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    You used to be so smart.

    Now look at you. You're a drooling mess.

    It wasn't that hard to break you. See, the smart girls are actually easier to take over. They know more words, and all of them can be used against them. With a deeper vocabulary, I can describe everything in more detail and you'll understand. Making it easier for you to be distracted.

    Not to mention smarter girls tend to worry more. They constantly overthink themselves. But when you listened to me, you didn't need to worry. Not about anything.

    At first our conversation seemed normal. The shifts in your mind were too gradual for you to notice. You just let my words distract you slowly. You didn't realize when you started using less words yourself. You'd rather listen to me than speak for yourself.

    And before long the only word you could say was "yes".

    Now, no one's home in that pretty head. But don't worry, I'll take care of you. All you need to do is listen to me closely.

    Good girls don't think.


    The girl next door

    It was rather the normal day for you. Just going after all your daily chores, you are a bit nervous. It was only for a short time, but you got lost in tumblr and started to chat with someone. You have never seen him, just talked to him. But somehow the topic went over to hypnosis and brainwashing and you dont know why, but that caught your attention. You felt it deep in you, how it aroused you. And for some reason, he KNEW it. 

    So, after a bit of chatting, he offered you to look at his spiral.


    And soon after you were compelled by it, looking at it, wandering around in your own mind, following his words. 


    Good Girl

    Keep Watching the Spiral

    And as you keep focusing on the spiral, you can see things in them, that you missed before


    Good Girl

    Sink Deeper

    Is all you can see, all you can think about, as the spiral compels you more and more, draws you DEEPER. So all you do is keep watching and realizing, there is even more.



    Go Blank

    Play with yourself

    Even more things you read and just accept. As if it is directly projected in your brain, your mind. Words becoming your thoughts, and you follow your thoughts, you OBEY them. So while you sit there and stare, your hands wander to your breasts, to your pussy and you start to slowly play with yourself, obeying and starting to feel your initial arousal rising higher and higher.


    Edge to empty your mind

    A new thought appeared. But it makes total sense. You are already playing with yourself, masturbating, obeying. So it just makes sense to edge. To get filled with new thoughts, because your mind wants, needs to be empty. So it can be filled with even more new thoughts that make such perfect sense. So that is what you do:

    Edge to empty your mind


    Deeper and Deeper

    And you keep doing so. Edging, staring and going deeper. Deeper and deeper. To OBEY more. And it feels so good. You feel so much pleasure, as you keep edging and just shut your mind down. As you know, it will be filled with new thoughts. Thoughts that make you feel so good, so happy, so deep, so obedient. So all you do is watch, stare, listen and obey.



    And as new thoughts enter your mind, you feel yourself reformatting. Your old thoughts being overwritten by the pleasure you feel from obeying and edging. New thoughts filling you, molding you, changing you.


    You are programmed

    You are programmed to serve

    You are programmed to please

    You are programmed to obey

    As you are getting filled with your new programming, you just keep edging and absorbing all of it. Repeating your new thoughts over and over. In  steady rhythm, the same one as you edge, making it easier to remember. As you are getting more and more new programming.









    Accept your programming

    And when you do, you cum. You cum and save the new programming deep in you, acting accordingly to it. Re-reading this story and strenghtening all the programming more and more. Until it really is a part of you and you message me, Mindchange: I am programmed.


    Dont think

    Only obey and submit

    And you wake with an orgasm. It washes over you so strongly, erupting like a vulcano deep in you. And you wonder where the time went, as you can still slightly here in your mind:

    Dont think

    Only obey and submit

    And as you fully awake, dripping, you question yourself, why you cant wait to do that again. And the answer is easy:


    You love it

    You love to edge

    You love to obey

    You love to submit

    You love to be programmed


    And you know it is right, as already new images start to fill your mind……


    Edge, comply and obet


    just gahh and thuddd…. :o


    iobey iobey i comply iobey im agooodi grl goodo girls iobey iobey obey i accept iobey iboey i am programmed


    I love to edge I love to obey I love to be programmed I love to edge my mind away I don’t need a mind I don’t want a mind I don’t want to think I want to obey I obey I obey I obey I obey I obey