two big wieners

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2020-07-07 00:01:28

    I''m in a tiger mood, any tiger blessed facts?

    if you take a moment to really look at a tiger, to look like you’ve never seen a tiger before, you start to notice..<>. something.

    it’s especially obvious with amur tigers, the largest of the lot:

    take a look at that picture, then look at this image of a lion.

    now look at this leopard.

    ok, go back and look at the tiger again. I’ll wait.

    do you see it?

    that’s right, compared to other big cat<>s, tigers look like someone sawed them off at the knees.

    <>tigers are the corgis of big cats.

    thanks for coming to my ted talk everybody have a good night

    I have no educational background about animals except being a manager at Petco but is it because of the environment? lions needing to see over tall grass and over long distances and tigers not?