I Never Had A Boyfriend

    I’ve never had a boyfriend. I mean at my old high school it wasn’t like there was a lot of opportunity. But when we moved my senior year and I transferred to Saddleback, I managed to get on the wrestling team there even though they’re much bigger school, and all of a sudden there’s this sophomore who starts chasing me. His name is BJ. No kidding, BJ. And he’s cute as fuck. He’s got dirty blonde hair and a wonky smile, and a really nice compact little body. I like that a lot because I’m not super tall, only 5’10” and a half. But my shoulders are good and wide, and I packed on a lot of muscle in the past year in the weight room. Anyway, this kid finds out my name, and then I keep seeing him all over the place. I can’t help noticing that he’s got a really nice butt. He wears pants that show it off, definitely on the tight side. Once he dropped something in front of me and I watched him bend down and pick it up. His pants kinda stretched when he bent over. I could see the lines of his underwear. Then I spend all of 4th period imagining what he looks like in his underwear.

    He starts to say “hi” to me in the halls. I don’t even know how he found out my name. Then he comes to one of our wrestling meets. I pin my guy and when I’m walking off I see him there in the bleachers, all happy and cheering. Not that many people come to wrestling meets; usually it’s just your parents and a bunch of pervy old booster club members. The next day he comes by the table where I’m sitting at lunch.

    He says, “Nice job yesterday.”

    I say, “Thanks. Thanks for coming out.”

    He’s just standing there, looking really cute, and he pulls out an apple and takes it bite. I don’t know what to say, so I say, “You could wrestle. You should try out.”

    He laughs. He’s got a mouthful of apple that he finishes chewing, and then he says, “I like the singlets.” I know I turn red, because he says, “Awwwww,” then he grins and says, “You look really hot in yours.” Then he’s gone. I sit there, still red, because I’ve boned up under the table. I have to wait ten minutes before it’s safe to get up and go to class.

    I see him the next day, which is Wednesday. He’s wearing a t-shirt that normally I would say is way too tight, but it looks good on him. He looks up at me and gives me that smile, and then he says, “Want to come over and watch a movie Friday? My parents are going out of town.” I just stare at him for what seems like half an hour. Long enough to see his smile falter. Which makes me feel terrible. “Oh,” I say, “sure.”



    He has his phone in his hands. He hands it to me and says, “If you tell me your number I’ll text you the address.”

    I fumble with his phone and punch in my number.

    I’m kind of nervous after I give him my number, like I expect my phone to be inundated with all kinds of stuff. Instead, there’s nothing. I feel disappointed. I’m in the middle of AP Chem when my phone vibrates. Discreetly I look. It’s just the address. Then my phone buzzes again. This time there’s a little avatar singing, and it’s dancing - popping and locking, and I realize, it’s him - same dirty blonde hair and big smile. I’m staring at my phone like an idiot when Brian Freeman nudges me just as Mr. Greene is giving me his tired-teacher look. Guilty, I stick my phone back in my pocket, but I can still feel my dorky smile on my face.

    On Friday the only time I see BJ at school is when he’s in this crowd of other people. He sees me and kind of raises his eyebrows and does his Meerkat smile thing. Then he rises three feet above everyone else around him and pulls this goofball face. I still don’t know how he managed that, maybe someone gave him a boost or piggyback for a minute.

    I want to do something special to get ready but I don’t know what to do, so I just shower real good. I have an old tube of Axe, but when I open it, it smells way too strong. I go in the kitchen and put a couple drops of vanilla extract on my wrists and rub them together. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I also don’t know what to wear. I end up just wearing my Levi’s and a clean Ocean Pacific t-shirt. I thought about wearing boxers, but I’m too worried about what might happen if I get a killer boner. So I’m wearing my jock from practice. It’s still pretty clean.

    He answers the door and his smile is big. He’s wearing another tight t-shirt and some shorts that look pretty tight too. The house is nice, nicer than ours, I don’t know what his folks do. There’s pictures on the walls, and no piles of junk everywhere. There’s a big living room with a huge TV and a fireplace, but we don’t go in there; instead he takes me past a kitchen with an island, into what he calls the den. There’s a sofa and another big TV.

