I love wearing panties

    Yes it's true I love when my wife @theprincessofhisdreams makes me wear panties. The feel great. The smooth fabric rubbing on my penis all day with every move I make is a constant turn on for me. It's even better when she makes me wear her panties because the thought that the same fabric that rubs her wonderful pussy is next to my skin is even more exciting to me.

    Lucky guy right here

    That’s right I’m a lucky guy. For the second time this week now my beautiful sexy wife @theprincessofhisdreams has dressed me in panties for the day! They feel great rubbing against me. I can’t help but wonder if she has anything else in store for me later and if so what? I will say if she does and it’s anything like the last time she made me wear panties I’m sure going to enjoy it and boy will I be happy. Thank you @theprincessofhisdreams. I am so lucky to be your husband. I love you!