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    <>Hotwife Lifestyle - One BIG Potential Problem and How to Avoid It

    Many of the problems with the hotwife lifestyle come down to the differences in the ways men and women think. Never underestimate the magnitude of the task ahead of you if you want to get your wife or girlfriend to cuckold you. The trick isn’t just to get her to have hot sex with other guys but also to STAY emotionally faithful to you AND involve you to whatever extent you want to be involved. ….

    <>Hotwife Advice for Women

     think women tend to get a raw deal when it comes to finding advice on being a hotwife. It’s true there’s lots of information out there on the topic, but most of it is written by men for men; and the material that is written by women seems to be more about what they get up to rather than how to make it work. In other words, it’s also written for men. ….

    <>The Hotwife Lifestyle for Beginners

    The hotwife lifestyle appeals to many men and women of an open-minded nature who have a strong relationship and wish to explore beyond the horizons of traditional sexuality in regard to marriage and monogamy. …..

    <>Hotwifing and the Four Stages of Cuckolding

    Almost every marriage where cuckolding becomes the norm passes through these stages, and it’s important to realise they are entirely natural and normal. 

    <>The Ultimate Hotwife Lifestyle

    What many men – and even fewer women – realize when they first start taking the idea of hotwifing and cuckolding as a serious possibility for them, is they are subtly changing the dynamic of their relationship and setting themselves up for a true lifestyle change. ….

    <>How To Start Hotwifing

    The question of how to start hotwifing is not as simple to answer as you might think. Or, rather, there is a simple answer but it’s not a very useful one: “just go out and fuck another man, dear”. Alas, that’s a recipe for disaster. …

    <>How Does Hotwifing Enhance a Relationship?<> 

    At first glance, it would seem ‘obvious’ that hotwifing or cuckolding – where a woman has sex with men other than her husband, but with her husband’s knowledge, consent and often at his urging – would be disastrous for any marriage, no matter how strong. But this is far from the truth, as you’ll see in this article…..

    <>How Often Should Your Hotwife Play?

    This is a topic for more advanced couples who are currently living the hotwife lifestyle or have definitely decided to “do it” – and now they’re just working out the details. And one detail that’s really important to work out properly and in advance is how often should your hotwife play?….

    <>Cuckolding: Three Things Cuckolded Husbands Love The Most

    There are many surprising benefits to being cuckolded for husbands, in terms of an enhanced relationship and, in a seeming paradox, a better sex life. But out of all of them three stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of their ability to delight and excite the man whose wife has one or more lovers. We look at them in detail in this article….

    <>Why Cuckolding Makes for a Happy and Fun Marriage

    Why cuckolding is so popular a fantasy for men is a fascinating topic, and one it’s worth understanding before you take even your first, tentative steps into the hot wife and cuckolding lifestyle. So in this article we’ll look at why men have the cuckolding fantasy so often, and why the cuckolding hotwife lifestyle is so much fun for both of you….

    <>Hotwifing - 3 Ways to Do It Successfully

    This is perhaps the best choice of all, especially for couples are new to the hotwife lifestyle. In this article I share with you three simple choices for couples new to the hotwife lifestyle….

    <>Hotwife Tips - 3 Hot Secrets for Ultimate Hotwife Pleasure

    So, you’ve confessed your desires to your wife – you want her to have sex with other men – she’s agreed in principle, so now… how is it all going to work? So to give you a nudge in what I hope is a hopeful direction, here are three simple scenarios for couples new to hotwiving (you can also use these as ideas when first introducing your wife to the idea of getting into the lifestyle)….

    <>The Ultimate Hotwife Night

    The hotwife or cuckolding fantasy is a very popular one for men, but even though they think about it often, it’s rare they actually think about it very deeply. And the problem with this is the things you need to do to make the hotwife lifestyle appeal to your wife means sitting down and thinking about it a little more deeply than you have been doing – simply because when it comes to these things, men and women have a very different approach. That’s what we explore in this article…..

    <>Can Hotwife Marriages Really Work?

    It’s a fact that hotwifing is a very, very common male fantasy. Why this is so is open to debate, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s true…..

    <>Hotwifing Benefits - Three Reasons Hotwifes Have Better Marriages

    Odd as it may seem the hotwifing benefits you’ll experience if you can get your wife to take the plunge into the cuckolding lifestyle far outweigh the risks and disadvantages (with one proviso: hotwiving is for couples whose relationship is good but they want to improve it; if your relationship is already sexless and broken, then hotwiving will make things a lot worse). Discover here three HUGE benefits to the hotwife lifestyle…..

    <>Hotwife Rules - 3 Tips to Successful Hotwifing

    Hotwife rules won’t mean much to you if you’re in the minority of cases where the lifestyle is part of a wider female-dominated relationship where the only rule seems to be “she can do what she likes”. But for the majority, those who see hotwiving as being something to deepen and enhance a relationship of equals there are three rules you must follow…..

    <>Hotwifing - Is It Wrong?