    At first I don’t know what to say at all, but he keeps asking me questions about myself, and telling me all kinds of things about him, he’s a real chatterbox. But I don’t mind, and after a while I ask him a couple questions and then all of a sudden it’s easy, and we’re talking like we really know each other.

    He’s getting us sodas, which I don’t usually drink, when the fancy doorbell rings. “It’s the pizza,” he yells, “Can you answer that, I’ll be right there.”

    It’s Pete Estevez, who’s on the wrestling team, standing there with a big box of pizza. He looks at me and says, “You don’t live here.”

    “I do,” shouts BJ, sliding between us, waving money. I’m pulling out my wallet, but BJ waves me away. “My mom left me money for pizza, he says. He hands some bills to Pete and doesn’t ask for change. Pete shrugs and says, “Have fun, guys.”

    BJ looks at me with this cocky smile, as if to say something about having fun.

    The pizza is pretty good and we start watching Ragnarok, which for some reason I have never seen. When we’ve had enough pizza BJ moves it out the way and comes back to the couch and now he sits closer to me. All of a sudden I’m super aware of how close he is.

    I’m so conscious of him being close to me I stop being able to watch the movie and then I’m all of a sudden, “What the heck is Hulk doing in this movie???” Then Thor starts walking around with his shirt off, and we both pay a little bit of attention to that. I say, “Great arms,” then he says, “I like yours.”

    I don’t know what to say then. He wriggles around and change his position, and his knee is hitting my leg now, and I don’t know what to do but I put my hand down on his leg just above his knee and press and squeeze a little bit. I guess it’s the right thing because he throws one leg over me and twists to face me and now he’s kneeling with one leg between my legs and his face is coming closer and then he’s kissing me and I’m kissing him back.

    I can feel him breathing and making little noises like he’s hungry, and of course his tongue is warm and wet, but it’s warm and wet in a special way. It feels nice and electrifying. And he feels warm and solid even though he’s so compact. Our noses and chins bump a lot at the beginning, but we get that figured out, and then I get my tongue really inside his mouth and that’s good, way good. I don’t know if he pushes me or I fall back on the sofa, but then I’m kind of lying down and he’s straddling me with a knee each side, and of course I’ve got my hands all over him and they’re on his butt, which is nice and firm and round, which I’ve been thinking about for two weeks. Each side is roughly the size of a large cantaloupe, and I’m pretty much able to palm them. If I let my hands go a little lower I touch the back of his thighs and then when I bring them back up his shorts ride up a little bit and my fingers kind of go inside his shorts. God, I love that place where his thighs become his ass. And it’s right then, well, my fingers are exploring, and he’s moaning, that I realize he’s not wearing any underwear.

    By the way, I am now totally boned and not even my jock will hide it. BJ’s rubbing his crotch against mine, he’s basically humping it, and we’re kissing and he’s got his arms around me. I let go of his butt and put my arms around him, around his back, and I pull him down flatter, right on top of me, and all of a sudden we’re hugging each other as hard as we can, like really hard and tight, like we’re trying to break each other’s ribs or something. That’s the point when we fall off the couch, and that puts a stop to things for a minute.

    I can see his boner in his shorts, and this little wet spot. And for sure he isn’t wearing underwear, because one of his balls has popped out of his shorts leg.  His ball is so cute, pink and hairless and smooth, about the size of a medium superball.  We’re both breathing heavily and on the TV Asgard is blowing up, and he says, “Want to see my room?”

    I know I nod and he takes my hand and pulls me up the stairs, but we only get halfway up the stairs before he turns and he’s standing  a step ahead of me so we’re the same height and he’s in my arms, and we’re kissing and I’ve got my hands all over him again, sure, on his butt. I think he likes that though. Whatever I touch him like that he presses himself against me.

    We finally get to his bedroom, and it seems more normal to me than the rest of the house. For a start it’s kind of messy, and he’s got posters up on the wall, and there’s an x-wing fighter and the Millennium Falcon suspended with fishing string in a corner, and there’s an old glow-in-the-dark star on the ceiling. There’s a poster of some hot wrestling dudes, but there’s also a poster of all the Disney princesses. And he’s got a Nintendo switch.

