I was unsure about visiting Goddess RiverNixie and gulped as she came to the door in an outfit revealing her tremendous cleavage. She offered me some tea and asked me to wait on the couch for a few moments, until she was ready for me. As I drank, I began to relax. After about five minutes, I felt dazed, dazed and aroused. I was so dazed that I, barely, noticed that my cock had tented my pants out. Just then, my Goddess returned. As she did, she gazed at my erection. Even in my dazed and dreamy state, I felt nervous about sprouting a hard-on. However, she smiled, licked her lips and said, I see you are ready. Follow me to my parlor, slave. It is time to cum under my control. As she turned and walked toward her bedroom, my eyes soon followed the hypnotic motion of her swaying cheeks. Soon, I found myself standing and following her. When I got inside her bedroom, she shut the door behind me and moved me to the foot of her bed. As she backed me against it, my cock leaked pre-cum and as I moved and it rubbed my pants. You will soon surrender to me, she said, as she pressed against me and began to rub my temples. You are hypnotized, she chanted, as I stared into her eyes, and I was, as I melted for her. She, then, chanted, obey, until I joined her. Then she pushed me back and commanded, take off your clothes and lay on the bed. I obeyed, and she crawled on top of my naked body, straddling me. She flicked a switch and, suddenly, multi-colored lights shown on her hypnotic tits. As I gazed at them, and the pendant between, I blanked out. She spoke, but I couldn't tell you what she said. I felt tremendous pleasure in my cock, almost as if she was stroking me, as I edged toward ecstacy. I floated on pleasure and lost myself in her mesmerizing juggs. I heard a count, felt an explosion, and passed out. I remember eating a glorious pussy and fingering it to several orgasms. I remember someone sucking my cock and, then, stroking me into oblivion. The entire time, I saw the swirling colors, her breasts and her pendant. Then I woke in my own bed. Each night I dreamed of those tits, and woke up sticky. The phone is ringing and I must answer it. Hello, titty slave, a voice says, and I know it is time to visit my Goddess and her hypnotic tits. I get hard and obey, as my hard cock guides me where I need to go!!!


    It’s only natural that you should want to be Mine

    To let this River take you

    To want this need for Me to grow even deeper inside you

    It’s only natural that you would find your way to Me

    To let yourself follow Me deeper

    To need all else to fade

    My Wish is your command.

    Come enjoy My earthly delights RiverNixie.com  

    Clips4sale    Niteflirt  iWantClips


    My cock is at attention and my mind is under your control. What is your wish, Goddess? Yes, I will stroke and give my offering to your hypnotic breasts. Then I will sleep for RiverNixie.


    It seemed innocent enough. My new neighbor, Marla and her two young boys, Jessie (4) and Kevin (2) were washing her car and having a water fight. I saw them go inside, then realized. I needed some sugar to finish the desert I was making. I knocked and Marla opened the door looking like this! I forgot why I was there and she looked amused. She laughed and turned for a second and my brain began to work again. I need to borrow some sugar, I mumbled. She turned and told me she'd be back in a minute as she went to fill my request. As she did, she looked back over her shoulder and gave me a, fuck me, look. My, now hard, cock stirred and throbbed. As I waited, my mind returned to thoughts of Marla's chest, which had been, partially exposed to me just seconds ago. She returned as my cock threatened to rip through my shorts. She sat the sugar down and said, now, I need a favor from you. I need your opinion. As she said this, she seemed to, absent mindedly, circle her nipples. I drew in a sharp breath and gazed mesmerized. I knew it was rude, but, I could not control my eyes anymore. I stared and floated. Look closely and answer this question, she said. Are my tits too big? I was losing myself as I stared deeper. My answer was, of course, no. To me no tits are ever too big. But, this question gave me more of a reason to stare, deeply, at the tits that were, now hypnotizing me. I knew I was under and was about to give my mind to her as she began to sway and I mimicked her. Then, Jessie said, Mister, is that snake hurting you, as he tugged at my pants leg. This snapped me out of my fog and I looked, horrified, as Jessie and Kevin were staring at the tent I had pitched. I started to get up and leave, but Marla snapped and waved her hand in front of my eyes. I couldn't move. I watched as she waved her hands in front of her boys and they were, instantly, hypnotized. She commanded them and they followed her to their bedroom, where she put them to sleep. She returned and waved her hand again. I got up and followed her to her bedroom. As I stood next to her, she said, you never answered my question, as she pulled her shirt off. My mind was frozen even deeper in trance and she laughed and said, strip for me, but do not stroke until you answer me. I obeyed and, as my cock throbbed, I said, your tits are beautiful and hypnotic. Of course they aren't too big. May I worship them? Not yet, she commanded. Get on the bed and lay down first. I obeyed as she straddled me and said, I must finish you off first. She rubbed her tits on my cock, and, in 30 seconds I shot a load three feet in the air. Now, she said, I must hypnotize your mind like I did your cock. She began to sway her tits and kept chanting, UP. By the fifth up, I was rock hard again, and she sat down on my cock. As she fucked me, she chanted, deeper and deeper. When you cum, you will sleep. Her tits swayed, she bounced up and down and I knew I was becoming her slave. Are you ready, she said? Yes, Goddess, I groaned. 3, she said, 2,......1........and CUMMMMMMMM FOR ME! I felt insane pleasure as I closed my eyes. Explosions went off in my head as my body shook and I came and came and came. Now sleep, she said. When I awoke I asked her, everything seemed to work out perfectly, how did you know I would come over on a day you had your shirt in see through mode? Because, silly, she laughed. I had already hypnotized you. Then she said, remember, and it all came back. She had just moved in and I had looked out of my bedroom window, only to see her emerge from the shower in a towel. I was mesmerized and stared a little too long. I thought. I had been discreet, but she called and got me to look out again, as she dropped her towel. She danced in front of the window and hypnotized me into jacking off to her hypnotits. When I came, I fell and she took me deeper, setting up the scenario that had just occurred. Marvelous, I said, but I owe you some worship. Yes, she said and snapped her fingers. I was a baby and sucking and licking Mommie's huge titties. Her milk tasted so good and she seemed to like it as she moaned and shook three times. Mommy, then snapped her fingers. My cock was hard as I fucked Marla's tits. My balls felt full as I prepared to give my offering. Marla kept me at the edge as my cum built and built and built. Then she snapped and let her tits go, grabbing my cock and aiming it at her massive mammaries. My cock sprayed like a fire hose. When I was done, she waved her hand and I froze again. I watched her suck and lick all of my cum off. Then she gave me a deep kiss. I woke up in my bed covered in cum. Man, my neighbor Marla has some great tits. I had just dreamed of her, causing my current state. Think I'll manufacture a reason to go over there tomorrow. Maybe I can borrow some sugar!!!


