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    thanksgiving is a holiday based on a falsified narrative full of white guilt and the erasure of history so what are some good native organizations to donate to this coming thursday


    i finally figured out how to apply for unemployment but i have no money. i'm struggling because i was and need to help support my grandma. and we just had a cat die today and it was so hard. i lost my job because i was in the hospital for a suicide attempt and Nebraska is an at will employment state and it's fucking cruel. i've put out 5 job applications already but if anyone could donate to help me stay afloat just a little bit that would be so helpful. thank you for reading.


    just ignore my deadname, i'm just over it. i'm desperate and i don't care anymore


    i did the unemployment website wrong and i've been starving myself to save money but my bank account charged it's monthly fee and now it's negative. if anyone can donate i would be really appreciative, i've been in my bed starving applying to jobs just hoping to get another interview or callback bc it's all i can focus on and things are really bad. the good news is that my cats have food and water.


    was just cr*ing because it hit (again) that like. I feel like don’t know how to be a girl the right way and I feel so alienated because I just feel like this giant awful creature in every space so just wanted to thank you for ur posts because they are very very comforting and just help me feel a little human again so thank u

    :-(  i feel that way all the time too...im glad i can help though even in a small way, thank you for sending me this 


    What if we told you that every fad diet, fashion editorial, and #fitspo post on social media could all be traced back to racist pseudoscience? In this episode, Brittany is joined by Sabrina Strings, sociologist and author of Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia, whose groundbreaking research parses the intersection of thinness, whiteness, and beauty ideals.

    "Let women be feminine" is literally the coldest take, people mistake general misogyny with people degrading women because they're feminine. Feminine women is the standard, or we're treated like shit. This is a lot of why gnc women & butch lesbians get so much hate. Literally nobody is "not letting" women be feminine, or the fashion & makeup industry wouldnt be as big or insidious as it is like go outside

    this is so funny i love tumblr...can’t imagine what that message is in response 2 but if its in response 2 me saying that women r mean to each other if they dont conform to femininity...omg....alsoooo cant imagine being so desperate 2 send someone a death threat that ur willing to come out as a suicide baiter to their thousands of followers....ok Miss...glossier