The Need to be Obedient
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    What frustrates me the absolute most is the fact that Tumblr’s little letter to all of us puts emphasis on the fact that they want Tumblr to continue to be an outlet for “self-expression” and “self-discovery”.

    Yet those are two of the biggest things they’re actively censoring.

    I’m not just mad that I can’t look at my friends’ porn anymore. I’m mad because I used Tumblr for self-discovery, and my doll used it for self-expression. Fuck Tumblr for denying that option for other people who may be curious, confused, frustrated, or scared.

    Where do you even start with this?

    How in the fuck am I supposed to save and file five years of sexual expression and experiment?

    I met the love of my life on this site and we started talking over sexy cosplay and hypnosis. 

    This is the one place I feel comfortable enough to talk about my sexuality.

    Fuck this

    Also this is all happening real real close to my birthday. Sooooooo


    honestly, like the hottest and most turned on i ever got was when a boy sincerely wanted me to fix my sleep schedule to something healthier and have me eat a reasonable meal every day at regular times and made sure i wasn’t negatively criticizing myself too much about this, that and the other thing, and regularly checked up on me for all of it.

    anyway, that’s how this girl thrives. and it’s also what turns me into a filthy, desperate, giggling little slut for someone worthy of it.


    Note to dominants, structure is hot.


    💯 the hottest turn on !


    Lesser-Known Hypnokink Roots

    Everybody’s always talking about fucking Kaa the snake, and that is all well and good and hot, but you know what, I’m 30 years old, Kaa was not my foundational hypno fetish root. 

    I want to talk about the hypnokink fodder that really turned me, a hapless 90′s kid, into a pervert. The less celebrated shit! Stuff like: 

  • The Pokemon episode where Misty & all the other kids get hypnotized into thinking they are Pokemon
  • The Pokemon episode where a Tentacruel puts its tentacles on the back of Meowth’s head and takes over his mind and uses him to speak to the humans. 
  • While we’re on the subject of mind-control tentacles, the alien in Independence Day that takes over the body of the scientist and uses him as a puppet to talk to the President
  • That weird as shit episode of King of the Hill where Bobby sniffs an ant’s nest and the pheremones turn him into an empty headed slave to the Queen, and forces him to bring their nest sugar and water (I kid you not, Bobby Hill mindlessly intoning “Yes My Queen” in his little raspy southern accent drove my kinky mind wild as a kid)
  • The Yeerks in the Animorphs Books!!! They slide into a host’s ear, slip around their brain, and take total control of their body and identity, unffff 
  • One of the RL Stein Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books in the 90′s had an ending where an evil troll whistled into your ear and made your mind evaporate into thin air, leaving you an obedient, mindless husk. Needless to say I somehow arrived at that ending a lotttt 
  • Blossom getting hypnotized in the original powerpuff girls! 
  • Jafar’s hypnotic staff in Aladdin! (okay, this one is pretty widely celebrated, but still, not as much as Kaa!) 
  • The mind-controlling, body-overtaking, essence corrupting Seru in the game Legacy of Legaia!
  • Kohaku getting mind controlled in Inuyasha! 
  • Allllll the fucking mind control in Sailor Moon my god 
  • The Harder Better Faster Stronger video by Daft Punk, where all the members of the Crescendolls get brainwashed and have their memories erased holy fuck!
  • What are some of your lesser-known hypno-roots? Please reblog and add if you want, I’m sure I”m forgetting a ton of foundational influences! 


    Already thought of another one: the passage at the end of the book Hannibal where Dr. Lecter drugs Clarice and brainwashes her into thinking she shares a mind with his dead sister (it’s weird) and falls deeply, devotedly in love with him. 

    Middle-school-aged me thought that was so so so romantic hahahaha 


    I was always weirdly compelled by puppet masters. 😅

    I don’t know that I remember much from my childhood that was that compelling, but, I can add:

  • Red Kyptonite from Smallville
  • The entire theme of Psyconauts being about going into peoples thoughts and changing them and how they act.
  • Slave collars from Fallout 3
  • I know @unlockingwonderland was super into a specific bit from sailor moon, but I forget which precise episode.


    I always loved the “mind control chip” that was thrown around constantly in the 2000s. Like Kim Possible and Shego.


