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    If you’ll be prey, you’ll prefer to go inside predator feet or head first? Why? Same question if you’ll be predator. Consuming from feet or from legs?

    personally I always lean towards being prey, but for both options I would go for feet-first. I like stories that have actual interaction between the pred and the prey and when you can see yourself getting eaten and you have a chance to beg, plead, whatever you’re gonna try to do, I think it makes things a bit more interesting


    Are you more prey or predator?

    Are you into voreception?

    ahh sorry for not seeing this sooner!! I’m mostly prey if I get the choice but I do enjoy speculating/writing as a pred sometimes.. all depends on mood.

    and I do really like voreception, I think it has a lot of cool potential. haven’t done anything with it yet but I like complicated vore stories and it’s definitely perfect for that


    more dad pred prompts

    contains family vore, don't read if you don't like

    (pls note everyone is depicted as 18+, i usually depict younger people as college-aged)

  • you and 3 friends are crashing at your other friends house, using random sleeping bags and blankets on his living room floor. you wake up in the middle of the night to a commotion and see your friend's big bellied dad with your other friend's kicking legs hanging out of his bearded maw. by the looks of his big, hairy gut, and the empty room around you, the rest of your friends are already inside. He slurps in his legs before turning his attention to you, grabbing you and shoving you into his maw. you're packed away in his belly, and he leans back against the sofa tobrub his belly before passing out to digest.
  • (bonus on last one: if the dad is feeling extra sadistic, he has his son for breakfast, sending him to stew in the half digested remains of his friends)
  • dad ate his sons on a camping trip, and goes for a stroll while they digest. he encounters the park ranger who guided them when they arrived, and he asks where his sons are. the dad just nonchalantly says they were 'eaten by a bear' while scratching his gut before walking off, leaving the ranger very confused and a bit concerned.
  • a guys son is off to college and wants a single person dorm, but he can't afford one. so instead when moving, he devours his son's would-be roommate, letting his son have the room for himself.
  • stakes can get pretty high at poker night, especially for this group of friends. it's not unusual for them to bet their sons when they're really confident in their hand. usually they're successful, but there have been occasions of guys leaving there with their friend's son stuffed into their belly.
  • the sense of pride dad preds feel when they see their sons eating guys, following in their fathers footsteps and carrying on the hungry legacy.
  • 'bring your son to work day' is dangerous if there's predators in the workplace. if the sons don't arrive in their own dad's belly, they'll almost definitely get scarfed down by hungry colleagues over lunch break.
  • offering myself up to my friend's hairy, pot-bellied dad as soon as I get the slightest time alone with him. by the time my friend comes back I'm just a squirming bulge in his belly.
  • alternatively, friend's dad scarfing me down at the first opportunity he can regardless of willingness.
  • oldest failed college and went straight into his dad's belly, and now the younger sons have to live knowing what happened, and that it'll happen to them too if they fail.
  • following on from last one, dad using his belly as a warning; rubbing it whenever talking about failing, even walking around shirtless so they can see the fat their older brother became, and what will happen to them if they ever slip up.
  • thanksgiving dinner is never enough for this guy, so he usually snacks on a nephew or two. but since the pan/demic, they weren't able to gather like usual so it was just his household. so instead of a turkey, he gobbles up his sons one by one, then buries them in potatoes and pie.
  • hungreatr

    these are all so good!! god damn!!


    How bout a pred that goes to a fall festival at his university, hiding in a corn maze, waiting for those who’ve gotten lost😏😏

    ooh this is a fun one. picking them off one by one and then lying down in the corn to digest. I can see him eating a whole friend group that got separated, then wandering out of the maze with a significantly larger gut a few hours later.

    plus, I always love a good fall aesthetic, and that definitely delivers.


