Your eyes slowly open, a faint yet consistent thumping rang through your head reminding you of how much you had drank the night before. You sat up in the dimly lit room, scouting your surroundings, the realisation that you had done it again came to your mind. You had a bad habit of drinking and meeting random girls, only in your drunken state to tell them, well rather show them, your hidden gift when you got back to theirs. Although usually in the mornings they would still be in bed beside you, unable to move from their newly gained size. You continued looking around the room for any signs of life.

    A noise echoed to your right, you turned to notice a door ajar. Climbing out of the bed, still nude you slowly approached, the door creaked as it was slowly opened. She stood, with her legs crossed, leaning over a sink in nothing but a small black thong. At either side of her petite figure, two large orbs, nearly as wide as the sink she was leaning on stuck out. She looked towards the mirror, seeing your reflection in it.

    “Finally, your awake, I came through to have a proper look at myself but as you can see, I’m having a little trouble manoeuvring. Just think what I would have been like if you hadn’t passed out, I probably wouldn’t have even made it through the door“ She giggled, her eyes scanning you up and down as she looked at you through the mirror

    You couldn’t help but feel aroused by the sight before you, blood started to flow to your member. Her eyes now looked downwards, seeing it begin to harden, she bit her lip as a grin formed across her face as though this is exactly what she hoped for.

    “You know, if you felt inclined you could continue were you left off, and I couldn’t stop you even if I wanted to? All I could do is stand here while you fuck me bigger, and bigger. How big would you make me huh? Big enough I can’t stand? Big enough I’m touching the walls? Or how about until I’m filling this entire room and you have to fuck me from the doorway“ She teased, eyes locked on your member now standing to full attention

    You entered further into the room, behind her she began her rear from side to side, toying with you as you neared her. With one hand you gripped her hip, steadying her, with the other you pulled her thong down. She uncrossed her legs and leaned further forward arching her rear out further out towards you. She turned her head, looking at you through the corner of her eye.

    “So … how big?“


    Might add more to this

    She laid in the bath, with one hose in her mouth, and another in her rear. They were both hissing away, causing her to swell outwards in every direction. She couldn’t resist grabbing a tight hold on her swelling breast, feeling it expand into her fingers. Her nipples stood to attention as she playfully squeezed them between her finger tips. She loved the feeling of turning herself into a human water balloon, the feeling of water sloshing around inside her.

    She continued to moan and caress her swelling tits; they had already become well more than a hand full at this point. She swayed from side to side in the bath, cooing at the feeling of the water sloshing inside her. She was already nearing the size she usually stops at, but she could feel herself so close to an orgasm, the feeling of ecstasy was so close. She couldn’t stop yet!

    She reached her hands down, wanting to feel her growing ass. As she squeezed her fingers sunk in, her nails dragged along her skin, sending shivers up her spine. The feeling of ecstasy was reaching its peek as goose bumps raised all over her skin. She moaned loudly as she tipped over the edge, her hands gripped her expanding rear tighter, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her muffled moans echoed throughout the bathroom. The hose fell from her mouth as it hung open allowing her moans to increase in volume as jolts of pleasure struck through her, causing the water within to sway. It seemed the bigger she got, the harder she came.

    Her eyes opened, staring at the ceiling above, she laid still in awe at the sensation of her size. As the water within her slowed its movement, and the sound of water crashing calmed, the only one sound that could be heard throughout the bathroom, the hissing of a hose. It seemed as though in her lost state of pleasure she failed to remember, there was still another hose within her.

    She looked down to see her stomach, her breasts had swollen to the size of watermelons, they had fallen to the side of her now beachball sized stomach. A moment of panic set in, her hands felt numb as she tried to move her hands. They were being forced against either side of the tub by her growing rear. Her hands were trapped, as was she.

    Both fear and pleasure were battling within her, as she more water flowed into her and as her body continued to swell. She filled more and more of the tub with each passing second. Her stomach now overflowed the bath edge, her rear and thighs took up majority of the bottom end of the tub, her breasts encroached on her face in their search for space to fill.

