i hope you dont take any of the things that were said to heart. i dont know you that well, but we've talked a few times and i know that you are FAR from selfish. you are one of the nicest and down to earth girls i've had the pleasure of speaking to. you have a big heart and care.. which in todays society isnt the best trait to have.. as sad as that is to say, but thats why things get to you so much. if you were truly 'evil' the words that were said wouldnt upset you. hope things get better for u

    Oh thanks.

    "..she is the product of evil. how could any daughter of mine choose to end the life of an unborn child? she killed her father too. she caused him so much stress that his heart simply stopped working."

    "what sort of daughter gets a restraining order against her own mother? i raised her. i raised her to be a respectable woman. instead she is the devil in the flesh. she thinks it's okay to try kill herself, it's all a ploy for attention, she is selfish and nasty and doesn't think about anyone but herself.. worthless, no one will ever love her. why can't she be more like her sister?"

    "a burden to everyone around her.."

    "that's no daughter of mine."

    "how can i live with myself knowing i created this monster?"

    today we spent the day sorting out mums stuff. we found a bunch of goodbye notes in her handbag. i didnt want to read them but i felt like i had to. now i really wish i hadnt. these are only a few things she had to say about me.

    i dont know what to feel.