    His bed is kind of made, and I’m thinking that’s where we’re going to end up, but I don’t know how to get there. Then he pushes me against it and I know all I have to do is fall backwards and we’ll be lying down. He whispers, “Do you want to fool around?”

    I look at him with a straight face and say, “I thought we were.”

    He looks at me with his head cocked to one side with a funny smile and says, “Oh, my bad, the fooling around doesn’t officially start until the pants come off.” He manages to say this with a straight face, but we both know he’s joking. And that he’s not joking at all.

    “But,” he says, “if you take your pants off, I want you to do something for me.”

    I say what with my eyes.

    “I want you to put your shoes and socks back on.”

    I shrug, “Okay.”

    We kiss again kind of bump noses, and then he pulls down his shorts. I have to pause here. For emphasis. I don’t know how to say it.

    He’s so perfect.

    He’s all smooth and his skin is all the same color, a kind of pink golden cream, until you get up to his ass, which is paler. His cock is pointing up at about 45 degrees. It’s not big, it’s just the right size for him. It matches him. Perfectly smooth with a fat little helmet head. I’ve never blown anyone, but looking at him I want to put his cock in my mouth.

    He’s still wearing his skinny tank top, which falls at the right height just above his ass to show off how nice and round it is. He looks at me expectantly - I know I’m supposed to take my clothes off now. I start with my t-shirt. I’m buff, and cut, but I’m unprepared for the look on his face, which is very appreciative. I see his eyes and eyebrows and they make this “Oh!” shape. I feel good now, even though I’m excited and nervous, because I think he’s really going to like it when I take my jeans off. I unbutton them and they fall, and then I have to do the awkward one-legged dance, and then I stand there in just my jock, with my hard-on straining the pouch. I catch a glimpse of myself in his mirrored closet doors, and I can see that my bulging hard on looks pretty big.

    So I’m standing there in just my jock and socks, and he says to me, “Put your shoes back on?”

    And I say, “Take your top off.”

    In less than 30 seconds we are face to face. He goes for my jock and I stare at his perfect little chest. His pecs have just enough shape to be called pecs, with flat pink nipples. Instinctively I reach and tweak one while he grabs my jock. He rubs me once or twice and then he’s pulling my cock out. I’m watching his eyes and there’s no way to describe how I feel when I watch his eyes get big. He looks up at me with his trademark grin and says gleefully, “I hit da jackpot!”

    Then we’re pressed up against each other, all of our chests are touching, all of our skin brushing and rubbing against each other, and our cocks banging it out. I kiss him again, tentatively, and he kisses me back, feeding on my mouth. When there’s a break I push him away just far enough to see his face. His eyes still look kind of wide. “Fucking big man,” he murmurs, “fucking horse.”  

    Just hearing him say that makes my cock throb. I know he feels that. He has his arms around me and pulls himself closer to me. We kiss some more, and I want to eat him up.

    I think my cock is as hard as it’s ever going to get. My hands slide down his back and stroke it where it curves in, and then I hold his butt. With each hand I keep stroking and kneading and feeling it. I could do this for a year at least. But he has other ideas and pushes me back on the bed.

    He scrambles around and before I know it, he’s got my cock in his mouth, and he’s sucking on it, and sliding his mouth over it, and I can feel his tongue licking all over the head. Holy shit! Now who has the big eyes. He’s not as good as the married guy was last year in the sauna at 24-Hour Fitness, but it’s way better being with him. I can tell he’s struggling to get it all, in fact he can only manage about half, but it still feels fucking awesome. And his cock is right in front of me.  I scoot sideways enough to reach it and I put my hand around it, and the head is right there like the top of a popsicle. I lick it and open my mouth and wet my lips and let them part, sliding over helmet-head, trying to keep the tension firm. He shivers and moans. I move my fingers away and swallow all of him, all the way down to where his pubes would be if he didn’t trim. Now I’ve got his cock entirely in my mouth.  I get some spit in my hand and start to massage his balls, pulling on them and tugging them.  Not rough, but pulling them forward so I can get them in my mouth as well. My head’s rocking back and forward and now all of him is in my mouth.