    In her realisation of her own helplessness, and loss of control, her pleasure seemed to outweigh her fear, the feeling of ecstasy was building once again. Swelling and being in control was one thing, but being trapped by her own body, and forced to inflate against her will was another.

    A deafening groan escaped from the tub as the side began to warp and bend from the pressure being asserted on it as the battle for space continued.  Her breasts began to press against her face, covering her mouth and edging further upwards. The idea of being suffocated by her own bust surprisingly only aroused her further.  

    She closed her eyes; she could feel the warm water within her bust radiating through her skin. Cracks began to form along the outer side of the bathtub, her body was spilling over every edge, her breasts now began to smother her face. Thoughts raced through her mind, of this being her final moments, being inflated like a human water balloon, killed by her own wild fantasy.

    A deafening crash boomed throughout the room as though a volcano erupted, the tub finally lost the battle as the outer side gave way. The room shook violently as she landed on her side, she felt the water within crashing against her inner walls. The water from the tub flooded out across the tile flooring, stretching across the room. She lay there finally free from her entrapment, but still swelling further, her stomach now matching the size of a small car.

    She attempted to reach for the hose still within her, it became apparent fast her newly swollen rear made it impossible, along with her lack of mobility. Although free from the tub, she was still helpless, unable to stop her growth as she expanded further outwards, taking up more and more space within the bathroom. She once again closed her eyes as she bit her bottom lip, moaning from the idea of filling the room.———————————————————————————————————–

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    Images are from pump-me-up

    Brit the Lucky girl

    As Amy was talking about her breast and how they randomly grow from time to time to her topless girl for the night she felt her bra pinch. “You may not have believed me Brit, but this will make you” she removes her shirt which was becoming see-through, her hot red bra was getting tighter as her breast grew out of the cups. She tried to reach around and unclip it but couldn’t so she had no choice but to leave it on.

    Amy if your breast grow randomly, could your ass maybe grow randomly too?” Brit asked as she was transfixed on Amy’s bra as it continued to tighten. Leaning in, giving Brit the best view of her growing cleavage “no my ass doesn’t grow randomly” as Amy said this she saw Brit’s face sadden a bit “but it can grow.” As she’s leaning down she slips her hands under Brit’s phat bubble butt “to grow it I steal others.”

    Brit loved her huge ass but to watch Amy outgrow those pants she would give it up. Amy’s breast had stopped growing now and her bra looked like it was barley holding on, the C cups were struggling to contain the now firm and jiggly G size breast. “I guess I should take these pants off before I grow” as Amy was reaching to take off her pants she reveals the hot red panties she has on. Brit grabs Amy’s hands before she slides the pants off any more and says “if your gonna take my ass, I get to watch you outgrow those pants” and Brit slides them back up. Amy gets a sexy grin on her face and leans in to kiss Brit as she begins to asborb her ass.

    Brit could feel her ass shrink as Amy absorbed it into her own. Amy’s ass started to push her pants down a little as it pushed out further, Brit planted her hands on each cheek and groped her through the fabric. Brit saw that Amy was enjoying all this as she felt where Amy was sitting on her get a little wet. As Brit shrunk and Amy grew her pants started to become see-through as her ass stretched them to there limit. “Any second now I’ll outgrow these pants and I’m only halfway done” Amy was starting to grind a little on Brit as her pants ripped down all sides and her panties now look like a very tight thong. Soon after the pants her panties snapped off.

    Amy knew she had a decent butt before absorbing Brit’s ass, but damn did she have a thicc ass now. None of her clothes will fit over it now so Amy asked for Brit to let her have all her pants, shorts and panties and she happily agreed. Since she wasn’t flat before she had a little trouble getting Brit’s panties and booty shorts on but eventually got them on.

    As she was giving Brit a kiss goodbye as she was leaving suddenly Brit was staring at hot red as Amy’s bra finally snapped.


