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    bipch erastosthenes schooled b.o.b. 2,230 years ago


    Ok so this is cool but I always wondered how they knew the shadows were different at the same instant. I mean it is not like they had phones. How did they sync up that instant. I feel like that would be interesting to know but no one ever says.


    ^^^Does anybody know this one? How, that far apart, the time at which the shadows were observed was synced up? I am genuinely curious, not a goddamn moron asking a gotcha question. High/Low tide? (I live in the middle of the country I do not know for the precise habits of tidal activity.) The appearance of a star (or planet) in the sky? Something as utterly mundane as sunrise?


    Well, first of all, it wasn’t actually pillars! Eratosthenes was told about a well in Syene that, in the summer solstice every year (June 21st) would be illuminated at the bottom entirely and without any cast shadows. This indicated that the sun was directly overhead. Going off that well known curiosity and an intelligent hunch, our dude Eratosthenes waited until high noon of the summer solstice to measure the angle of a shadow cast by a stick in Alexandria. (Sidenote: Eratosthenes was a librarian of the infamous Library of Alexandria.)

    His next course of action was to hire bematists, surveyors of the time whose professional specialty was to measure distance by walking with equal length steps. They measured a distance between Alexandria and Syene of about 5000 stadia. (Guess where the word stadium comes from.) Once he had that measurement, Eratosthenes did his math-y thing, and there you have it.




    Eratosthenes’ work was thorough enough that by the time he finished revising his calculations, he ended up only 66 km off of the actual polar circumference of the Earth, or an error margin of 0.16%. [wiki]


    Hello! I just wanna say that I really love your art! Also, I kinda wanna ask you for a few tips for shading since I really suck at that and you're so GOOD AT IT :DDD sorry if this was asked before and thanks in advance if you replied ^^

    Hi! Thank you so much! Here’s how I shade digitally. I use Clip Studio Paint EX, and draw with XP Pen Artist 16.


    Here’s a sketch of Deku. I make sure I’m happy with it because I don’t want to be changing major things in the lineart phase.


    At this point I also draw in the guide for the shadows/lights. I try to think of items that are “easier” to shade when I do this and imagine that as a replacement to what I’m actually shading. In other words, I think of Deku’s hair as “fluffy clouds”, because if I don’t think of it as human hair, the task suddenly feels less daunting. …Does that make sense? 


    Here’s more examples of what I mean. Deku’s hair is made out of several simple shapes like this:


    What I generally do is to break down one complex item into many simple items. 

    Lineart. I draw a lot of random lines/shapes when drawing my lines to avoid the super clean lineart look:


    I draw more shapes on his hair and start filling them in.


    Let’s see that again:


    Here’s the finished lineart. I went ahead and gave him a bigger smile so he looks more like Deku.


    A little color…:


    And done! I hope this helps somehow TuT

    yea we know about the dead jokes danny makes around living people, but has anyone talked about the living jokes he makes around ghosts

    “hey walker!! don’t mind me just LIVING it up”

    “wow ember your music is really LIVELY today”

    “okay okay skulker i know it’s frustrating that you can’t catch me, but why don’t we all just take a DEEP BREATH. here. i’ll start. IN and OUT and IN and OUT and IN-”

    “wow! all this fighting makes me feel so ALIVE, really gets the adrenaline going, yknow?”

    and of course the ghosts fucking hate it but danny only does it when he’s feeling, like, especially stressed out, or at his wit’s end with the ghosts, cause it usually makes the fight end quickly as the ghosts just wanna get away from him. it becomes a signal that danny’s probably had an especially bad day and as much as the ghosts don’t like the taunts it’s also a way of them knowing that the fight with them is probably the last straw and oh no i’m getting into angst territory now better shut up


    In other news, it is now not only morally acceptable but the morally correct thing to do to pirate the fuck out of Adobe’s software line.


    Planned Obsolescence gives way to Enforced Obsolescence


    [Laughs as I boot up Clip Studio Paint, which I bought one (1) time]

    Here’s a list of other programs. Keep posting till it’s widely known.



    Good to know these thanks man.


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    It’s funny how y'all will reblog any and all US things but when whole Europe might lose access to internet then everything is quiet.


    Are you fucking serious? Is this really happening? I’m European and I didn’t know a single thing about this




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