    “Nghhhaaa, nghhha ehhhh,” he cries, pushing my head back. Everything pops out.


    “I don’t wanna come yet.”

    I grin and nod. I take his cock in my fist and lick only the head. I suck hard, and lick, and then slick my fist up and down, while I tug his balls away from his cock. He looks a little cross-eyed.

    Then he moves around again and we’re kissing some more and, and he rolls us both over so he’s underneath me, and his legs come up each side of me and he’s rubbing his taint against my cock and suddenly there’s absolutely no question about how this is going to go down. We’re kissing and I’m semi-thrusting and he’s really hot and bothered. Then he stops again. “Wait,” he hisses, and he wriggles out from under me. I’m on my hands and knees with this empty space underneath me! I look sideways and in the mirror I can see him standing with his knees bent, his back arched, and his butt stuck out, and he’s reaching around with one hand. I feel my dick jump as I watch him in that position, with his butt stuck out behind him like a shelf. While I’m still taking in that image he finishes with the lube and he’s back on the bed, wriggling underneath me to where he was before. He grins up at me, with this huge grin, and says, “Ready now!”

    I nod and move my pelvis, rubbing my cock against his taint. He laughs at me, and coos, “Showtime, dude!” and reaches down and grabs the root of my shaft and positions the head of my cock right at his now slick hole. I can feel the entrance quiver. He nods encouragingly and pumps up with his ass.

    I’ve never done this before. But it doesn’t take a genius to understand the basic idea, and some gut instinct takes over, and I push forward. There’s some resistance, but he has his hands on my ass, and he pulls me towards him. He gives a little cry as his rubber band snaps, but then his eyes get big and happy again. “Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhh OHHHHHH!” he moans. I reach back one arm at a time and grab his legs, bringing them up over my shoulders. Now he’s rolled up in a ball underneath me, in my arms. I’m halfway in, and his ass is so slick and snug. I can feel it pulse around my cock.


    “More!” he demands.

    I push in, and he cries out again.

    I don’t know how long it takes, but I’m now all the way in.  Bottomed out. His ass is unbelievably tight. It’s warm and slick and round and firm. It’s hanging onto my whole cock, squeezing the head, the long shaft, all the way to the root. So snug. We keep making eye contact, mostly me asking silently for assurance that he’s good, and him signaling that he’s great. I can’t believe people get to do this. That I get to do this.  I’m pumping now, I’m fucking, I Am Fucking, I’M GOD DAMN FUCKING!!! And he’s gasping at the bottom of every stroke. He likes it!

    I’m going for consistent rhythm, trying to find my stride, working on making each thrust part of a greater series of thrusts, keeping my breath. I didn’t think anything could feel this good.  And it’s not just the sensation on my cock; it’s his shape and weight and feel – the smoothness and warmth and wiry strength, and our positions, him beneath me, giving it up. At that moment I feel – so much. I want to tell him, “I love you.” I want to say it a hundred times.  I don’t.  But I want to. At that moment I would give him my soul.

    I have no idea how long we fuck.  It seems like a long time; it seems like time has stopped, and then it’s almost over.  We can feel it in each other, the urgency building, the speeding up.  He’s jacking his cock and humping his butt up to meet my strokes, and I’ve got his legs pinned back and I lean in to kiss him and he’s whispering, “fuck me, fuck me, so fucking good,” and we look at each other and I detonate with a powerful depth charge deep inside his still-snug butt, while he sprays a sticky fountain between our chests.

    I collapse on top of him and we have our arms around each other and we stay like that for a while, and then we disentangle some, and we’re laying side by side, but I’ve still got an arm around him, and his arm is across me and his shoulder in my armpit and his head is on my chest. He’s making little contented noises. I’m staring at the star on the ceiling.  Right now I can’t think of another thing to wish for.

    * * *

    This is a reposting of a story that got flagged because of the picture. Sorry about the loss of the picture… Happy Reading, Petr