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    working out your brain is a must!!

    • hydrate it by drinking lots of water

    • eat dark chocolate and blueberries and walnuts and salmon and other foods high in antioxidants!!

    • play little brain games on your phone; I like wordconenct! anything that makes you think!

    • read books. It’s simple but necessary. Even better - join a book club, or read with a friend, so you can have discussions after. This will improve your reading comprehension.

    • do puzzles - it doesnt have to be sudoku, I love playing Beat Saber on the Oculus Rift because it makes my brain have to match colorful patterns to physical movements very quickly!

    • learn a new dance - even a tik tok trendy dance. Learning new dance moves are proven to strengthen synapses!!

    • go bird watching, or foraging, or anything outdoors that requires you to explore pattern recognition and visual searching

    • watch a movie with the intent of analysis - this is best done with a cinephile friend!! talk about tropes and symbolism and character growth

    • cross stitch, or sew, or do anything that requires matching nimble hand movements to patterns

    • play or learn an instrument!

    • develop a consistent sleep schedule (or as close to consistent as you can get!)

    • when eating, try to identify the ingredients and flavors you’re perceiving!

    I hope this helps :)


    I like how this went from me feeling like “hm why is this attacking me 🤨” at first, but feeling grateful seeing an added guide on a genuine expansion on a “ how to” work out the brain. This genuinely helps a bunch. People find solace in doing activities that get them through life by doing said activities of phone/tv or if that’s all they’ve ever known in their life to get them through things + etc tho. However, this was very impt to point out. Slowly beginning incorporating things to work the brain in ones own time.


    there are a lot of white usamericans not wanting to wear a kufiya bc theyre scared its cultural appropriation (palestinians saying its not, and asking you to buy palestine produced ones and wear them), and not wanting to touch any other culture which youve been invited (keyword: invited) to is a part of v annoying white guilt and its positioning your own feelings above other cultures, esp when youve been asked to join as a part of solidarity. its white/western exceptionalism at its finest. just interacting w a different culture than yours isnt appropriation; that word has actual meaning.


    where to get it


    the thing that sucks is that people love saying sleep early is good etc etc and yeah it is. I've seen some benefits before. but I think it sucks to ignore that late night is the only time with any freedom. I think it sucks to not acknowledge the dread in waking up and it's a work day again


    "fast travel to work" is a great way of putting it. because a lot of people say "but the less time you have at night, the more time you have during the morning!" but your morning is like, getting emotionally ready to get off of bed, taking your meds, taking a shower, making and eating breakfast, going to work, etc. and waking up early will just make you do that stuff early. it won't give you more time to rest, it won't give you more time to talk to anyone, it won't inherently give you anything at all even. sometimes saving up 30-60 minutes before work is just kind of a nothing amount of time. it's like saying extended lunch break is free time. it's not. just because you're not actively working doesn't mean you're not giving your time to your employer


    For the purposes of this poll, choose the option that you enjoy the most on its own, as though you may choose one and ONLY one type of stimulation to receive. Assume you are aroused and fully ready for the act in question.

    "Partner/partnered" meaning a person you are having sex with, as opposed to masturbation.

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    [ID: "Cold weather reminder. Do NOT plug space heaters into power strips or extension cords. Plug space heaters directly into the wall outlet. Power strips are not designed to handle the high current flow required by a space heater and can overheat causing a fire."

    A photo is attached of a power strip with an extremely charred end. Part of the power strip's wire is also charred. End ID]


    Also if you smell fish in your house or office, and haven't had any lately, that can be electrical burning/shortage/FIRE.

    Hunt that smell down!

    I’m reading reviews of off-brand maxtrax style recovery boards and this review kills me. Imagine being that UPS driver, delivering a package to some guy at the end of this muddy clay road and of course you fucking get stuck and you think “well, my day just went to shit” but then the guy you just made the delivery to busts the package open and pulls out a set of recovery boards and gets you unstuck in one shot, can you even imagine