated them like dirt so their will-to-live was eroded - refused to let long-term partners visit them, staff acted like they were disgusting nuisances, etc.
  • Very little funding was put into finding causes or cures - AIDS was considered “god’s punishment” for immoral behavior by a whole lot of people.
  • Once causes were understood (effective treatments were a long ways off), information about those causes weren’t widely shared - because it was a “sex disease” (it wasn’t) and because a huge number of the victims were gay or needle-drug users, and the people in charge of disease prevention (or in charge of funding) didn’t care if all of those people just died.
  • Not until it started hitting straight people and superstar celebrities (e.g. Rock Hudson) did it get treated as A Real Problem - and by that time, it had reached terrifying epidemic conditions.
  • Picture from 1993:

    We lost basically a whole generation of the queer community.


    As a current AIDS survivor, this is really important information. I was diagnosed not only HIV positive in 2014, but I had already progressed to an AIDS diagnosis. Knowing how far we’ve come with treatment and what the trials and tribulations of those who came before cannot and must not ever be forgotten. Awareness is the number one goal. I often speak to the microbiology students at my university to explain what it’s like to live with, how the medications work, side effects, how it’s affected my daily life, and just raise general awareness.

    Before my diagnosis, I, like many others, was clueless to how far treatment has come. I was still under the belief my diagnosis was a death sentence. Moving forward, even if only one person hears my story, that’s one more person that’s educated and can raise awareness.

    I believe it’s time for us as a society to start better education of this disease. The vast majority of the people I’ve spoken to are receptive to the knowledge of my status, and I’ve received lots of support from loved ones, friends, and total strangers. It’s time to beat the stigma.


    This is slightly off-point, but as for the cost, I wanted to mention that some pharmacies have specialties that let them get special coupons/programs and stuff to save money.

    A bottle of Truvada (a month supply commonly used for treating this) is at least $3,000 out of pocket and insurance doesn’t usually take a lot off of that. But the pharmacy I work at is an HIV specialty and we always get te price down to less than $10.

    If you’re on HIV meds and they’re ludicrously expensive, ask your local pharmacy manager if there are any local HIV specialty pharmacies that they know of. They might be able to help.


    I think it’s important to emphasize that, while the diagnosis is no longer a death sentence, it is also true that people dying of AIDS because of homophobia is not history only.

    My brother’s first boyfriend was kicked out/disowned by his parents for being queer, got AIDS, couldn’t afford treatment, and died.  He died in 2019, at around 20 years old.

    In 2019.

    Barely more than a kid.

    Of a treatable disease.

    Because of homophobia.

    Because his parents cared more about not being associated with a queer person than they cared about their son’s literal life.

    AIDS is not just history.  Neither is homophobia.


    Back to history: When AIDS patients held die-ins, they went to hospitals, lay down in front of them, and literally waited to die.


    If you’re young & either queer or queer-adjacent, think about the number of people out of the closet you know your own age & think about how many you know your parents age. They’re not stamping us out of the mould any quicker these days than in the ‘60s, except in lockstep with population growth. I think, growing up, my picture of relative numbers of queer people & straights was unavoidably impacted by the number of empty seats at our table. That might be the case for you too. The number of elders you never got to meet.


    Remember this when people talk about how small the LGBTQIA+ population is. That it’s “such a small percentage of the population to be catered too”. Remember this and tell them, “that’s because homophobia killed them”.


    This picture of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is often included with the “The men facing the camera/in white are the surviving members” but it leaves out something extremely important:

    By 1996, all of the men facing the camera in the picture were dead.




    Eric Luse, the photographer, said this in a more recent article :

    By 1996 the obituary list was almost 50 names longer than the entire choral roster. All of the positions plus four dozen more, gone. The obituary list continued to grow, too. The cost and availability of any treatments in the mid-late 90s continued to cause more death.

    If you were queer in the 80s and 90s, you knew someone who had it and knew people who died from it. Period. I cannot stress the impact this had on the queer community and those of us who were alive at the time, and I know the scope of it is almost unimaginable to younger people today.

    By 1996, there were NO surviving original members of the SFGMC. You need to know that when you see this picture.

    Dozens of the men turned away from the camera here in this shot were also dead alongside the men in white. It is vital to recognize that.

    There is no hope in this picture, it isn’t a display of a lucky few who avoided death. There is no “Well at least some of them survived” because no, they didn’t, and this time was so fucking bleak and painful it’s astonishing that anything got done. They’d march one week and die the next. Their friends would bury them in the morning and march in the afternoon. This went on for years.

    Bigotry and hate and ignorance killed generations of queer people. It speaks to the sheer resilience of the community that from that all but state-sanctioned genocide, we have gained so much ground in the last few decades. Much is owed to the people who refused to stay quiet and who fought even on their deathbeds, so please consider learning about LGBTQ+ history as a way of continuing the fight and showing respect. Many of us coming of age at that time didn’t have that opportunity, and made it a point to learn and get involved as teenagers and young adults because we saw what we were losing.

    Sing for two.


    Think about why it’s illegal to hire a hit man.

    All you’re really doing is speaking and giving someone money.

    It’s legal to speak.

    It’s legal to give someone money.

    Even if they actually complete the job, you’re not the one who committed the murder.

    So why is it illegal to hire a hit man?

    Could it be because inciting violence is not protected under free speech?

    And if that’s the case, why should free speech protect Nazis advocating genocide?


    Never reblogged something harder in my life