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    芒果酱露出日记(二)最新一期少女露出3(12p) 最近学校要学的东西好多,一下子忙的我好久都没开心的玩了,今天下课早,我出了教学楼后漫不经心的散步,走着走着到了学校的花园,这里上课时间学生来的很少,都是天黑后,来这里散步的小情侣居多。 我看今天的时间可以裸行一会儿抒发一下忙碌的心情,裸行是最舒心的放松方式,走到凉亭有个同学躺在凉亭里看手机,我就坐在他后面的长凳上,坐在凉亭里真是好凉快,凉快一会后,然后我继续往前走,前方遇到了一位我们学校周姓的老教授坐在路边。我有一个大胆的想法,裸身走进教授身边,我实在是疯了,万一被发现我就惨了!我又开始心痒了,走过去让我肾上腺素飙升,刺激感爆棚,那种感觉我抵抗不了,什么后果都不想了!有一棵树在教授身后,不知道能不能够阻挡教授发现我。 我试着由远至近,基本上已经离教授一米的距离了,“他可不要回头啊,我就先在他的身后,仅靠一颗树遮掩没穿衣服的我”……如果被发现我就不知道怎么办啦……


    [汤 射给过程辛苦您了 投稿] 没有故事,只有一副皮囊。

    只是想给别人看 ,可能也就是大家口中的人前女神吧


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    My friend Marcy is so reeDICULOUSlee hot. She’s been inking for two years and is just so beautiful! I have never felt attracted to girl, but not gonna lie I kinda wanted to fuck her! I felt a little weird about it, like maybe she wouldn’t be into it and would be put off me as a friend. But, one time we were swimming at her mom’s house and showered together after. I asked her questions about her tats and told her how sexy they were and just couldn’t help saying more than I probably should have. She randomly asked if I wanted to touch her. I stopped washing and was like, “Ummm, what?” “seems like you want to touch me, you know. My body.” She smiled this breathtakingly sexy smile. “You can if you want to.” I froze for a second, then turned to her and reached a soapy hand around her from behind to slide across her breast. She looked back at me smiling and said, “I like that.” She leaned into me slightly and my hands began to wander all up and down her front. I saw her close her eyes. My heart was racing! I’d never touched a girl before! She was so smooth and soft. Her body felt amazing under the warm water flowing over us. My hands began to feel her waistline and I wanted sooo much to rub her pussy. Her body was telling me she wanted it, so I wandered down over her smooth, shaven mound to find her little clit, poking out between folds of perfect, fair flesh. Oh my goddd, how she responded to me when I touched her turned me on so much! I felt her shudder and melt into me. I began to rub her there and she kissed me. I wanted to make her cum. Omg, like I’d never wanted anything!