Love Is The Answer
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2023-10-03 12:19:28

    Lucy Flaming 


    ابتسم لمن تحب ليشعر بحبك …وابتسم لعدوك ليشعر بقوتك …وابتسم لمن تركك ليشعر بالندم …وابتسم للغريب لتؤجر ……………..وابتسم لأجلك كل يوم ... فأنت تستحق

    Smile at the person you love so that he feels your love...and smile at your enemy so that he feels your strength...and smile at the person who left you so that he feels regret...and smile at the stranger so that you can be rewarded...…………..and smile for you every day...as you deserve it…


    It requires no thought, no consideration, no character, no talent to be a fault-finder. . . . It is much easier to find fault than to find ways to help.  How easy to be critical and how hard to be correct.  How easy to find fault with others and how hard to mend our own ways.

    Questions to consider:

    How do we learn to become fault-finders?

    Why do we often focus on the faults of others and not pay attention to our own?

    What might happen if we were to commend others for their true strengths instead of criticizing them for their perceived faults?

    For further thought:

    The faults of others we see easily; our own are very difficult to see.  Our neighbor's faults we winnow eagerly, as chaff from grain; our own we hide away.


    @natureloveratheart thank you!!!! So cute!!!! Wise words!!!!!