    Hotwifing is an emotive subject with a lot of strong opinions held on both sides of the argument. But, the fundamental question is: Is Hotwifing Wrong? Unfortunately there’s no answer anyone can give and relieve the individual of answering the question for him- or herself…..

    <>Hotwiving and What Your Wife Wants From It

    The biggest mistake men make when they try to get their wives interested in hotwiving, is blundering in without giving a moment’s thought to what they’re trying to achieve. I mean, yes, they know what their goal is, but that’s the problem. They’re focused on it like a greyhound chasing a rabbit and are blind to all else – including the mess they’re making of things! In this sort article you will uncover the big shift in your thinking you need to make if you want your wife to become the dream Hotwife you crave….

    <>How Does a Hotwife Pick Up a Lover?

    The answer to the question, “how does a hotwife pick up a lover” must be… “very carefully!” But joking aside, in this short article you will discover three tips to selecting the right man to become your wife’s lover…..

    <>How to Get Your Husband to Agree to a Hotwife Lifestyle

    Usually, it’s the man who drives the hotwife lifestyle and then as his wife become more comfortable with it and realises he’s not going to ‘freak out’ at her seeing other men, she tends to become more outgoing and provocative. And, of course, men love this. But what about when it’s the wife who harbours the initial desire? In this short article you will discover some simple tips for women seeking to persuade their men to let them off the leash! …..

    <>How Many Wives Would Like to Hotwife?

    Since infidelity is the last big taboo, how many wives would like to hotwife? And it seems like a reasonable thing to ask since even though it’s a very common male fantasy, it seems women are turned off by the whole idea (but the truth I reveal in this short article will surprise you).,,,,,

    <>Why Cuckolding Is Not the Same As an Affair

    Cuckolding is NOT the same as having an affair, despite most people thinking it is. The crucial difference is one is done with the full knowledge, consent, and even approval of the husband, while the other is not. Discover the difference between cuckolding and affairs and finally uncover the truth about the delicious cuckolding lifestyle…….

    <>The Hotwife Lifestyle - 3 Secrets to Make It Work!

    For many couples the Hotwife lifestyle is a marriage saver - something you might find counterintuitive considering the pain, anguish and trouble infidelity typically causes in a marriage. But the hotwife lifestyle is different and can in fact bring couples closer together. In this short article you will discover the plain truth about the hotwife lifestyle…..


    <>LIFE IS SHORT…………If this is YOUR FANTASY …….. Make IT Happ<>en……LOVE IT!

    <>Cuckolding Your Hubby

    • Learn to take control. This can take time to master, but the more you do it the easier it will become. Eventually it will become very enjoyable and second nature. Women can rule too! 
    • Contrary to what you may read, sex with your cuckold is perfectly fine during times when you’re not seeing other men, provided you keep the cuckold theme burning. However, sex with your cuckold should slow down whenever you’re actively seeing other men. To secure the psychological impact of the husband’s cuckold status, it’s important to establish him as a secondary sexual provider when you’re seeing others. When other men are in the picture, they should be the primary source of your sexual satisfaction. Your cuckold’s involvement should occur primarily AFTER your encounters with other men. When having sex with your cuckold hubby after another man, it’s important to be verbal, reminding him that you prefer the other man, because your cuckold doesn’t satisfy for whatever reason (small dick, cums to fast, poor lover).
    • Sex with your cuckold husband should be mostly acts other than intercourse, which you should rarely give. You want to establish that you are the source of his pleasure, and you decide when to dispense that pleasure. This includes timing, frequency, sex acts, etc. Intercourse should be reserved as a special treat. Handjobs, oral and even making your cuck masturbate need to be the normal methods of his release. Penetrative sex should be reserved as a reward, or for special occasions. 
    • Include regular teasing in your daily routine. Use opportunities to drop hints and teases. Use nudity to tease, letting your cuckold husband see you nude often. Technology provides wonderful tools to keep your cuckold excited, including suggestive texts, emails, pictures, videos, online porn, etc. Make it part of your game. 
    • Occasionally have your cuckold wear nothing but a shirt or T-shirt around the house. When passing him, GENTLY “flick”, poke or slap his penis, and comment on his small size. Say aloud how you need men with bigger ones or that you’ll never be happy with just that. Make it clear to him that it’s inadequate and couldn’t possibly satisfy you. Compare it to your lovers cock. Hold his penis in your hand, giggle and remind him that you prefer men with “real cocks”. 
    • If you know you have an upcoming ‘date’, be sure to tease your cuckold husband with suggestive comments to let him know you’re excited, but don’t have sex. Remind him that you’re ‘saving yourself’ for your lover. 
    • The day of your date call your cuckold to the bedroom to undress you and help you prepare. He will love this. Remind him constantly of your excitement. If you shave your pussy before a date have your cuckold do it. Tell him you want it to be smooth for your lover, and so your cuckold can better clean you up after you get home.
    • Have him dry your body after your bath or shower, perfume you and even paint your toenails. Remind him that it’s all to please your lover .
    • Make him help you pick out the outfit and get dressed. Make sure to select sexy underclothes. Dress in extra revealing clothes than you wouldn’t normally wear for your husband. Consider going without panties, telling him these are the things your lover wants you to wear, and you’re doing it for him! 
    • When out on your date remember you are in control. Have fun and enjoy a few special hours with your lover, and your cuckold (if he’s present). The importance of your dates cannot be understated as part of the cuckold relationship. Much of it comes down to the dates themselves. Savor the moment and be prepared to tell every detail later.
    • If your cuckold is present at dinner when on a date, be sure to sit next to your lover and across the table from your cuckold. Make contact under the table. Run your hand up and down your lover’s leg. Venture into his crotch if the covering allows. This will get your cuck’s imagination going. 
    • After dinner let your cuckold play chauffeur and drive you around a little before going to the motel, or home if that’s what your plan is. Sit in the back seat and get to know each other. Allow your hands and lips do the talking. This will drive your cuckold wild, and will also get you and lover hot and horny. 
    • When you get to the hotel room or bedroom, make your cuckold undress you for your lover. Make it clear to everyone that your cuckold is there only to watch how a «real man» makes love to a woman, and also as a cleanup boy for you. 
    • Whenever your cuckold is watching you make love with someone remember to be extremely verbal. Let your cucky know how good a «real cock» feels inside you, how much bigger it is, how much more you like it than his, how much you love being fucked by someone different, and be sure to make it obvious when you get off (no faking should be needed LOL). Talk about how small and undesirable your cuckold’s small penis is, now that you’re with a man with a «real cock». 
    • After you finish, make your cuckold husband go down on you for cleanup. It’s extremely important to talk to him as he cleans you, telling him how great the sex was, how satisfied you are, and that this is his new role as your cuckold.
    • If your lover will allow it, have your cuckold take pictures or videos. You will be able to use these to get yourself off when you can’t have a lover. 