    Succubus Love Spell

    Once again, the stories you’ve heard are all wrong. The tales of succubi draining their prey of all life force are just silly. What good would you be to Me then? The truth of My kind is much more fun.

    Yes, we may come to you in dreams, casting visions to guide you into these enchanting worlds of pleasure and delight. Taking you into the bliss of surrender, we ask only for your full devotion. Exchanging your troubled soul with wonder and the endless fuel of passion.

    This spell was cast with exquisite care. The divine eternal flames, the mysterious healing tones of the pyramids, these intimate visions of Me, carefully crafted here to allow you entrance into My salvation. Calling right to the frequency of your DNA, at My wish.

    Let Me show you the way now…

    NiteFlirt, iWantClips, Kinkbomb, and Clips4Sale

    ( Also new Notes from the Divine at RiverNixie.com )


    Ah, RiverNixie is at it again. I watch these things as she entrances my cock. My mind, quickly follows. I obey, Mistress.


    I came by to pick up my girlfriend. She wasn't at her apartment yet, but her roommate was, so I waited, while Sheila (her roommate) worked out. I sat and watched this for a second and found my cock out as I had been hypnotized. The next thing I knew, she was rubbing her tits up and down on my cock. I came, and blacked out. I awoke and fucked my busty girlfriend, Sheila. Afterward, her roommate arrived and seemed very upset, but, Sheila dropped her top and we both relaxed. That night, I had my first three way.


    As a tit man, I thought I could resist her sexual spell. She was notorious for seducing neighbors into sex. I had helped her clean up from her party and she said she had something for me to thank me. I had avoided being pulled into her vortex all night by not staring at her massive tits. This had allowed me to appreciate her gorgeous ass. Several times I had lost my train of thought staring at it's undulating movement. But her ass cheeks didn't do what tits did to me. She walked in and I found out all that was wrong. She turned and moved her ass in my face as I watched it shimmy and sway. Watch the hypnotic motion and obey, she said. Soon all was fuzzy and I was rock hard. She sat on my lap and started moving up and down, as she pulled off her shirt and bra and allowed me to play with her tits. While I was occupied, she maneuvered onto my pole. I mauled her tits as she began to bounce on my cock and I thrusted to meet her. As I pinched her hard nipples, her spell was complete as I exploded and filled her ass with my cum. After a minute, she got off and turned to kiss me. I saw her, huge, swaying, hypnotic tits and stared, mesmerized, as I sank to my knees. She smiled and moved her crotch to my face. My enslavement would, soon, be complete.


    I see Miriam Gonzalez and stare at her tits. She smiles and rubs her giant funbags. I am driven to my knees as she approaches. My mouth waters as she bares her nipples. I begin to stroke my cock as I suck and suck on a nipple. I snake two fingers in and out of her pussy. I speed up, I stroke faster, I fuck her pussy faster and I suck harder. She is beginning to shake as am I. As the cum rumbles up my shaft, I pull my mouth off and squeeze her nipple. I cum and she cums. We moan and shake and pass out. I wake up and see her massive tits and hard nipples. My mouth waters..........


