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    So I have something I need to say!

    19 years ago I met a little boy who I fell in love with. Today he is turning 25. I miss him very much, so much it hurts to not know how he's doing or if he is happy or just anything. So I would like to send out a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to him. I know he will never see this, but it makes me feel happy I got to say it!

    Power of positive vibes is to say things that make you happy. So my happy for today is this! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂


    What are some songs That If They come on you cant skip them and you have to listen to them even if you Have listened to them that day?

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    And anyone else who wants to join!


    I hope things are well with everyone. If not please feel the hug I'm giving you. Just to let you know I'm told I give the best hugs. I'm told that I release warmth when I do. That always makes me feel good.

    But I have to say something that is on my mind. I seen something that stated that if you could see the love you give throught someones eyes it would let you know how loved you are back. Or at least something similar to that. I'm bad at quotes. But I have been thinking of all the people I gave my love to, I never seen that. I think there may have been a glint, but nothing was ever in that realm that I would see that.

    BUT! I have in a way....... I looked into the mirror once and seen it. Now as an option I rarely look in the mirror too much vanity for me. Generally I'm always wanting to pick on something that I don't like. But in the end I did see love in myself.

    Why do you think I'm yammering on about this. Well I'm here to tell you that you don't need someone to love you to feel happy. Sure it's great and it's what we all want. But if your love to yourself is weak. You are not going to receive the love from someone back. Think about it, and why you don't love yourself. We all have flaws and ticks we don't like about ourselves. But those are the things that someone may love. So to everyone out there, you have to love yourself unconditionally. Be happy and forget the way you think you are. If you can't live with yourself, do it any ways. Give yourself a break and relax. Just enjoy the day. Do something for you. A hot bath, maybe something you love to eat that you don't generally have. A movie only you love and understand, or just enjoy. Call a friend and let them know you appreciate them. The response should make you happy.

    Quick story, I just had a milestone birthday and l'm cheap to myself. I thought hey I'm never going to be here again. So I went to a bakery I love. I purchased a cake for myself that I love. There was 2 size, I obviously chose the smaller cheaper one. Then I took a second to think and I ordered the bigger one. I shared it with my friends, it was the most delicious cake I ever had and it was a moment I really enjoyed myself.

    GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK! Breath and release.

    My best to all!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! May everyone exceed in everything you do. If you make a mistake, don't worry everyone does and everyone survives the feelings. It's how you grow old, its what you call knowledge.

    Love yourself more this year, give yourself a break and take a deep breath when things get rough. Just look for your Bliss be it big or small.

    My best to everyone! 😘

    Hello! I hope everyone is doing well! I hope you all are ready for a new year with great possibilities. I am visioning a better year than the last 2 with better strides to be a better country and world. Corny huh, well someone has to be for those who don't want to say it. But I know you are thinking it. 😉

    I do have to say something I know this is a personal preference for me and I am sure for others. But men who let their hair grow longer. It is a sexy, erotic and beautiful to look at. Let it hang, let it flow, let us see it! When you have it and hide it what's the point? If you put it in a ponytail or hide it in a cap. That's just crazy, the worst thiing is putting it in a bun. That is just wrong, honest opinion it looks odd. Let me touch it, feel it brush my skin, I might just want to pull it in the throws of passion? Point is you have it let it bee seen!

    Ok so just was checking in with the world. I got a second chance this year so if things have gone crazy for you, really there is a second chance go for it find your Bliss!

    Happy Holidays!

    I hope everyone is well. Excited to see my friends today and celebrate my Birthday! It's been a year of getting a second chance at life. I honestly didn't think I would get here.

    The last 3 years were rough and went through so many lows and I mean lows. That many people would think it's over. But I can attest that with patience, well some patience I got through it all. 3 major surgeries, no income at all for 9 months moved 3 times. I lost my dog, split from my bf after 15 years. Seen my stepson move away and never heard from him again. Lost all of my friends except for one.

    Re aquatinted with too old friends. One from high school and another who was an extremely important person in my life that they just disappeared. He contacted me out of nowhere and apologized for our falling out. I also lost to friends who died at very young ages, 49 and 50. Both were very accomplished men who I thought had perfect lives.

    So I can say I have come out on the other side and now I'm healthy happy and feel loved. I am truely thankful for getting throught this time. Alot of people do have it worse or feel like they can't make it. All you can say is just try. Try as hard as you can! That's what I did.

    Good morning! It's Christmas Eve and from the bottom of my heart I want to wish everyone a good day. This is for everyone. If it's your time of the year, or maybe just a nice time of the year, or for alot of people a trying time of the year. Try to put your best foot forward and know that there are people out there including me that you need to know that you are special and you are loved.