    Are you having max quantity for preys in one belly? Or it’s infinite capacity in there for you?

    personally, I do kind of limit it, but not that much. I’m good with large amounts of prey, but I’m not too into anything that’s more about the quantity than the actual people being eaten, like a whole city. I like to know who the prey are a bit more than that, personally


    “God, I hate coming back here…” Mark grumbles softly. He was one of the stockers at a local department store, specifically for their clothing department. He was a college student and the only reason he was working here is that it was walking distance from his dorm and it had a flexible schedule. This was still his first week at work though since they’d apparently needed a new hire rather desperately. At the moment, though, he was doing the worst part of the job–going into the storage in the back.

    There wasn’t too much back here that would be worrying. It had most of what you’d expect for a clothing department–shirts and jeans and shoes and socks and any other article of clothing you could think of socked and stored away. No, the real problem was the one thing in storage room held that wasn’t clothing. It was a single mannequin, standing at 6′ even in height. It seemed rather standard in its build other than the pot belly it had. Mark has seen the plus sized mannequin’s before, their store had a few. But this one was different.

    It was the third time Mark has had to come back here since he started his job and ever time, he felt like he was being watched. There was only one thing in the entire room that could be doing it, the blank faced mannequin that stood in the back. He absolutely hated it. He throws a shirt over its face–something he’d done last time, too–and gets to grabbing the stack of jeans he needed to restock the display.

    Even with the shirt, he could feel the thing watching him still. He doesn’t have this issue with any of the other mannequins in the store, but this one damn thing just creeps him out to no end. He tries his best to move quickly. He gets an armful of jeans and turns to head back. “…huh?” The shirt that Mark had thrown over the mannequin’s face was laying in a heap on the floor. Normally, one would assume it simply fell off, but the shirt was sitting at least a foot away from the mannequin. It was almost as if…the shirt had been thrown off…

    “Fuck this.” Mark sets the jeans down and marches over to the mannequin. “I’m not some little kid. A plastic dummy doesn’t scare me!” He grabs it by the hips and spins it around so it faced the wall instead of him. Satisfied with his moment of bravery, Mark nods and starts walking back to the jeans. He’s stopped in his tracks by a pair of cold, stiff hands grabbing his shoulders. Something wet drips onto his head and he looks up just in time to see a smooth, featureless face…that suddenly grew a large, dark maw dripping with drool from its long tongue and sharp teeth.

    Mark didn’t get a chance to scream. His head and shoulders were engulfed in one swift movement. Mark’s arms were pinned to his side, leaving him unable to push away. His legs kick as he’s hoisted in the air, the mannequin’s head tipping back to get gravity on its side.

    Wet, messy gulps fill the room as Mark sank deeper and deeper. His muffled screaming could barely be heard plastic the hard plastic of the mannequin or the soft fat and flesh just under it. His legs kick wildly as he was devoured. His torso was gone in only a couple of gulps and those flailing legs were quickly following.

    The event lasted an eternity for Mark as the tight gullet dragged in deeper into the growling stomach, feeling sharp teeth graze his body and a curious tongue exploring him. Cold air from the storage room AC was replaced with the warm, moist air of the mannequin’s breath. The tongue curls around his kicking feet as the maw clicks shut and a final gulp sends the last bits of the college student sliding down. He barely lasted five minutes against the predator.

    The mannequin’s gut bulges out heavily, the shape of a human curled up inside. Mark was panicking, struggling for his life as the organ warmed itself up for a very harsh, very messy digestion. The mannequin’s stiff hand slowly rubs along the side of his gut as he walks back to his resting place. This meal would last him the rest of the day and keep him sated for about a week. That was just enough time for it to hack up Mark’s uniform to be cleaned and washed so the next emergency hire could wear it.

    A deep belch rumbled out of the mannequin, echoing in the back room. No one would hear it except for the manager lingering outside the door. The storage room would stay locked for the rest of the day and by the time it would open again, there would be no more Mark and a slightly fatter mannequin in the back.


    ngl this is a rlly fascinating idea.. feels very uncanny valley and it goes with vore super well!

    Too Close For Comfort

    I really wanted to have something on this acc, at least. This is the first part of a kinda long story I have planned out that I will hopefully get around to doing more for. It’s pretty hasty and mostly character setup - apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Hope you enjoy!

