OK sorry it’s been a hot minute to get this posted after m<>y last Jet’s pic (bottom left, which has been my 3rd most successful post so far!) an<>d my original Jets post (bottom right). 

    Here we have another very hot pic with teammate and co-captain <>Isaac Maximov<> (left) , co-captain <>Dylan Tonningson (right) and keeper <>Evan Woods<> (middle) from the <>Encinal Jets Water Polo team, in Alameda, CA (across the bay from SF), around Fall 2011. 

    They’re wearin<>g S&R Sport / Fin<><>is custom team suits - which sure seem to sized pretty tight - much tighter than we’re used to seeing the SoCal (e<>.g. Uni <><>High) and Florida Water Polo boys (e<>.g. Boca Raton) wearing. 

    You might notice a trend with these three pics - from the somber first pic, to wide smiles in the second, and now in this one they’re flashing some suburban-white-boy-water-polo-gang hand signals, with a random teammate approaching from behind.   Stay tuned for the trend to continue with a couple more fun pics to come !:)<>    See all the Jets pics.


    Incredible Strong Athletes!…Powerful Competitive Swimmers…Truly Physiques and Strength to Win!   Congrats!

    Wonderful Team Pic.