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    “Oww ow ow! Mommmmyyyy! I’m sworry! See I’m messing wight now!” you screamed in terror.

    “That’s not good enough! I don’t ever wanna see you within a yard of the bathroom door! And standing up instead of crawling! About to take off your diapee and use the big girl potty! No no no baby girl!” Mommy sternly said between slaps. “Pwease I’ll be good Momny, change me pwease!” you cried. “Oh no baby! You can sit in that poopy diapee while Mommy feeds you until you finally feel like proving to me you’ll be a good girl and mess for me!” Mommy said. “I don’t think- “ you said before Mommy shoved your paci down your throat. “No thinkies! Just stinkies!” Mommy yelled.

    “Open up” mommy says as you feel the soft nipple hit your tongue. A few droplets of milk start filling your mouth, she hums softly. Your mind starts to go blank, your anxiety levels go down. Your bladder is in pain and your back end feels tight. You suddenly shift.

    “Does baby have to go? I already told you, you’re safe here, you’re a baby, babies go poo poo and pee pee in their diapers! Go ahead, start pushing for mommy! I’ll change you after…”

    You slowly obey, letting a trinkle start going, eventually allowing yourself to push, feeling a mush press against your diaper. Mommy pats your diaper, encouraging you. You push again until you feel a coat around your bottom. A soft smell hits your nose, in disbelief you have let go, she knows what you did, but it’s okay. You feel warm, you feel safe, you feel the contents of your diaper shift around.. “Good baby…” she says, as she caresses your forehead and milk fills your mouth.