Jocks and Twinks hypnotized

[NSFW] Guys who loves to hypnotizes jocks and twinks.

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2018-07-17 07:27:48


    I only know from what I read but don’t trust @hypno-obey / @masteralpha he has been accused of abusing subs and trying to hypnotize subs to forget about themselves and their families against their wills, these accusations were provided with the tumblrs of a few people he abused and tormented like this, which is unacceptable and the fact that he posted to not trust any masters/hypnotists that aren’t him publicly after these accusations makes me believe those stories are true and he just wants to cover them up so don’t trust him. A hypno-fetish is not an excuse to do something permanent that someone doesn’t want. CONSCIOUS CONSENT IS IMPORTANT ESPECIALLY WITH FETISHES

    My Master

    I love how my master, hypnojockpups, controls every part of me. He takes authority over both my mind and body, because I belong to him. My thoughts and actions are not my own, I love being my master’s slave, puppy, boy, girl, and anything else he wants me to be. All for my master’s pleasure, not my own. 


    Thanks for the love 😵

    Thanks to all boys, subjects, fellow hypnotists and men for showing me a little bit of your love.

    A torrent file regarding parts of the stash will be uploaded soon. Hold tight!

    Sorry for not responding early enough, had some serious work commitments and did some work with the Ultraman Australia event.

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    Would love to see these files