    PART 1

    The first thing I saw when I arrived for move-in day at Bramhall University - the first thing everyone saw, I’m sure - was the display set up on a lawn beside the main gates. It seemed to be pretty casual - a couple of beefy-looking older students were playing volleyball, and a few others with similar builds lounged on grass or chairs in the same area. What stood out, though, were the signs. Right next to the road stretched a banner, bright red, that shouted “JOIN EPSIE ALPHA TAU… ONE WAY OR ANOTHER”. Around it, staked into the ground or propped against coolers or chairs, were more; “FRESH MEAT THIS WAY”, “CAMPUS FOOD NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD”, and one that simply read “YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS”. In the midst of all of it sat a few boys, each with a prominent, rounded gut - one of them still seemingly twitching with the final movements of whomever was unlucky enough to be trapped in it.

    Me and Nate both watched as the frat boy whose gut was moving pounded his chest and let out a long belch. From where we were in the car, we could barely hear it, but I knew what it meant. Nate let out a chuckle as the stomach stilled.

    “I don’t remember them being so flashy.” He turned his eyes back to the road as the line moved forwards.

    “What, no signs at the entrance in your day?”

    “They used to be more about reputation, not intimidation.”

    “I don’t know,” I said. I watched as the frat boy belched again, coughing up a snapback in the process. He grinned and slapped it down on his neighbor’s head. “Their reputation is still pretty strong.”

    The line pulled forward again, and the Epsie Alpha Tau display disappeared from sight. “I mean, you’ve definitely still gotta watch out for the Epsies, Carter. They go through freshmen like they’re candy. Top of the food chain, even among the other pred frats.”

    “How did you make it through?” I looked over at Nate. He had graduated from Bramhall University five years before me, which was an achievement in itself. College campuses functioned a lot like proving grounds, or buffets, depending on who you were. Rules and limits were theoretical more than anything, and if you made it to graduation, you’d get a degree as well as a level of respect from other established preds. A school with large pred frats like Bramhall upped both the danger and the reward at the end of the tunnel.

    “I had already eaten my first prey by the time I was in college. I could hold my own. Unlike some people.” Now, Nate was looking at me. I was acutely aware of how thin my frame looked next to the meaty arms, chest, and gut that strained his t-shirt - all signs of an active pred.

    “Look, I’ll probably down someone at an opening-week party, okay? You can stop bringing it up.”

    “You better, otherwise you’re gonna be someone’s waistline by week three. Hell, you probably still will be. There’s a lot of guys who have got a taste for that big gut you get after your first prey.”

    “Way to support your little brother.”

    Nate half-shrugged. “I’m just being realistic. That’s why you should’ve eaten someone over the summer, you could’ve worked that belly down. And I wouldn’t have eaten you.” He considered. “Probably.”

    “I’m just gonna keep my head low, okay? Blend in.”

    We finally pulled into the parking lot and Nate clapped me roughly on the shoulder. “That’s probably your best chance. Hey, you make it to winter break, I’ll split the Ricci twins from down the street with you. Call them a holiday meal.”

    It seemed like a perfect plan. We unloaded the car, figured out the room assignments, and headed up to unpack. I hadn’t had any interaction with my roommates yet, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, except for the fact we had a three-person dorm. We were on the top floor - a prime place to avoid any action that might happen in the stairwells - and far enough back that I felt safe from an accidental drunken encounter with a hungry hallmate. All things considered, it was a good spot to lay low.

    I keyed into the door, hoping for an empty room. Picking a prime bed and desk were part of the plan, too, but that was dashed by the sight of a few suitcases and bags already thrown around the place. Shit, I thought, then tried to put on a friendly face as I turned to face my roommates.

    Or rather, roommate. Lounging on the one already-made bed was a hulking guy about my age. I felt a twist of nervousness settle in my gut as I looked at him; he was honestly bigger than Nate, with thickset shoulders and a barrel of a chest. What stood out, though, was his gut. He was laying on his back, surfing his phone, and rising up from his waist was a dome of thick bellyfat. He wasn’t even trying to cover it with his shirt, instead leaving the cloth pulled up to his pecs. He glanced over at me; if I wasn’t so nervous, I probably would have found him cute. The circumstances made that pretty hard, though. He was one of the most predatory guys I had ever seen.

