can you please post the rest of this comic?, I’m loving this!

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    Apparently that’s all for now, but let’s hope they come back soon

    by the way I found them thanks to a person on 4chan


    Found some more from

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    Found the last two pages

    Hoped you enjoyed it

    If you like my diapers so much why don’t you get closer... Push your face right in there! Can you feel how warm and squishy that is?

    You’re enjoying this! That’s disgusting! You like being bullied by a girl in diapers?

    She let out a small fart and began to laugh as she heard you sniffing and squishing your face trying to bury it deeper in her diapered ass.

    Then you heard a few more muffled farts as the seat of her diaper began to grow even warmer and began to expand outward. The smell got worse as she let out a few moans and strains.

    “Cmon then piggy, come and sniff my dirty diaper!”

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    Heather was always the popular kid in her school. All of that may change tomorrow. After she was given a 2 week OSS for bullying, her parents decided that she would spend the next month being treated like she had treated the freshman girl that had stood up to her and paid the price for it. Including the paci she forced into the freshman’s mouth, the diapers she had forced the freshman into, and using the diaper, just like she did to the freshman.

    She hadn’t imagined her parents would actually make her go to school like this. That is until the freshman showed up last night and was introduced to her as her “babysitter” while she is at school and saw her parents had the freshman a diaper bag full of supplies.

    She would never be able to live this down. Especially since she was coming back on a uniform day. Mid thigh skirt that she always wore high and all.