    Oh! Oh! Someone already said Yeerks which I just realized was one of mine, lol. But “mind control chip” reminded me of the Witch Mountains series.

    Anyone remember Return From Witch Mountain? I feel like it was on Disney sometimes in the 90s but it had a major plot point that some of the characters were being controlled by a chip behind their ear. I think it might’ve appeared in some of the other ones in the series but I literally haven’t seen any of them since I was like 10.

    Oh yeah, looking back that was big for me.


    I thought of more!!

    - Dio from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. I hate him with every fiber of my being (and it takes a lot to get me to hate a fictional character who uses mind control!) but he was going around mind controlling people (flesh buds & vampireness)

    - Erik (Phantom of the Opera). He hypnotized Christine with his voice and eyes and music multiple times (book, musical, various movies, etc). This started it all for me!

    - Anubis (JoJo) one of the stands in part 3 that controls another person/possesses them!

    - Dracula (the Lee movies & Oldman as well) so much hypnotizing beautiful young damsels, so little time.

    - Teen Titans (the OG). There’s that big hypno/mind control episode and at one point there’s a big room full of spirals

    - Big Trouble Little China. Ladies getting hypnotized! Fun fact this movie is how I got outed as a hypno fetishist to my best friends lol.

    -Young Sherlock Holmes. Pretty girls getting hypnotized by a cult to be sacrifices

    - Mew 2 hypnotizing/ controlling in Pokémon

    - Another Inuyasha one, Myoga the flea controlling people/ possessing them

    - The monster metal band Lordi, several of their music videos seduce/ possess/ mind control women (Personal recommend: Would You Love A Monsterman? Warning: horror)

    And two obvious newer additions just so they’re on the list:

    - Mindslaver in Incredibles 2. Obviously.

    - Shinso from My Hero Academia who has mind control as a super power (a good boy who deserves better.)


    Just remembered:

    - Temple of Doom. The Blood of Kali which mind controls Ibdiana Jones. Not girls being hypnotized but still hot AF, lol.

    - Xena Warrior Princess. There was a vampire episode or something that had a whole bunch of hypnosis/mind control, I believe a potion was involved kind of like ToD. And I feel like it and Hercules had a lot of other episodes with those themes I just don’t remember.


    Thank you for @thejoker-thethief reminding me to add in Avatar the Last Airbender!

    Never forget, ~there is no war in Ba Sing Se.


    Man, but “Hypno’s Naptime”…

    This was it. This was The One. My supervillain origin story.

    I taped it on an old blank VHS back when I was in elementary school and just…I’m not kidding, I know a lot of people say this to add funny hyperbole to their story, but I’m 100% serious when I say that I actually played this episode over and over until the tape wore out.

    It didn’t help matters that Misty was my very first crush. If Sailor Moon triggered my sexual awakening, Misty triggered everything else.

    The thing is that she’s hypnotized by Hypno to turn into a Seel at first, but when they bring her back to reverse the spell via Drowzee, it really takes its time hypnotizing her before turning her back. Brock even says during the process “Whoa, she must be in a really deep trance.”

    “Trance”? What is that? Is it real? Why do I like what it does to Misty so much? Either way, that’s a word I’m going to remember for the rest of my stupid little life.


    Thank you for mentioning that King of the Hill one! Thats a deep cut and definitely played n impact.


    As a fellow dysthymic person, I'm curious, how do you maintain a long-term romantic relationship? I find that whenever things become serious, I start telling myself that the energy my partner's spending on me is energy they're not spending on finding a stable, healthy partner who can actually contribute to the relationship, so me dating is unethical. I don't act on these thoughts, but without a reason they're wrong, they don't go away. Do you have a way around this, or does it not happen to you?

    Hey Anon…I really wish I had an answer for you. Some sort of mantra you could say to yourself or medication you could take or any kind of golden ticket that makes this easier.

    Truth is, every single thing you experience - the feelings of guilt, the “it’s unethical” excuse, the self-loathing for seemingly wasting someone’s time, the constant thoughts of unhealthiness - are all things that I experience every damn day.