    The Realities Of Hotwifing


    There are so many hot picture captions/memes on Tumblr about hotwifing, cuckolding, the stag and vixen lifestyles, and all the other forms of alternative relationship arrangements we get out perverted and kinky selves into.

    But you know what bothers me sometimes? 

    How our perceptions and expectations about these arrangements can get skewed without us even recognizing it. 

    Expectations for what it’s all like, what it should be like, how it happens, how often it happens, why it happens…all those expectations get influenced by the things we immerse ourselves in. 

    This is especially the case for people who are new to the lifestyles or who are looking to get into the lifestyles.

    Simply put, the eroticism and sexiness of hotwifing images/memes we see on Tumblr notwithstanding, they leave out some of the realities to it all. 

    Sometimes though, it’s good to be reminded of the realities, and that’s what this post is all about. 

    For example, you’ll never come across a picture like this…


    …with a caption on it that says something like, “ “Honey I just got back from my date with another man, and he was a TERRIBLE kisser. I didn’t enjoy it at all.”

    Or perhaps one like this…


    Or how about one that conveys just how common it is to get all ready and excited for your first in-person meet, only to have the guy be a faker or flake…


    We don’t see things like this because it’s not sexy to see or think about. We only reblog things that stoke our desires. And that’s normal for the most part. After all, sex isn’t the only thing that “sells”…SEXY does too. 

    Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not saying the hotwifing lifestyle can’t be enjoyable or sexy or pleasurable beyond your wildest imagination, because it can. It can one of the most fulfilling journeys a couple can take together in their entire life. 

    It just sometimes helps to be reminded every now and again that if it all doesn’t go down or happen like you read about in most online hotwifing stories or see in the hotwife pictures/memes,…DON’T WORRY…IT’S ALL NORMAL!


    Nothing is wrong with you, or your partner, or your relationship, or your experience. You’re most likely not doing anything wrong. Navigating the lifestyle can be difficult and frustrating at times, and it comes with tons of challenges. 

    So if at any point, you run into a challenge or a setback or have a negative experience along the way, remember that it comes with the territory and you shouldn’t fret too much about it. But most importantly…

    Don’t be afraid to share your “negative” experiences with the online community! It can help you and it can help others to know that living out this lifestyle in reality is a bit different than living it out in fantasy. That’s why…


    Share the realities you faced in your hotwifing, cuckolding, stag & vixen-ing journeys by replying to this post. Or simply like/reblog because after all, reality checks can be positive every now and again.


    The lifestyle can be amazingly thrilling, but it is full of flakes, fakes and false expectations. Don’t let that dissuade you from pursuing your fantasies. Just be aware of the obstacles and land mines along the way.

    This is so perfectly said!

    Yes! So many times I get my hopes up only to be let down with someone who simply just didnt take my feelings seriously.

    I am in a loving committed marriage, I have everything in my life that I ever dreamed of, except for the occasional fling. However I am still a person with real feelings and when someone flakes, my feelings are hurt and makes me distrustful of the next guy.