    We may not be able to be there or able to help you personally. But you know there are places you can gather in peace. Please reach out to a friend or a family member if you are having a rough time. Anyone that feels they have no one, you do just think hard and get in touch. They are probably waiting for you to reach out. They know what you are going through and they allow you to take your time if it's hard for you. They really are waiting, go take that chance give yourselves the push.

    You are loved, you are wanted, you are special. Please just reach out and try. I know that's the best you can do. I've been there, it not pretty and it will be hard, but you can do it. It's one day of the year and it can't be the end for you. It can be a start.

    All my love and hopes to you! 🎄

    Hello and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is well and are going through their days with peace.

    I have to tell you about an injustice that that was handed to a young black man 18 years ago. He was a homeless person who got involved with the wrong people. He and 2 other men were all convicted of a home invasion robbery. This young man at 18 may have had learning skill issues as well, that was involved with the crime.

    The judge sentenced him to 1823 years. Now the other 2 people, the mastermind at age 29 who was white received 10 years. The other person a 17 year old black man was sentenced to 35 years. Very disturbing, the 18 year old man should have only been sentenced at the most 13 years.

    But now after 19 years he will be free in the next couple of months. All thanks to the NAACP. There was inadequate representation from both the prosecutor and the defense. They were never sure of what the 18 year old man had done in the incident. The defense attorney didn't represent this man correctly and was fired years later.

    So my reason for this story is this. Thank you to the NAACP for being there for this man. You always do fantastic work. Also, why are we still treating black and brown people, especially men this way? We truely we're created all the same and everyone is, or should be treated the same. Still we are not. Anyone who reads this please be kind to others. Show the respect to others as you would want as respect to you. You don't have to love everyone, but just respect each other. Always keep it in your mined that to just smile and walk away. Just know that others that don't will get it in the end and then you can smile bigger knowing you were the Hero just like the representative of the NAACP. The defense lawyer unjustly represented the man lost his job and the judge who presided this case died. But the gentleman who was wrongly accused survived and now I truely hope he will live well and happy for the rest of his life.

    Ok I have something to say. I have been reading events that have been happening over the last week I guess? But two arrivals I have read are bothering me.

    First one is the controversy of a statement made by 2 former Heisman winners from this weekend. I'm a huge OSU fan. So I'm looking at this as a neutral party. But it will sound like im a hurt fan. That is definitely not my angle. But the 2 former Heisman winners made cheap shots at CJ Stroud during the ceremony. First they should shut it. They are supposed to be grown men. But acted like kids. The ceremony is to show the hard work of the young college football players and their achievements. They made deliberate comments at CJ. This bothers me and I think they should not be able to appear at this ceremony again. Opinions should be kept to themselves.

    Second there was a waitress who along with another co worker worked a party of 50 dinners. The dinners agreed to each tip the 2, that's two waitress a $100. Total to split $4400. That's $2200 each for their hard work and good service they gave. The management wanted one or both it doesn't state, but to pool their tips and split amongst the other staff. As an ex server I call BS. The 2 women worked hard at this party only. We all know the issues of servers and their pay. When the one server declined to split her tips she was fired. The other server wasn't and kept her $2200. Now if there was a bus person or someone similar iam 100% positive they would have gave them a cut. As I have had in the past myself. In the arrival the management of the restaurant said they didn't fire the one server who spoke up. But that she was fired for something else. What do you think of these incidences? Have you seen these stories or heard about them? Let me know what you think?.

    I truly hope everyone is doing well. I hope you are surviving this time of the year. It is one of the times of the year that brings crazy to the living room. So if anyone wants to talk about it. I'm down for it and will respond as quickly as I can.

    Ok, so I'm back. I thought I could keep my opinions to myself. But I guess I can't. So I think I will be adding some thoughts here soon. Just know these are my thoughts and if you don't agree please don't be rude. I will listen to your thoughts, because we all need someone to vent too. So if you would like to make a comment let me know. I will answer as honestly as I can. I'll try to be as compassionate as possible. But please don't be rude. I want to spread happy. Because right now there is alot of negativity.


    This was a really great way of being able to say out loud what I was thinking. It was a really great tool to keep from blowing up and being angry. But I can't sit back and allow myself be part of something that sensors others right to freedom of expression. Soon this country will be repressed again and we will not be home of the free. We will soon not be able to be who we are and will have to be hiding our true selves. Thanks again for allowing me to say the things I needed to say. Thank you to the followers that visited my thoughts. Take care and please keep a light on so that we my find you in the dark. Best regards.