You saw him catching glances of you at the gym - he didn’t notice that your squat rack had an angled mirror nearby that let you see that he didn’t do more than a stray curl or two in the entire time you went through your set.

    And anyways, you had seen him at the gym before leering at you and the other studs - he wasn’t as subtle as he may have thought he was.

    And on this Sunday, with the boyfriend out of town for two weeks on a work trip, you decided today was the day you’d give him what he’s been looking for all these months…for you needed a hole, and it didn’t take much guesswork to know that he’d be more than willing.

    You went into the locker room and stripped to your jock in preparation for your usual post-gym shower. Leaving your clothes and shoes beside your locker, like usual, you headed to the shower area, turning on the water.

    But this time, you left the water running, and headed back to the locker. And unsurprisingly, you caught him on his knees, huffing your sneakers like poppers.

    So when you brought him the two blocks back to your place (with him trying to hide his boner like a schoolboy on the way out of the fitness center), you figured the best way to start the session was to give him more of what he wanted.