    If you were to ask my doll, she would probably brush it off and say something like “I mean, it’s not easy, but we both find ways of making it work”, so I’ll set the record straight: I don’t make this easy for her at all. I withdraw, I hide, I lie about how I’m feeling, I go long days moping. Sometimes I turn my phone off without warning and just keep to myself. By definition, I am not always a good boyfriend; sometimes I am an absolutely shitty boyfriend. Any other person would’ve left me ages ago.

    For whatever reason, she hasn’t.

    I’m not saying “wait around for someone to put up with your toxicity” or whatever. I’m always trying to learn and get better, and I’ve made some great strides since we started dating. But, like you and everyone else out there with dysthymia, every hour of every day is an uphill battle. You’ll stumble and fall and freak out and feel miserable and no matter how hard you try, there’s a poison in your head that’s going to constantly tell you “you’re a bad person.”

    The trick is that not everyone can handle that. Not everyone should. I’m not going to mince words: there are a lot of people out there who want a stable relationship that’s simply easier to handle. We bring with us baggage, and not everyone is capable of dealing with it. And that’s okay, and as much as it sucks, we need to accept the fact that thats okay. Mourn, feel shitty for a while, and then press onward.

    That being said, you - and everyone with this illness - will eventually find someone whose love for you will be on par with their ability to stick out a relationship like this. Someone who can look at you, the poison in your head, the way you withdraw and all of the other unique symptoms that come with dysthymia, and say, “Not only can I do this, but I love you so much that I want to do this.”

    And that someone is for you to meet along your journey.

    I’m really sorry, I wish I had better advice. I don’t. I really hope that this helps though.


    I feel like maybe I can add to this a little, as said partner. You know that lyric in Rent that’s like “I’m just looking for baggage that goes with mine” he is also not mentioning the anxiety I came in with of past partners who abused me emotionally, to me at first, hiding and being distant wasn’t terrible because when he came back he is still sweeter and more genuine than anybody has ever been to me. His baggage matched mine.

    He is right though, it’s not easy. Sometimes I still get frustrated even though I know it’s part of who he is, he likewise wishes I had more patience. No partner will ever be perfect and there will definitely be an adjustment period, but if you care about them and you’re compatible, you’ll make it work


    Taking her down to an unforgettable journey into Subspace.

    Plenty of turbulence to be expected.

    And despite the screams of terror echoing from the pit of her psyche, she knows this destination is well worth the suffering.

    She tries to surrender, to fight her instinct to fight. Her body spasms, lashing out against her restraints, muscles on fire. Her brain is one thundering cloud of panic, pain, and pleasure, eclipsing any rational thought she would otherwise be able to muster.

    In time, she will naturally heed her Master’s words. In time, her body will grow limp, exhausted from its futile struggle, and the intense vibrations that paralyze her swollen clit with expand over every inch of her flesh in the most wonderful way. The storm in her mind will calm, leaving behind a faint mist of overwhelming euphoria. 

    She’ll be, once again, floating. Floating-  almost lifelessly, though feeling never more alive - through Subspace.

    And who knows when she’ll return?


    I have a plan.

    It involves hypnosis, crossdressing, domination, Pavlovian conditioning, and her own bicuriosity.

    It’s a lifestyle tactic. Something I won’t be able to truly implement until we see each other again. But I’ll start planting the seeds immediately.

    It will take patience on my part. It will take my crossdressing to a place beyond my own niche curiosities and firmly establish itself as part of our relationship moving forward. It will force my doll to confront her own doubts and open her mind to possibilities she never knew would make her so excited.

    The best part, of course, is that she’ll never see it coming. Not until her body and mind fully betray her, and she’s begun to wonder why it took her so long to embrace something so natural and erotic.


    You know In super hero movies when bad guys start saying their plan, that’s how these posts feel sometimes


    “Holding hands. So small a detail in the relationship landscape and yet not. Walking down the grocery aisle, the quiet moments of an early morning roadtrip, or sitting next to one another watching the day drift off. Palms pressed together or fingers interlocked or just pinkies hooked together. When they slowly run their thumb up and down the side of your finger or one of you squeezes a little tighter. For something seemingly so small, it can carve memories in you that last a lifetime.”

    daily-esprit-descalier (via daddyslittleflame)