A Male Feedee

I'm a straight male feedee. I don't just want to get fatter. I want you to get turned on, by the thought of thought of making me fatter. I want you to want to make me fatter. It turns me on, to know that you are turned on, by making me fatter. I'm not a sub, but I like the thought of a feedress sometimes being a little pushy, about keeping me stuffed full of fattening foods, and keeping me physically inactive; to satisfy her desire... her need... to make me fatter. There's also this: http://bdsmtest.org/r/wyk4CLcS

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2020-10-28 05:38:39

    New Patreon Video: Perfect weather for a big guy to get some fresh air, not to hot not to cold. But others might wear a jacket :P. Whats better then eating a snack in the woods? Full 8min Video is aviable on patreon patreon.com/preed