    I’d been with joe a few weeks, as was normal for me, we hadn’t had sex yet, but it was by chance we did. Having not seen him naked, I was shocked at how big his balls were. “You’ll have to wear a condom” I said, “I’m not on the pill yet”, so he slips it on and away we go. As he builds up to unload, I see him shudder slightly before the condom begins to expand inside me, pushing my belly out from beneath my top. Trying to pull the condom out proves difficult, until we let it gush all over the floor, soaking the floor with what seems like at least a gallon of thick, white liquid. Joe says little except asks about the threesome I was talking about several days earlier, and how he could easily “fill me more” with his friend Craig, reluctantly, I agree, but only after I’ve been on the pill for a week. After a very quick week and a half, Joe comes around again, after a few hours, we begin to play, before he brings up Craig, and calls him, he asks me to wait upstairs when he arrives, so I do. Eavesdropping on the conversation, I hear him talking about how “tier 2 was nothing to her” to which I hear a reply about “a tier 4 and a tier 5″, taking a peek down the stairs, I see them both pop pills into their mouths, before creeping back up the stairs. After several minutes, I hear some heavy thuds as they ascend the stairs, I don’t need to wait long to find out what the sound was. Squeezing through the door are Joe and Craig, with testicles the size of soccer balls and beach balls respectively, a sense of dread fills me. “I hope they’re not full.” I say bashfully, before being given a malicious smile from Craig. He looks at Joe “you’re not wrong, she’s hot, and big. She’s about to get huge” before slowly sliding his huge cock deep inside me, from the opposite side, Joe smiles sympathetically, sliding his slightly smaller length into my mouth. The sensation is new, fulfilling, and I soon feel myself tighten around Craig, before he shoots a load into me, in one short burst, I clench as the skin around my stomach and thighs stretches heavily, I glance down to find myself looking 6 months pregnant! Craig glances down “Hm, that was quite a big one, half the girls I’ve tried have already popped by now, keep going girl! A moan escapes my mouth, it’s enough to send Joe over, who also shoots a filling load into my upper half, plumping out my tits slightly, and then a bit more, and more… “Joe, slow down, you’ll burst her, you’re supposed to do one load at a time…” Craig bemoans. Joe just moans as he unleashes a fourth load, bloating my swelling udders further and further, until each dwarf the beach balls of Craigs nuts. “…Or just keep going, those huge tits can take quite their fill!” Joe’s balls are soon back to normal size, shrivelled nuts, his entire payload transformed into my enormous, engorged breasts, I can’t see, they’re too big. All I can hear is Craig whisper “ohh baby, I want them” and feel him reach over and squeeze them, within a second I hear him grunt heavily. A scream escapes my lips as I grow, bigger and bigger, my ass and belly creak and swell, I can’t see them, only feel myself reach the walls of the room and not stop. I hear yells “I can’t stop! She’s… I’m… She’s so… fucking… hot… So… BIG!” as the walls and floor begin to crack under my size and weight… ———————————————————————— Sorry again for not being active, you know me by now that I never keep to time schedules, hope you enjoy!


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    Sam had been a late bloomer. She had been a small 5"2 with A cup boobs her entire teenage life, thinking that she'd be stcuck this height her entire life. Soon after she turned 17 though, she finally hit her growth spurt. Over the course of a year, she went from her tiny 5"2 to a sizeable 5"9 with DD cup breasts.

    That was 3 months ago.

    Shortly after her 18th birthday, Sam started growing out of control. Her breasts exploded to FFFs practically overnight, and she was growing an inch or two every other day. Even her ass started to catch up, getting rounder as her thighs got thicker.

    By the time of her graduation she was a towering 6"6 with K cup breasts, and an ass to match. Everyday she woke up slightly bigger, often only being able to wear clothes once or twice before outgrowing them. By the time her growth finally stopped, she was 7"10, with tits down to her belly button and an ass wider than most doors.

    Sam wouldn't have it any other way.

