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    Good morning,

    museums should repatriate artifacts belonging to living cultures and display reproductions instead

    Good afternoon,

    no one is entitled to the sacred art, tools, or costumes of another culture (save members of the culture itself) and nonsacred reproductions will serve just as well for the purposes of education and appreciation

    Good evening,

    having museums full of reproductions would be even cooler than having museums full of sacred artifacts because when modern craftspeople are able to replicate those artifacts, it’s usually because they still make the same items the same way today

    this means that you could have description tags emphasizing that such-and-such item has been made by these people in almost the same way for hundreds of years

    having museums full of beautiful reproductions takes the emphasis off of Things and places it on the People who make them, which is really as it should be

    like imagine thor finding out humans can survive a 15,000 ft fall if their parachute malfunctions but if they hit their head at a certain angle a few foot fall can kill them


    bruce: ppl can die from getting scratched by a rusty nail but there was also a guy who amputated his own arm with a pocket knife after being trapped by a boulder for six days


    <>bruce, who had just finished explaining That Time in college when he was super drunk and fell down three flights of stairs without sustaining any injury: that was around the time my aunt died from scrapping her hand on a rusty nail bc her tetanus shot wasn’t up to date


    <>Bruce: Humans have been observed to flip a car to the side by themselves to save someone who’s trapped underneath. 

    <>Bruce, <>1 minute later: Thor, can you help me? This flower pot is so heavy. 



    What if air nomads are pacifists bc they used to do shit like suffocating people and then saw the destruction they caused so turned away from it 🤔🤔

    secret lore 👀? what if the reason why air nomads distance themselves from the rest of the world is because they don’t want to be tempted back into that cycle of violence

    ya when i first saw someone mention the implication that he took all the air in the room, killing all the firebenders AND himself, i had to lay down for awhile 


    If I read one more fic where they write sokka as stupid and, if it’s a modern au, getting bad grades in a hard class (especially STEM) or not succeeding at school, I’m gonna LOSE IT. This goes for shitposts too!! HE LITERALLY HELPED DEVELOP THE ABILITY TO CONTROL HOT AIR BALLOONS AND CAME UP WITH COMPLEX BATTLE PLANS AND UNDERSTOOD ASTRONOMY. Stop writing Sokka like this. Comic relief does not mean 100% clueless!!!

    Sokka isn’t the kid who struggles in classes. Sokka is the straight A student who all the teachers love that will give you a detailed explanation of the rationale behind some obscure physics theory, then ask how much you’d pay him to eat a hamburger bun off the ground in the same breath