    I looked at her and said, you would make a perfect stage hypnotist. I know, Professor, she said and stared into my eyes. I was locked in her gaze and floated in a fog until she took off her bra. Her giant tits became the only thing in my orbit. I woke with my head lying on my desk. What a dream, I thought. I had just been seduced and fucked by the campus sex bomb, Sydney Lee, the hottest woman I had ever seen. If only it were true, I thought. I went home early, showered and took a nap. The next thing I knew, I found myself at Sydney's X-rated stage show, on stage and nude watching hypnotic crystals dangling from her nipples. As I sank down onto the floor, she leaned over me and took me deep. I knew what was coming, but I couldn't resist her tits. I laid there in trance, my cock rock hard and sticking straight up. For an hour, I. watched women, many of whom I knew, mount me and fuck themselves silly. I saw TAs, students and other professors cum on me and I floated, hypnotized by Sydney's tits to stay just short of orgasm. Then, Sydney came back and mounted me. With the same crystals that had hypnotized me dangling from her nips, she fucked me stupid. She came as I watched the sparkles and dropped deeper. Then I exploded inside of her and woke up. I was holding my cock, my hand covered in cum. It was just a dream. I got up and picked up my pants from the floor. I checked my pockets before throwing them into the hamper. I found a ticket for a club downtown that did X-rated shows. Hmmmm, was it real or not? What do you think?


    Kat Dennings has always fueled my fantasies. Those tits, those huge, hypnotic tits. I stare, I get hard and I get mesmerized. She commands me between her legs as I, gladly, suck her lips, rub her G-spot, and suck her clit as she cums over and over. Then, she notices my cock throbbing and licks her lips. This, nearly pushes me over the edge, especially when those hypnotic lips suck my cock. As I get harder than I ever have, she stops me just short of climax, waits a minute as I squirm, then envelops my cock in her entrancing tit cocoon. As she runs her juggs up and down, I realize that I am tit fucking Kat Dennings. This thought, the feeling and the hypnotic motion of her beautiful tits takes me over the edge. I coat her globes and smile as I sink deeper under the power of her tits. Then, she lays back, pinches her nipples and snaps. As my cock hardens again, I, gladly, begin to fuck my Goddess as long as she desires. Well, it's a dirty job......


    She came into the pawn shop right before we closed. I noticed her immediately, as her large chest came through the door a few seconds before she did. My assistant, Danny was in the back getting ready to close, so I waited on her. Hi, I'm Ariel, she said. What can I do for you, I asked. Tell me what this is worth, she said, as she took of the diamond pendant around her neck and began to spin it in my eyes. I looked at the sparkles and sighed, as, directly behind if we're her tits. I heard someone say, stare and obey, and that sounded like a good idea. As entranced as I was, I, still tried to do my job, and told her I could give her $200 for it. Oh, she said, I think you can do better than that, as it started swaying. I watched for a second, my eyes closed, and she spoke to me. The next thing I knew, I was shooing Danny out the door and locking up. I followed Ariel to the back and laid on the couch as the pendant spun in my eyes. She straddled me, pulled her top and bra off and told me to, again, stare and be hypnotized. I was, as I watched the swinging pendant and her bouncing tits while she fucked me, stupid. I came and came and came. She talked to me and I answered. I heard a snap and slept. I woke up and could remember nothing. I went home and dreamt of a sexy woman fucking me, and woke up hard and sticky. I got to work the next day and found we had been robbed. The police found nothing, but, insurance covered it, so I calmed down. After work I went to a strip club to blow off some steam. I saw this gorgeous, busty Goddess who looked familiar and she asked if I wanted a private dance. I remember her huge tits and her magic pendant. I remember cumming for her and waking up at home, hard and sticky. Hmmmmmmm.


    The winters are always COLD in Canada… the chill in the air… the soft breeze makes the temperatures drop even MORE… but… we still go out in the frosty air… we bundle up warm… we take precautions… there is SAFETY in the way we manage the COLD… as you walk… you watch your footing… the air seems crisp as you breathe in… as you see a woman walking towards you… you see her eyes… they seem to fascinate you… so you PAUSE for a while… stare into the eyes… the draw your own gaze… as she seems so HYPNOTIC to stare at… she smile slightly and moves closer… you are aware of her perfume filling the cold air… and you feel warmer… she isn’t really hypnotizing you… you are HYPNOTIZING yourself as you look deeper into her eyes… letting the cold and the world around you FADE from your mind… all that matters is sinking deeper for her… aware… but UNAWARE… that you are letting GO… surrendering to your own arousal… she opens her hand and blows a crystal breath over her palm… and the air fills with swirling glittering diamonds… that is your last awareness… as you find yourself sinking even deeper… unable to resist… what you DESIRE… obey… and sink for Mistress LOVE MORE…

    don’t forget… I have many EROTIC HYPNOSIS files for you to listen to… all original and ALL… fascinating… have a look… OBEY… https://www.sensualmistress.com/Mistress-Love/


    Yes, Mistress, hypnotized, must surrender.