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2021-07-23 16:01:26

    When Michael looks in the mirror these days, he almost doesn’t recognize the face staring back. As part of his training, every inch of his body has been changed, transformed to meet the exacting standards I expect of my muscle slaves. His skin - tanned to a precise shade I’ve chosen for my toys - is now completely hairless, pulled taut against the new muscles that now seemed to bulge from every inch of him. His face - framed by hair whose original color Michael can’t even remember - is lean from months of controlled diet and exercise, its features refined through several subtle surgeries. His hole - nestled between two hard globes of muscle - was kept bleached, waxed, and always ready for my inspection and use. 

    It takes quite the investment to take someone like Michael and turn him into the  jocktoy he’s always been meant to be. But when I hear his soft moan as I put his perfect body to use, I know it’s been worth it.

    Read please!

    Dear readers,

    I'm so sorry I couldn't update this blog that much lately.

    My life has been quite a mess.

    I had to study for many exams in the past two months, so I had no time at all, not even to breath. I unironically started studying like four days before each exam session, I stayed up late and lost hours of sleep. Still, I managed to pass them all - and with high grades too, to be fair.

    I was about to get graduated next week.

    Everything seemed so nice and pleasant, for once.

    However, my life is miserable and things took an unexpected turn for the worse, as always.

    I have no idea how I got here. I just woke up one day and... I don't know, I was somewhere else, in someone else's body.

    Yeah, of course I like body swaps and that kind of shit, but it was always meant to be a joke, a fantasy. I didn't expect it to actually happen, especially to me, especially one week before my graduation.

    But... Here I am.

    Yes, I'm hot, I know. I was lucky in my misfortune. But that's not the point... After all, there's nothing wrong in having fun with your newly-acquired brawny body. You'd do it too.

    The problem is, a random, older-than-me jock is going around inside my body. And, what's worst - while I'll be flexing his pecs and biceps, because I'll keep doing it - he'll fail my final dissertation and make me look bad in front of everyone.

    I mean, I'm not saying he's dumb only because he's a burly gym rat, but you have to admit that the odds are not on my side. Plus, I really doubt he'd know what to say even if he were smart.

    Oh well, there's not much I can do right now. I hope we'll get back to normal before my graduation.

    In the meantime, I'll keep having fun. I need to get distracted. And I also like being a hot, large daddy for once. Everyone looks at me with either envious or lustful eyes, and it makes me feel so good.

    Now, excuse me, I'm getting ready for gym. Here a picture for your pleasure. And yes, don't judge me, it feels so good to show off this massive physique.

    Masculine men in feminine thongs always turned me on, but it's not something you see every day.

    Now I can see one whenever I want.

    And I can be one, too.

    And jacking off inside this body feels really good, so bye, I'll let you know when things settle down.

    Until then, I'm not sure if I'll be able to update my blog that much... But I think you'll forgive me if I show you something more about my new body, won't you?

    Imagine showing up to work one day and people are like "jesus fucking christ there's a corpse in here", herd you to the back room and everyone who sees you also agrees that there is now a dead body where you are sitting, with the appropriate amount of shock and disgust about it. You figure it's some kind of a prank that they're pulling, but also the people that you know aren't into pranks, or aren't very good actors, are treating you like a corpse. They go weirdly back and forth between talking about you as if you're not there, and politely asking you to stay still while they figure out who you're supposed to call in case of a dead body randomly appearing.

    Paramedics show up, study you thoroughly and agree that while they can't see any apparent sign of death, you are, indeed, dead, and ask you to climb aboard the ambulance. You're taken to the temporary corpse storage that hospitals have.

    On the way there you ask them whether this kind of shit happens often, and while they won't look at you, the paramedics agree that they've never had a talking corpse before, though they won't question the fact that you're moving on your own.

    You're eventually led to a morgue, where you're shown a slab to lay on, and at this point you don't really even question it, you just climb onto the Corpse Shelf and lay down, maybe have a little nap, with no idea what's going to happen next.

    Then you wake up to someone walking into the morgue, who has the shit scared out of them when you move, and they're like "dude what the fuck, you're not supposed to be here, this place is for storing dead bodies" and when you're like "aw man sorry I thought I was a dead body" they have no idea whether you're joking and they don't care, you're just chased out of there.

    And you just kinda go home and take a shower, show up to work normally the next day and nobody questions it.

    And basically that's probably how those ants feel when scientists spray them with the Pheromone That Dead Ants Smell Like, and just hang out at the dead-ant-pile until the smell wears off.