    “Hey,” he said. “You the third roomie?”

    I heard Nate step into the room behind me and I knew he could sense the guy’s nature too. “Yeah, I think so. Is the second already here?”

    The guy on the bed grinned. “Good news, actually. This is a two-person room now.” He pushed himself up into a sitting position, and his gut sloshed and ballooned out into his lap. “Second guy came by earlier. This is his bed, actually.” He held up the phone he had been scrolling through. “His phone, too.” He stifled a belch and let his hand fall onto the upper curve of his gut. “And this is him. And his dad, actually. They’re probably… eh, soup by now. Tasty stuff.”

    “Well, that’s good, Carter,” Nate said. “More room for the two of you.”

    “Yeah, I’m just gonna take his bed, cuz it’s already made. You can have either of the others.”

    I laid my bags down on the bed furthest from his. Nate stepped towards the roommate, out of reach but close enough to talk. “So,” he said nonchalantly, “You still planning on eating more today?”

    He considered it. “Nah,” he said. “These two were both pretty chunky, and I still wanna enjoy digestin’ them. And he -“ here he pointed towards me - “isn’t really my type. You, on the other hand…”

    Nate laughed. “Bold. I can get behind that. I take that to mean I’m safe for now, though?”

    “When are you gonna come back to visit? I can just down you then.”

    I stayed silent. This was exactly the kind of conversation I wanted to avoid; two preds sizing each other up, playing cat and mouse. Nate reached out and grabbed a handful of the roommate’s gut.

    “Seems like this thing’s gonna claim its share of guys this year.” He looked over at me. “Carter, I’ll be excited to come back and see how many inches you add to him.”

    The roommate reached out, almost lazily, and grabbed Nate’s gut, too. “When you do, I hope there’ll be more of this for me to digest.”

    I looked at them incredulously. ‘What?” Nate said. “I told you, gotta be realistic. This is what I was talking about.” He looked back at the guy on the bed. “Nate Torres,” he said. “That’s my brother, Carter.”

    “Wyatt Boyan. Pleasure to meet you.”

    Nate stepped back. “Well, seems like you two will get along. I’m gonna head out before Wyatt here changes his mind.” He walked over to me. “Look at you, pred roommate and everything. Good luck, bro. Try and fatten up for him a bit. I want him to be nice and thick when I get my hands on him.” He smiled back at Wyatt and closed the door.

    The silence was as thick as the soup in Wyatt’s swollen gut before he spoke. “Nice brother you got.”

    “Yeah, well, I didn’t think I’d get sold out like that.”

    Wyatt chuckled. “Don’t worry, that’s just pred talk. And I can tell you aren’t a pred.”

    “Is that gonna be an… issue?”

    “Nah. I don’t go for skinny meals. Your brother’s much more my type.” “You can have him,” I grumbled. “Bastard.”

    “Well,” he said with a yawn, “invite him back and I’ll do that. For now, I’m gonna sleep these two off. Don’t wake me up or I might find an appetite for a scrawny guy like you.” He laid back, gut sloshing, and closed his eyes.

    I started unpacking my bags, slowly. This was not how I wanted the year to start. The plan was going to have to change.

    By the time the evening fell, Wyatt’s gut had made a sizable dent in its contents. He woke up, bleary-eyed, and pulled his shirt down over his pot belly. I had long ago set up my corner of the room, and I watched him warily.

    “I’m gonna head out,” he said. “I heard there’s some early frat shit going down, and I wanna get in a good word.” He stopped and considered me. “If you don’t wanna become someone’s dinner, don’t go out tonight.”

    I ignored the comment. “Where are you rushing?”

    “Epsie Alpha Tau,” he said. “I’ve got the appetite for it.” He sauntered out the door, letting it close on its own behind him.

    I groaned and laid back on my bed. Of course he had to be an Epsie. I was gonna be lucky to make it out of orientation week.