Curls for the girls (I have more exercise content on my manyvids)

    Any ideas for exercises to do that don't require lots of upper body movement? I'm realizing that people like the stationary bikes for making heart content because they keep your body relatively still so the audio doesn't get too distorted, but I don't have access to one at the moment.


    Most "extreme" kink you've ever engaged in?

    Most "extreme" kink you've ever engaged in?

    I guess it'd depend on how you'd define extreme. I'll try almost anything at least once as long as there is no risk of harm to anyone, so I've done plenty of odder sexual things, but nothing really that dangerous. Gonna put my answer below a cut though just in case someone doesn't want to hear about other kinks

    If by extreme you mean more out there, I've done watersports at the request of a former partner and while it didn't really turn me on I didn't hate it either. Also been with someone who liked having things eaten out of various orifices during oral.

    If by extreme you mean physically difficult I have also been with someone from a sports team (we both did contact sports) and the sex was basically sparring. but sometimes genitalia got involved. very very sweaty, and I was always extremely sore the next day. I've also been with someone who was very into seeing people gag so every time we fucked I had to take like 10 minutes to mentally prepare for not having air most of the time. but it was fun. lol.

    I'm back from vacation but immediately got called in to replace someone on a work trip so I will be gone this week as well, my bad! Please accept some quick pics as an apology 🙇 School is starting soon too, so I'm getting my school supplies lined up and reviewing curriculum. I always have mixed feelings about back to school season, but I do appreciate how it feels like a fresh new start, even moreso than New Years does

    Hey there all!

    You can call me Rose! I have known that I am a cardiophile for a very, very long time (started when I was a kid) and I knew there was a community online. So I decided that it was time for me to get my own account, so here is a bit about me:

    I am 21 years old. I am a lesbian who is in a very committed relationship for 5+ years now. I use he/they/she pronouns and am nonbinary. I love to draw my OCs.

    I finally decided to make this account to share my art that I make and to hopefully start taking commissions as well! My cardiophilia art consists of mostly my own characters (they are my babies) but sometimes I tend to draw characters from actual media. So most of the art I post here will be yuri/GL related cardiophile art. I will put some of my newish pieces down below. If that’s your kinda thing, then I hope you will enjoy what I create! Thanks!

    i was always curious about what my heart was doing when I inverted myself and could feel all the blood rushing to my head 🤸‍♀️ (I put more fun nsfw content on my ManyVids and OF!)

    I haven't quite figured out how to get good quality audio while upside down yet, this one is really short cuz it's like my 8th attempt and I still wasn't happy with it. I think I might need to be wearing a tighter bra next time to better hold the steth in place.