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    Dayum she thick 😈


    “When are you going to stop drinking those things? You’re big enough!”

    “I don’t think you can say that” Alice said, reaching down in the fridge and grabbing one of those purple cans of weird booty growth elixir. She took a gulp and you saw her ass grow, just a bit, straining her already overtaxed leggings.

    “Besides,” She said, taking a glug. “I know you like this ass.” The drink seemed to go straight to her butt, already bigger than basketballs and still swelling.

    She saw right though your concerned facade, but you pressed on anyways. “Think about it, you gotta get a whole new wardrobe!”

    “I needed new clothes after the first pack.” Her leggings were getting see through as she drank the can down.

    “Well that first pack was earlier today! What is everyone else gonna think when they see you with three times the ass you had yesterday?”

    “Don’t care,” Alice said, throwing the can away, nonchalantly. “They can bask in the glory just like you are right now.” She pulled her leggings down, right before they gave up under her growing ass. It was way fatter than it was before she cracked that can.

    “Are you taller too?”

    “I don’t know…” She said, bending down to get a new drink. On her way up, she realized she was a head taller than the fridge. “Looks like it.” She took a quick chug, which was quickly translated into a few inches of ass and about an inch or two of height. Even pulled down over her monster donk, the fabric still groaned under the onslaught of her thickening, lengthening thighs.

    “So you’re OK with just being this big ass amazon?!”

    She stopped mid chug. “Woah woah woah, are you calling me fat?” She turned to you, placing her hands on her wide hips. The effects of the last draw was still coursing through her butt, still growing behind her as her widening hips slowly pushed her hands farther apart.

    You backtracked, not trying to piss your girlfriend off. “No, babe, I just mean-”

    “I’m just kidding! Relax!” She laughed, finishing her second drink, still getting bigger. She had to be somewhere around three feet across at the hips and over seven feet tall. Her shirt was making similar groaning sounds to her leggings now.

    “Besides, my ‘fat ass’ is only getting fatter.” Alice turned back around, bending down (farther than before) to get her third can of whatever the fuck she was drinking.

    God damn, that ass was glorious.