I graduated high school in 99.

    There was a student at our school named Wayne.

    Wayne was gay. It was obvious. He was unable to stay in the closet even if he wanted to. To make matters worse, he was also Black. From a bullying standpoint, that was not a great combo. Both Black and white students made fun of him relentlessly. He was ostracized from the only community that may have given him protection. Only us theater kids stuck up for him, but not to significant effect.

    Wayne was bullied so much that at one point he finally snapped and attacked his bullies with a lunch tray. I was actually seated in perfect line of sight and just sat there chewing my soggy fries in stunned silence. It didn't even seem real as I was witnessing it. The image of him wailing on his main bully as the food on his tray flew off is permanently logged into my long term memory.

    The bully he attacked had blood all over his face and went straight to the nurse. Other than superficial cuts, he was not injured.

    Before the attack, Wayne went to teachers for help. He went to guidance counselors for help. He went to the principals for help.

    He did all of the things you were supposed to do. No one helped him. They wagged a finger at the bullies and warned them to stop.

    Wayne's lunch tray melee was the only thing that worked. His bullies stayed far away from him. But a week later Wayne was expelled and the bullies were given no punishment.

    So... no.

    No one in my school talked about being trans.

    Because the only way to survive being openly queer was to bash people with a lunch tray.