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    Mount Fuji with Cherry Trees in Bloom (1795-1810) by Katsushika Hokusai
    Orchard in Bloom (1879) by Claude Monet
    The Orchard (1888) by Vincent Van Gogh
    Apple trees in blossom (1896) by Isaac Levitan
    Peach Orchard on Mavericks Farm (1915) by Julian Onderdo
    View of Mt. Fuji from a Peach Orchard at Hara (1929) by Jokata Kaiseki
    Cherry Orchard by Katie Allen


    the other day i was perusing the dessert options in the dining hall and this group of absolute stereotypical frat boy types were also milling around the desserts and one of them pointed to the strawberry pastries and said to the others “what’s the vibe with these, boys?” and i haven’t been able to get that sentence out of my head since


    same energy


    bless y’all


    Losing it over this


    @ people in the notes are saying he should have googled Prince Phillip before he got on stage ... no, you don't understand ... Prince Phillip was announced dead during his set.

    Which also means that for a lot of the audience they had just heard this news for the first time and their first reaction was to cheer lol.

    so when Zuko joins the Gaang and this happens:

    he’s probably freaked out (rightfully so) but in the back of his mind he’s probably also thinking “worst comes to worst, I could probably fight her” until:

    this happens and he’s like:

    and immediately starts reevaluating every bender he’s ever met, thinking of every time Katara totally could’ve killed him, and is forever grateful that she has morals lol

    bonus post war convo between Zuko and Azula:

    “When it grows up I’m gonna teach it to rip your arms off, Djarin!”

    based on my very strong desire for Din to have a baby Wookie in Season 3 (Force-sensitive, of course) so that Grogu has a sibling to cause hijinks with when he gets back from Jedi Preschool. Boba is having regrets about befriending this Mando with Chronic Dad Syndrome.