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    “i really hope the lesson people take from elijah mcclain is not “its extra sad because he was so sweet” but rather, “no amount of gentleness & respectability can protect a black person from the arbitrary wrath of police”

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    men and nonbinary people who have breasts are totally normal and cool actually

    also this is true regardless of whether they bind or plan to have top surgery

    I know you’re aiming for trans and nb people rn, but this would also probably help cis men with gynecomastia too :D

    This is one of the rare occasions when “cis men too!” is a good addition, and you’re so right! That did occur to me when I made this post and I’m glad you pointed it out

    Was anyone gonna tell me Vincent Martella, voice of Phineas Flynn on the Disney Channel original show Phineas and Ferb is on some absolute king shit on his twitter or did i just have to see this amazing series of tweets myself?

    There’s more just go fucking look yourself


    My personal favorite

    oh man that isn’t even the HALF of her life (1814-1904, if anyone is wondering)

    she and her white husband worked as “slave stealers” before abolition- meaning they helped enslaved people get to freedom on the Underground Railroad. Pleasant even earned the nickname “the Harriet Tubman of California”

    she probably met and consulted with Marie Laveau in the course of her work for the UR

    she got that financial gossip running exclusive restaurants

    she did not hide her race from other black people and helped influential black leaders get into positions of power in San Francisco

    John Brown had a letter from her in his pocket when he was arrested. he, of course, hanged for orchestrating a raid on the Harper’s Ferry Armory meant to help spark a slave rebellion. but since she only signed her initials- MEP -and they were misread as WEP, she was never caught. she later admitted to having donated the present-day equivalent of $900,000 to his cause

    after she publicly revealed her race, she proceeded to start court battles against the city’s segregation laws. and succeeded in getting streetcars desegregated

    the press tried to call her “M*mmy Pleasant.” she was understandably pissed and fought the nickname until the end of her life, even rejecting correspondence that came addressed to that name instead of her preferred “Mrs. Mary E. Pleasant.” she literally sent one such letter back with a note written on the same piece of paper, saying she wouldn’t waste any of her own paper on the original writer

    this is her. based on the clothing, probably in the 1860s, when she was in her late 40s-early 50s. far be it from me to reduce a woman to her appearance, but I will say that I can think of few other human beings who so richly deserved that apparent eternal youth

    it brings me immense joy to not correct TILThat in this case, and instead merely expand on the life of an amazing person

    Two bite brownies?? Don’t tell me how many bites to take per brownie, Trader Joe’s, okay for me, they’re zero bite brownies. I suck those things down like a BURMESE PYTHON

    gayle aggressively jogging in the snow with a speech bubble saying the words above

    [ID: A picture of Chris Fleming as Gayle holding a weight like a microphone, mouth open. A speech bubble is drawn above her mouth.]

    Call-out post for myself: almost cried on the bus today just from thinking about how Azula was fourteen and had a paranoid mental breakdown because all the people in her life that actually mattered to her betrayed her in like the span of one month and she was suddenly left with no one to foist her failures onto to keep her abusive father from punishing her for her flaws and despite how hard she worked to seem perfect and be perfect for him her only reward was to be handed a meaningless platitude and told to get out of his way