    She had sure done it now. She had begged her doctor to put her in the new fertility drug trial, and he had finally relented (only after she had his cum blasting across her tits). Now, she was the poster girl for these pregnancy pills, so hugely swollen with quadruplets she had run out of “decent” clothes weeks ago. Her side effects included a huge appetite that had rounded out her figure to a breeding pear shape, a rush of hormones that would sweep over her and bring an uncontrollable lust that needed sated, and (she had recently learned) incredible lifetime fertility that would leave her carrying massive litters of babies every time she was filled with potent seed. “Would I do it again?,” she wondered out loud as she admired herself in the mirror, waiting for the cute pizza boy to deliver. A big smile crept over her, “as if I don’t already know.”

    Rebecca’s swelling body could barely be contained by her old clothes anymore. She had grown up a beach-girl, and her skin held a sun kissed glow to it year-round, a glow that only intensified once she had gotten knocked up. Now the curvy figure that she had packed into teeny tiny bikinis for attention was swelling into a fertile, pregnant figure she had to stuff into any article of clothing she owned. Still, somehow she felt she still had her sexy swagger to her, and she never shied away from showing off her body, although the sexy looks of desire were now mixed with stares of disbelief. Her firm breasts exploded out, crowding every bra and top, running through alphabet letters with abandon. Rebecca’s once-toned tummy was now a huge, stretched, heavy baby belly, so full it refused to be covered, and so heavy it forced open any zipper or button she had on. What Rebecca really enjoyed though, was the occasional stare she’d get from a cute guy. She would waddle herself over and introduce herself, and in no time they would be rubbing her belly and chatting about how she was so big, and how she still had so many weeks to go, and how she would surely need help around the house any day now. As Rebecca waddled away from another boy, her phone number safely in his contacts, she licked her lips, eager to have him come by soon to help her lift a few heavy things, herself included.

    I have let myself get sooo outrageously fat. I love to endlessly eat and will shove (aahum) anything in my mouth. Tay and I decided to get me good and fat. I liked the sound of that. Fat enough to do smother videos with my ginormous ass. She and my agent along with my weight watcher fans are responsible for my hedonistic lifestyle. Where I do not care to control myself, I am stuffing myself daily and can watch as I burst out of all my new fat clothing.  Now all and the real money started rolling in and I am on my way to being a 300lbs balloon of a fat BBW.

    When I started my career, I was a 100lbs smoking hottie. I was not making as much money as I thought I would. I did have endless guy’s asking and taking me out to dinner and a fuck. Some would even take me along on ocean cruses and to all-inclusive resorts for vacations. I would stuff myself for weeks and would always return with 10 to 20 more pounds on my body. I would literally eat till bursting, lay by the pool and fuck all night and day. My dates seemed to enjoy watching me stuff myself unabashedly in front of them until my very tight outfit or bikini were pushed to the bursting point. Then back to the cabin for a tight tummy, stuffed-full, fat screw. I was enjoying myself. I love being stuffed full from both ends and just wanted more and more. The first year or my weight watcher’s series, with your help I got over 200lbs.

    Now my career is growing as I continue to gain & gain, I’m totally hooked on watching myself expand, getting heavier and blowing up. Most of my additional weight has always headed straight south to my fat ass, hips and thighs. I’m always bursting out of all my wardrobe and love the attention my tight outfits have always gotten in public no matter what my size. I could see lots of glances and heads turning to watch me waddle by. My tits have grown through six bra cup sizes, and I’m still spilling out the top & sides. I had no idea there were so many fat admires and my memberships just keeps growing and growing too. My little curve of a tummy and fupa are quickly becoming a full-on gut. I’m totally hooked on my being fattened and will keep gaining additional weight. This belly may soon become an apron heading tords my knees.

     Tay and my agent are asking me to sign a contract to put on another 100lbs in one year. I admit I am turned on by the idea, 2lbs a week, but can’t imagine my once hot little body at around the 400lbs mark. What do you think I should do with myself?

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