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    Something I kind of love is that the show brought back Gerard's early concept for the Sèance. Part of the early ideas for Sèance was that he summons/gets possessed by dead superheroes, and is able use their powers. But as the story and characters changed, that concept seemd to disappear. There didn't seem to be other superheroes, so we have yet to see that.

    The show, however, did that. With the added idea of Klaus developing his powers and Ben's cnstant appearances, they were able to do that early concept, but improve on it.

    He's not just summoming a superhero, he's summoning Ben. Their brother whose the others haven't seen since they were teenagers, with a power needed most in that finale.

    I just sort of love it

    I try to keep my nose out of shit like this but today. man. today I encountered something that really ticked me off.

    today I met a professor who does queer studies. she told me that her teenage gay son yelled at her recently for using the word “queer” in describing her discipline and demanded to know how the university “could get away with calling it that.”

    so of course she’s baffled right, and asks him where on earth this is coming from. and he told her he read it on Tumblr. 

    listen if you don’t want to be called queer and don’t want to be lumped in with folks who comprise the queer community, that’s fine. that’s totally fine. it is 100% okay. people are allowed to have complicated histories with that word. it’s a fraught signifier. it’s a mess and it’s allowed to be. 

    what’s not cool is telling young LGBTQ+ people that queer is a slur in all contexts because now you are stripping away not just the language that we use to describe ourselves but also the language that creates the discipline that lets us study our own lives and our cultures. Queer studies has been a part of American academe since the 1970s (possibly earlier, depending on who you ask). “Queer” has been a functioning and largely unproblematic signifier in American academe since ten years before the AIDS crisis. If you don’t at least know that much, you have absolutely no business trying to educate LGBTQ+ youth about queer history.

    Trying to censor the word queer from our collective cultural lexicon is 1) impossible. it’s here now. and 2) an erasure of our lineage of scholarship. I could spend all day lobbing criticisms at American academic culture and I do, but queers created space for ourselves in academe. We built a queer world inside the tower that tried its best to keep us out and now we have a place here. 

    I am a queer person and I am a queer scholar. You use whatever words you want to signify who you are and how you live your life and how you love your loves. You won’t hear a peep of criticism from me.  All I’m asking is that you do me and mine the courtesy of leaving our collective body of text very much the fuck alone.

    <>In 1967, jazz singer and Civil Rights activist Nina Simone recorded poet Langston Hughes’ poem Backlash Blues. <>

    “In [the] poem Hughes raises questions about the identity that white society has imposed on the black man and the method by which the system attempts to guarantee the failure of the black man in that society. A literal white backlash is, of course, something with which slaves would be very familiar, but that is now to be countered by a backlash of global proportions as people of color unite.” (x)