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    in the uk the census category is grt (gypsy roma traveller); most ppl seem to use either traveller or roma tho

    Do you happen to know if the UK census is retaining a term that people who can claim that category actually find offensive, or is this an example of the terminology in the UK just being different? Like, at least to the extent that there’s intracommunity debate but some folks are fine with or actually prefer “gypsy”? 

    I’m also curious about terms in all the non-Anglophone countries with Roma populations ...

    Hey, I’m from the UK and I’m partially Romanichal (Roma who come from England). I personally find g#psy to be offensive however, I know other Romanichals who are completely fine with the term being used. I personally think it should be changed to Roma/Traveller because there is some debate over how appropriate the term is, as well as the history of the word being very negative.

    I’m not 100% sure on other countries but I do know they have their own versions of the G slur. As well as Roma in other countries having their own groups.

    I hope this helped you in anyway. 

    Thanks very much for the information! Regardless, it’s not a word I’d use to refer to a person or group of people (unless someone who is actually Roma specifically requested it, but that seems unlikely, at least in the US), but I like to have a sense of variations across region and some idea about what kind of intracommunity discussion is going on. 

    Thank you enormously!

    wow. genuinely did not know “gypped” was in any way shape or form related to this. i thought it was spelled “jipped” and was just a dumb word meaning conned or whatever. this is crazy and i won’t be using it anymore


    I''m in a tiger mood, any tiger blessed facts?

    if you take a moment to really look at a tiger, to look like you’ve never seen a tiger before, you start to notice..<>. something.

    it’s especially obvious with amur tigers, the largest of the lot:

    take a look at that picture, then look at this image of a lion.

    now look at this leopard.

    ok, go back and look at the tiger again. I’ll wait.

    do you see it?

    that’s right, compared to other big cat<>s, tigers look like someone sawed them off at the knees.

    <>tigers are the corgis of big cats.

    thanks for coming to my ted talk everybody have a good night

    I have no educational background about animals except being a manager at Petco but is it because of the environment? lions needing to see over tall grass and over long distances and tigers not?